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JonBenet Ramsey Archive

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  1. L glen

    I just don’t think,
    the parents killed Jonbenet.

  2. Wendy McDonald

    I think there has been an accident of some kind and they have tried to hide it due to child molestation in the family, Burke to me has something to do with it the head injury but unnerves me as to who took it from there… just my opinion, and I absollutely love your work you stick to facts and sooo very interesting how your mind works, trying to take a leaf out your book when looking at cases and you also cover all cases i have been looking at the past few years, best wishes Wendy

  3. Rachel

    Anyone else think the following interview with John Ramsey is peculiar? John is discussing the morning of the kidnapping. Around 2:29 he states “Chris found the ransome note”. Who’s Chris? Was this a simple mistake? John Andrew had an allibi named Chris. In the book Presumed Guilty , author and journalist Stephen Singular in chapter 10 discusses a conversation he had with Alex Hunter. Hunter suggests the possibility of John Andrew and his frat brothers being on drugs and staging a kinap. While I don’t believe this theory, it’s unfortunate John Ramsey said the name “Chris” as he was one of the friends who said they were with John Andrew. Could be nothing but odd.

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