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Onorati Up on Charges in Home Break-In [Summer 2014]

It’s possible the strange flipping flopping of Sandi to her family name of Rzucek and back to Onorati [and Sandi to Sandy to Sandra] is because of…well…various incidents. I’ll leave it to you to join the dots.


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The distance from Carthage to the Rzuceks’ home in Aberdeen is less than 18 miles due South, about half an hour by car. Chris Watts’ former home in Vass Road is less than 28 miles East.

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Four Arrested, Charged in Carthage Home Break-in – ThePilot


  1. Sideaffected

    Frankie wow! Is he an addict? I ask because I’m a former heroin addict and did some things that weren’t legal that I would never have done if I weren’t addicted to something like heroin but even I never broke into someone’s house! I’d steal from stores because I saw it as victimless (I know that’s not true now, I’ve taken the classes.) If he’s doing that and he isn’t feeling the pressure like he’s going to die soon (which would make me steal) well, that’s troubling. I haven’t heard he is or isn’t. His letter that was read in court really moved me more than even her parents’ and I always want to hear him talk more (his Mom cut him and her husband off on Dr. Phil a lot.) Frankie what were you up to?

    • ncam619

      Frankie is not even part of this story. Too bad there isn’t a way to delete your comment.

      • Shannon

        Wow 619.

    • SRC

      Kudos to you, Sideaffected. That’s quite a triumph and I hope you continue to be well.

  2. Shannon

    Sorry, where does it say heroin. I don’t see that.
    The whole family have many different names and places they’ve lived.
    As I’ve said before, they are shady people.
    I hope all is well with you. That’s a big hurdle to jump. Xxoo

    • nickvdl

      It says nothing about Frankie here.

      • CBH

        I first thought Onorati was Frankie Rzucek the brother of Shannan, then saw the features were not as chiseled. Maybe sideaffected made the same error?

        If there is criminality in the family it’s quite telling regarding Shannan’s past and her desperate attempt to be successful.

        • Shannon

          I checked on
          I type in all the different spellings, King, oronati, Rzucek…..Watts.
          Very interesting I must say.
          Different spellings for Sandi.
          This guy could be another son or cousin.

          • CBH

            Yes, he bears a family resemblance.

  3. dermotspirit

    he does resemble frankie, you could mistake them for brothers

  4. Shannon

    Rocco Joseph oronati died Jan 15 2018.
    Brother of Sandi, father of Darin ( kid in picture).
    Related by sister, brother, marriages.
    Robyn married into family..
    .very confusing.
    Shanann should have been worried about her own family, not the Watts.

  5. Diana

    Good thing Ronnie Watts didn’t get caught buying, using or possessing cocaine when he went through his addiction when Chris left home! Then again, maybe he was arrested and I just haven’t seen that posted yet.

    • Gayle Gallien

      Agreed. And the idea that Shan’ann should have been concerned about her own family rather than the Watts is laughable considering who murdered her.

      • mitzi2006

        Yea, he brings new meaning to sleeping with the enemy

      • JC

        Well, maybe not completely laughable.

        You just have to understand what living in those small communities is like – many of the families have lived there for generations and the reputation of your family surname is really important to your status and treatment within the community. If your great-grandfather once stole a horse or cheated somebody, you’d be surprised the number of people that pass those stories on to their kids. It’s damaging to the whole family and the discrimination can be subtle.

        Watts’ family indiscretions remained private, so they were likely to be embarrassed by Shan’ann’s family connections which they believe may reflect poorly on them. Even if Shan’ann was unaware of it, Cindy Watts’ would hold that against her and have reason ( in her mind anyway) to be wary of her true character or suspicious of her honesty. Also, if Cindy Watts’ thought Shan’ann told people about Ronnie’s addiction, that would really be taboo.

        Of course now the Watts’ family name is trashed. I wonder if the cousin who committed felony robbery and theft was at the wedding a couple years before his arrest.

        Source: Grew up in a small town where your name was important to your standing in the community, more so than occupation, amount of money in the bank and so on.

  6. Diana

    Source: Currently living in a very small town in the very deep South. Grew up in a very small town in the North, even attended the same schools as my great grandparents. I’m a pro when it comes to small towns! Perhaps the Watts’ tried to act as if their family was too good for Shan’ann. Perhaps they thought they could keep their own indiscretions under the radar, if you will. Unfortunately for both families, everyone knows your business in a small town. Nothing is private or off limits to the gossips! Doubtful the Watts’ would consider Shan’ann telling anyone about Ronnie’s addiction was taboo since firstly, as the Watts’ already know, there’s no way their indiscretions were kept private! The Watts family has nothing on the Rzucek family as far as being scandal free! As those of us from small towns already know, those who didn’t live on Vass Road already knew what Ronnie did for thrills, and before Ronnie’s issues they dealt with a belligerent, head-strong daughter (just like dear ol’ mom) . There are NO secrets in a small town! Ever.

