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  1. Julie Hay

    Hello Nick,
    I am quite new to your channel on, only a few weeks, and, I am so impressed. For several years I have put off purchasing a Kindle because I like paper books, but I always felt guilty about the amount of paper and the destruction of habitat to produce books. I also was worried about buying a Kindle because they are made from rare earth metals and again the destruction of habitat to produce them. Everything us humans do is destructive. Anyway, a few days prior to Xmas just gone (xmas 2020), I decided to purchase a Kindle so I could read all your books that are currently free. Then I will begin purchasing some. You are indeed a good crime writer, your analysis, impartiality, thoroughness, your professionalism, and your integrity is wonderful. I, personally am captivated by the Chris Watts Case, like so many people, and likely for the same reasons. I do not watch mainstream television media, I don’t watch any television at all. I do, however know what is going on, in the “big picture”. Anyway, I don’t want to ramble on about what I think and beat the drum about all the existential threats we and all creatures face. Chris and Shan’ann Watts were, in my view, products of this sick global society we live in. She, over time destroyed him, and he in the end destroyed her. “It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti. We live in a very sick global society, which is collapsing all around us.
    Thankyou for your attention to detail, and the way you challenge people’s thought processes.
    I actually cannot help feeling sorry for Chris Watts. He was treated shockingly. I certainly don’t condone his actions in the end when he annihilated his family, peacefully, then trashed them horrifically, especially the girls, stomping on Bella’s head to force her into the tank, that is what horrifies me the most. His silent hidden anger and hatred came out in the treatment of the bodies of his family. That is why I say in summary, that she, Shan’ann, destroyed him, then he, Chris Watts, ultimately destroyed her, shocking truly shocking, and their little girls were collateral damage I guess.
    Thankyou very much Nick Van Der Leek.

  2. Lynda

    This case becomes more confusing as time goes on. I have read that Nicole Kessenger knew Shannan well before the murders and either her or her family had invested in 1 of Shannan s schemes and lost a lot of money or were never paid back. Then there are theories Chris planned to blow up the sight where he left the bodies. I don’t think this was a clear cut case of him snapping and killing her and the kids just because he met a new women. People have mentioned who claim to know more about Shannan that she was not well liked because she owed people a lot of money. Those people who say that are often shut down and accused of being horrible or making up rumours about a dead women but I think when you owe a lot of people money and keep on doing it then eventually you find someone takes action. I think in this case there are more people involved and it runs much deeper and over a much longer time than just 6 months of an affair that Nicole claims. I think she knew Chris well before then and eventually with other people a plan was made unfortunately Chris confessed the way he did and now case over. I can’t even really be sure he did what he said because some of that didn’t make sense. It really needs to be investigated further there is something very wrong with this case it just has too many things that in other circumstances would be investigated and yet in this case not so.

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