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Onorati Up on Charges in Home Break-In [Summer 2014]

It’s possible the strange flipping flopping of Sandi to her family name of Rzucek and back to Onorati [and Sandi to Sandy to Sandra] is because of…well…various incidents. I’ll leave it to you to join the dots.


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The distance from Carthage to the Rzuceks’ home in Aberdeen is less than 18 miles due South, about half an hour by car. Chris Watts’ former home in Vass Road is less than 28 miles East.

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Four Arrested, Charged in Carthage Home Break-in – ThePilot

NEWSFLASH: Sandy Rzucek was not given access to the audio recording, wanted to clear Shan'ann's name ASAP

According to Thomas Grant, one of the four lawyers sitting in on the Dr. Phil exclusive, Sandi Rzucek never heard Watts’ account firsthand, but it was relayed to her by law enforcement. She then relayed it to her lawyers.
According to CBS:
…lawyers say Shan’ann was the only one who died in the house. Lambert said Watts killed his wife in their bedroom, after she threatened to take his children away because he wanted a divorce.
“In that fight he confessed to having an affair,” Lambert told Dr. Phil.
After Shanann was strangled, Lambert said Bella Watts walked in the room, to find her father wrapping Shanann’s body in a blanket.
One thing that gives a certain amount of credibility to the idea of Shan’ann being the only one killed in the house is the minimal cadaver traces picked up by the dogs. So from that perspective, there is not necessarily confirmation but some reinforcement for this  story. In my view, however, the Trinastich video footage doesn’t indicate that the children weren’t killed in the house, but the opposite. It tends to suggest they were.

Interestingly, according to the lawyers Watts hasn’t been offered any incentive to confess, but has done so because he is remorseful and has found God. Obviously if this statement isn’t true, it casts doubt on whether the remorse or newfound religion is true.
It’s also difficult to believe no incentive was offered. What does Watts have to gain by putting it all on him, when he felt determined to murder his wife, bury her and lie about it especially over the course of those first three days.
Now he wants to protect her and protect her reputation? Out of the goodness of his heart? It may be that he does want to protect someone – Kessinger. And that this version while taking the blame off Shan’ann, also takes it off his mistress. Tomorrow we will have a clearer picture.