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NEWSFLASH: Sandy Rzucek was not given access to the audio recording, wanted to clear Shan'ann's name ASAP

According to Thomas Grant, one of the four lawyers sitting in on the Dr. Phil exclusive, Sandi Rzucek never heard Watts’ account firsthand, but it was relayed to her by law enforcement. She then relayed it to her lawyers.
According to CBS:
…lawyers say Shan’ann was the only one who died in the house. Lambert said Watts killed his wife in their bedroom, after she threatened to take his children away because he wanted a divorce.
“In that fight he confessed to having an affair,” Lambert told Dr. Phil.
After Shanann was strangled, Lambert said Bella Watts walked in the room, to find her father wrapping Shanann’s body in a blanket.
One thing that gives a certain amount of credibility to the idea of Shan’ann being the only one killed in the house is the minimal cadaver traces picked up by the dogs. So from that perspective, there is not necessarily confirmation but some reinforcement for this  story. In my view, however, the Trinastich video footage doesn’t indicate that the children weren’t killed in the house, but the opposite. It tends to suggest they were.

Interestingly, according to the lawyers Watts hasn’t been offered any incentive to confess, but has done so because he is remorseful and has found God. Obviously if this statement isn’t true, it casts doubt on whether the remorse or newfound religion is true.
It’s also difficult to believe no incentive was offered. What does Watts have to gain by putting it all on him, when he felt determined to murder his wife, bury her and lie about it especially over the course of those first three days.
Now he wants to protect her and protect her reputation? Out of the goodness of his heart? It may be that he does want to protect someone – Kessinger. And that this version while taking the blame off Shan’ann, also takes it off his mistress. Tomorrow we will have a clearer picture.


  1. CBH

    I can’t help feeling two things strongly:
    1. If the crime was premeditated, the children would be killed first. He would not want the trouble of live children about as he murdered Shannan and drove to Cervi . If Shannan was killed first, the crime was not premeditated. And what about the Cervi text at the Sunday Birthday party? What about the tv blasting when he had a long phone conversation with Nichol?
    2. Why does his new story echo Armchair Detective? And we know that huge crowd of his on YouTube were shown splotches, pixels, and blotches that “were Nichol”. If anything they will now believe even more strongly that she was there, (because AD was right about the shadows being live kids so must also be right about her) and will continue to claim that Watts is protecting her and they will continue to email law enforcement to arrest her.
    So what’s been gained here? I guess Chris thinks Jesus loves a good liar. It would have been better for all if Watts hadn’t spoken. The public will now believe this nonsense and not the Two Face series.

    • Ralph Oscar

      Also, if the girls hadn’t been already killed by the time Chris learned that Shan’Ann’s flight was being delayed, he likely would have postponed the plan – notice his outsize reaction to the news she’d be late: “Holy crap!” It was clearly more of a surprise than it should have been.

      • CBH


  2. CBH

    Addendum: This vision of Chris driving 45 minutes with a dead Shannan and live Bella and Celeste just doesn’t ring true. It doesn’t resonate with spirit and intuition. Chris suddenly acts like an extrovert? And Cervi doubles as a hospital. Not buying it.
    Somehow he had telepathic communication with a certain infamous YouTuber.

    • mitzi2006

      Exactly, the lynch mob is going to get into high gear sending videos, AD said today that the subscribers can speculate but he has to make sure he doesn’t because they (LE) are using his stuff. Maybe LE were there to try to find out if someone else needs to be charged, maybe not but they may well have just created a worse crusade against her unless their evidence refutes this confession and they say so publicly. But being they never told Rzuceks that they don’t believe him it’s doubtful they will.

      • CBH

        Agree, we can hope but it doesn’t seem likely.

  3. Shannon

    Please if Sandi wanted to clear Shanann’s name. She could have gone on FB. Not live TV with a Bogus 2nd hand Confession.
    I don’t believe he drove with 2 live kids to the site.

    • CBH

      In any case very few people ever believed his tale about Shannan killing her daughters.
      Sandi could have simply waited for March 7 as well.

      • Shannan

        I don’t think we will ever know the truth.

    • Shannon

      Apparently, the Rzucek’s made a fair bit of money off Phil.
      If the story is Headlines….murder….his show pays Ridiculous amounts to the people. Also, there might be a small contract.
      Hope the money is taxed.
      There’s no way they would do an interview without money. They fundraised like crazy.
      This is not about clearing Shanann name.
      Everyone knows her now, because of her Videos.

      • A R B

        They weren’t paid a dime from the Dr. Phil interview, nor have they made a dime from anything pertaining to the deaths of their family.