    • JC

      Yes, you’re right, Diana. People in their community probably did talk about ‘ol Ronnie Watts being hopped up on something and suddenly becoming more chatty than usual. My dad had to put his beer in a coffee mug when he went outside to chat with the neighbor who openly drank his beer from the can (people gossiped about the most mundane things!) My mom gives the neighbor a 6 pack of beer when he watches the house when she’s away. She drove to a neighboring town to buy it! She was a teacher and the expectation was a pretty high bar (no pun) to meet. Any alcohol or drug use would be really bad if it got out. Still, I think the Watts would consider burglary or possible child abuse (Frankie) to be in a whole different league.

      • Shannon

        When doing crack or cocaine, you only want to be around a small group or by yourself. It is a Very Addictive drug. You need pot or alcohol to help smooth it and come away from it.
        Been there, done that.
        It doesn’t say how long he used it
        One time or a hundred times.
        Between the two families, drugs, child abuse, robbery, alcohol.

        • JC

          And isn’t there only one brief text message from Shan’ann to a friend about it? Correct me if I’m wrong.

          I think it’s making a big leap to make many assumptions about the extent of his “problem”. He held onto his job, which often isn’t the case with a long term coke addiction. Job loss, huge debt, and relationship problems happen. He might keep it a secret from his wife for a short time, but she would notice the missing money. It’s an expensive habit. The Onarati side on the other hand was making news in the local county newspaper. Those small newspapers often print all the police and arrest activity, since there’s not a whole lot happening to report on other than high school sports and stuff.

          I was just making the point that Cindy Watts and her daughter probably knew things about the family and thought their son/brother was too good for the family he married into. I think you make a good point when you said Shan’ann should have been worried about her own family back then. I think Cindy and Jamie Watts took notice. Right or wrong, they judged Shan’ann harshly for being related to people they viewed as bad. Burglary and child abuse allegations didn’t sit well with them.

          • Shannon

            Yes, expensive. I didn’t pay. Job, apt, car. Ex boyfriend got on to it for about a year. He drove me crazy. Cops called, unreal. I was a Hash smoker for ever. Oh my, I can, not sure about other people can tell in a second if someone on that. Nervous, jittery, not talking, paranoid. Cindy would have noticed.
            Apparently when Shanann had a barbecue, after meeting Chris for the 2 families to meet. Shanann said some not nice things about Chris to his Mom. Also, Cindy noticed both weren’t that lovey dovey with each other. Shanann and Sandi thought they were big. Cindy was concerned cause Shanann had a short marriage under her belt. Chris had none. It’s a gut feeling when you meet someone and get *that feeling*.
            Yes there is quite abit about Shanann’s family with the police.

          • Sheis

            I was attacked for saying this, but I think PART of Cindy’s animosity toward Shanann comes from this small-town culture. No doubt she had heard about Shanann’s affiliation with her married boss and the shady business they shared. Wondered how someone with only a HS diploma and a retail job was able to build a huge house like the one on Peninsula Drive, rumors of her previous marriage. Those are things that would give a mother pause, if her straight arrow son were dating someone with those red flags.

            Not saying that excuses Cindy’s behavior.

          • JC

            Too bad you were attacked, Sheis, because I strongly believe the small town culture is an essential part of understanding both Cindy, and her daughter’s, ongoing disdain and distaste for Shan’ann. It doesn’t excuse the behavior at all of course, but it certainly explains a lot. And when I saw this particular post of Nick’s, I realized they actually thought they had solid validation (in their way of thinking,anyway) that all initial impressions of her son’s girlfriend/wife were right on target. Even his sister’s passive-aggressive move in not mailing the engagement party invitations was intended to make it clear to Shan’ann that they disapproved of her. It’s flawed logic, obviously, but it’s the way they’ve been conditioned to make judgments about other people they meet.

          • Sonja Savolova

            But aren’t the Onoratis orignally from New Jersey?

          • JC

            It’s the Watts side of the family that’s been in the same area for generations.

  7. Sheis

    Not for anything, but it seems there’s a fair bit of trouble with the law in the Onorati family. Not that it has any bearing on Shanann’s fate, but it’s notable to me.

    Reminds me of the Nichol Olsen tragedy. Another woman who seemed to have pulled herself out of less-than-ideal family circumstances — only to wind up dead alongside her children… it makes me wonder how far you have to go to escape.

    Sorry to go off-topic. Hope it’s allowed.

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