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Proof The Third Baby Was All Chris Watts’ Idea



  1. Suzanne Dickson

    Wow, it’s so so sad. It’s twisted for any first time parent, not mind a parent that has 2 beautiful children already. Knowing you were blessed to have another, and a brother for the girls are what some couples would do anything for. I know love can die between a couple, but no longer loving your children is unfathomable.

  2. Jess

    I would really love to be a fly on the wall to see how he initiated this conversation. You can tell in earlier videos Shan’Ann is already in baby fever mode. So if things are not going well between them, how would the idea of a third pregnancy come about? As a distraction? A concession? Chris said he thought a new baby would help things. Every man I know usually ‘relents’ to his gf or wife wanting a new baby, or puppy, just in my experience. Chris has this idea of having a boy as a fantasy so he can recreate the father-son relationship he had with his dad, and then realizes after the fact that this boy would anchor him to a life he no longer wanted.

  3. Opendoor

    Was all of the stuff posted on FB really from him? Or…from her? He didn’t seem so excited in the video showing his reaction to the announcement of the pregnancy. Which…I would find really inappropriate to be filmed when I came home from work.

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