  4. William

    Chris tells his dad “I freaked out and did the same thing to her!” Then we are to believe that Bella said to Chris “Please Daddy, don’t do to me what you just did to Cece,” So let me get this straight: In the first confession Chris does to Shan’ann what Shan’ann did to the kids. And in this new confession Chris does to Bella what he did to Cece. Hmm, so a guy who always tried to avoid confrontation now has had to not only confront his wife and then proceed to kill her, but has to confront both of his children and proceed to kill them also, after a long 40-45min drive with his dead wife in the truck. And risk the children making noise being put into the truck, being stopped on the way to work or a coworker showing up esrly before they were killed and dumped. I don’t know if any of these versions ring true to me. I still stand by Nick’s version that he killed Shan’ann in a surprise attack downstairs and may have given the children medicine to cause them to be in a deep sleep before suffocating them. I can’t see him changing his introverted self, this is why I agree with the premeditation, he just didn’t have time to bury Shan’ann properly when Atkinson put a wrench into his plans.

    • CBH

      Well said.

    • Melissa

      We all know they were never put in that truck. Dogs cleared it. Just like nothing was ever found in the house. However dog handler did ask na why the cadaver dog hit on her car….but yet never followed up on. Why? And why was sandy never formally interviewed but allowed to type a bs statement

  5. Sylvester

    Hmmm – maybe NK’s father or his attorney contacted Watts in prison and told him if he had any common decency left he needs to release his daughter from the prison he put her in making it difficult for her to start a new life anywhere or gain employment, etc. His “new leaf” might have to do with that versus finding Jesus. I’d love to see his prison call log.

  6. mitzi2006

    He supposedly took 2 active little kids on the driveway where they could easily have run out on the side of the truck in full view of Nate’s camera. How would he sell that he was going to work if the kids were seen around the driveway. His story that they were all sleeping when he left would have went up in smoke too

    • Ralph Oscar

      Kids that age talk really loudly, too. They don’t have a mute button. And they talk *constantly*.

  7. Sylvester

    Hey everyone. I just emailed Joe Moylan at the Greeley Tribune to ask him when the audio file and transcript will be released (as in where and what time). He replied: “CBI is releasing the info at 8 a.m. tomorrow via a link to a Google Drive account. You’ll need to send them a CORA or CCJRA request to gain access to the files. We’ll be reviewing and disseminating info to our web site throughout the day.”

    • Shannon

      I was thinking about what time release.
      I bet something might come out earlier.
      I’m in Canada, I think a time difference. Have to check.

      • Sylvester

        Stay on it, friend

        • Shannon

          So sweet, slyvester.

    • joanne (@green_acres4me)

      Thank you for that link Sylvester!
      it’s odd, i’m unable to “like” any of the posts…the web site keeps sending me to “log in” whenever i try!!

      • Ralph Oscar

        Same here.

    • CBH

      Ok , so they’re not going to just widely distribute it to press/media?

      • JC

        I think media outlets have to fill out a CCJRA (Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act) request. And @Sylvestor, thank you! You’re awesome!

    • Clean Queen

      Sylvester, you are a rockstar! Excellent thinking. I was wondering about the how and when of the release. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

  8. Sylvester

    Sorry, I meant CORA request, not COBRA. I’m having difficulties with my eye sight of late.
    Joe Moylan said putting in the CORA request to CBI is the only way to view the files yourself, but that he will be posting updates on the 5 hour audio interview throughout the day. At least he answered my request.

  9. Sylvester

    I asked Joe Moylan for the link to the Google Drive account but he said I’d have to be on the distributor list and the last time the Weld County D.A.’s office sent out a link to access a document the site crashed. I take it he’s on the list. You’re welcome – we all want the info asap!

  10. Sylvester

    CORA, not COBRA.

  11. Shannon

    I can’t wait for Chris’s stuff tomorrow and I hope it’s definitely different then the Rzucek claim.
    And for Nick to attack it.

  12. Sylvester

    If, and it’s a big if, he actually did what the Rzucek family attorney says he did then to my thinking he’s truly a monster. And I don’t know why the monster wasn’t exposed until now. Can you live with a monster for 8 years and not know it? And no one else knows it? Maybe Trent Bolte saw the real CW. Are we all just monsters lying in wait until we get pushed too far? If so there’s no hope. Look over to your right at the picture of Amanda Knox. She was able to convince everyone she was just a sweet pretty college student. She’s still doing it.

  13. Diskodee

    If either Bella or Celeste, were killed just minutes before going in those oil batterys, their insides would’ve been flooded with oil, not just a trickle of it (like with Bella, as her mouth was more open).
    Sandi and the Rzucek lawyer are worse than Armchair detective and his drunken rambles. I guarentee, you, that is why she, is saying what they did, on Dr Phil, they’ve been watching videos on youtube by Psychic schizophrenics, and over emotional amateur investigators, and are mixing several theories into one. The lawyer said, they don’t know what Chris told CBI, and Sandi was just given that information aka made it up.

  14. Allison

    I live in England I was disgusted that Watts father said nothing nice about his daughter in law if she was that bad why didn’t he report her and report her for killing his daughters. It’s a load of lies she was a loving wife mother and what was her husband a two timing evil monster and lived a gay life as well by the looks of it
    The dead can’t talk but mr Watts your son is pure evil evil
    I feel so heartily sorry for shann Ann’s parent brothers and family my heart goes out to them
    Here’s to justice you deserve it Watts your pure evil

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