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Sandi Rzucek Typed Statement to Detective Baumhover [39th Tranche]


  1. BAMS13

    Page 2 seems to be missing?

    • nickvdl


      • Janelle G

        Why did she spell her last name spelt wrong? I thought maybe either WE were all spelling it wrong or it was a typo but nope..I enlarged her signature and she has signed it the same way “Rzcuek”… ? Strange.

        • Janelle G

          Why did she spell her last name wrong** (did not mean to put spell and spelt)

        • Elissa

          This Is How They spell their name. I’ve looked at a couple of other places same way.

  2. BAMS13

    Quite a few things don’t make any sense to me. When she mentions them going to live with Shann’an & Chris in Colorado for 15 months, who is she referring to when explaining how S would come home, take the girls straight upstairs without letting them interact with or see the girls?? Was she speaking about herself or Chris’s Mom as it’s very unclear to me??

    • Syzia

      Chris’s mom

      • nickvdl

        So Sandy and Shan’ann were holding a grudge against Cindy Watts. This goes way back.

      • BAMS13

        100% agree and I feel the same way. Chris was clearly a messed up individual, socially inept and had stunted maturity. Never progressed much past his teen years. Unless he also has a few undiagnosed issues going on.

    • Peggy Grant

      They (Shanann’s Parents) were living there for 15 months, However because they still had their house and bills they both had to work while staying with their daughter…. So when Chris and Shanann had to go on a trip, His mom came for four days to watch the girls (while Shananns parents worked), When they got home from work , Chris’s mom wouldnt allow them to interact with the girls.

    • D wilson

      She is talking about Chris’ Mom, who came to take care of the girls because Sandi and Mr R were working and Chris and Shannan had a business trip.

    • Beverley Johnson

      She was speaking about Chris’s mom

  3. Sylvester

    I think a book can be done on this statement alone. I wonder if the thing on his private parts that was removed (Sandi says cancer) was herpes, and if it was the cause for the attempt to suppress the insurance information under the HIPPA law?

    I think there are things about Chris that go to the “murky” undertone to all of this, under the two faces, that we need to keep looking into. Last night I began composing a list of oddities about him that show sociopathic behavior, or at least the other darker side to him. Before everyone starts throwing beer cans at me, I don’t mean it as an “excuse” for what he did, or as a way to wash my hands of this case but there are some peculiarities to him that more or less go to the murkiness of who he is. His mom is a direct link to who he is and more information is needed. I have three things on my list so far and it’s not enough. In any event, we can’t just sum him up as introvert. I would like to know his role in his family dynamic. I read his sister was the wild child, always running away from home, then coming back. Who was he then, the dutiful son? The son who did as he was told? But worse, the son who did things no one knew about.

    • nickvdl

      The fact that Jamie rebelled and he did the opposite suggests something very warped was going on at home. Some oppressive pressure. It could be an over-emphasis on a Christian upbringing. Discovery Documents say they went to church regularly as Baptists. No sign of that in their secular Colorado lifestyle, was there?

      • Polly

        They didnt have an overly-emphasized christian upbringing. Jamie has been referred to as rebellious compared to Chris but was by no means out of control. Jamie was your average teenager and has never been on the wrong side of the law. Jamie graduated with honors and has a masters in her career field. This family was your average American family. Good people.

    • Marie

      I will probably have beer cans thrown at me too Sylvester , I don’t understand this tree nut allergy. They say tree nuts,, peanuts are not from a tree. They are plants, pulled from the ground.?

      • Sylvester

        Yes Marie – “tree nuts” sounds like a big generalization. I don’t understand it either. But for sure diseases, allergies and sicknesses play a part in this. And don’t forget Sha’nann was in a bad car accident where her forehead was cut which lead to the migraines she experienced – the head in Chris’s lap for 4 hours, etc. If you’ve ever lived with someone who “takes to their bed” with a myriad of illnesses and catastrophes it can wear down your soul.

  4. Shannon

    Wow. I was a wild child, but grew up in a great family. My brother alittle more restrained. Finished school, jobs, marriage kids divorce.
    We turned out ok. Both doing well.
    There’s always a good / bad kid in every family.

    • Marie

      I was the wild child also Shannon. Both my sister’s are so prim and proper, it’s an act tho. Because those two have done things , they just hide things better.

  5. Sylvester

    I grew up in an era where there were alot of television shows that showed “perfect” families. Mom, Dad, Buddy and Sis. Oh sure there were little squabbles, little Buddy got into trouble every now and then and Sis had boyfriend problems like not getting asked to the Prom but these families were NOT the norm. It was televisionland’s idea of normal. Fabricated. Flowered. Fluffed up. Like Sha’nann’s pretty floral dresses depicted against a floral background in Nick Thayer’s pictures. Some parents were divorced. Some families had a drinker in the family, or maybe mom was always sick or taking sleeping pills. I think some of this murder has to do with appearances, having to look picture perfect, no one allowed to express their real feelings or to be real. A little child who had illnesses and had to take medication every day (which by the way why didn’t it show up at autopsy?) and a mom who had diseases and surgeries and difficult pregnancies. All of that screams NOT PERFECT.

    And good point Nick – sounds like Chris didn’t want to repeat church activities he grew up with once he got out of NC and in to Colorado. I’ve read he was very close to his father. His dad was his hero. He wanted to be a mechanic like his dad – or did he. Didn’t he want to break away from the mundane-ness of that and join the Nascar circuit? Was he over coddled because one child was “bad” and the other made “good”? Well, it all must be looked into and thanks to you and other good people here, we’re trying.

    • nickvdl

      My sister was the wild child in my family, brought on by an episode of trauma and dysfunction. Why did you go wild, Shannon?

      • Shannon

        Oh no….lol
        I liked to party, bad boys, drink, drugs dance. I was raised quite Strict, my brother ( bring the boy) got away with everything. Me being a girl, alittle rebellious. I was curtailed. But always school. Grew up in the city but had cottages my whole life. 2 world’s. Upper middle class…my friends always “how come you never go in that living room” I’m like only Holidays. I was dating the Rich Boy in the area. But I treated him like shit. I moved out at 17, to many rules for me. I ended up marrying him, big mistake, 6 yrs married, finally had cops take him out. I filed for divorce. I have never remarried and don’t want to. Date alittle. I’m a very private person, always have been. But I can talk to anyone. I’m extremely funny.
        I’ve been to Hell and back
        You know the usual family BS happened. 80% good…20% no.

        • summer fitzgerald

          ur awesome lol i like ur story

    • Karen

      I completely agree about the appearances. How many times did Chris say, “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person” “Does this make me look bad” Does so and so think I’m a bad person” It was all about appearances and I totally understand that. I was the same way for years. I was so concerned with being the ‘good kid’ and wanting everyone to think I was good and better than the other person. Not better as in a snobby way but good as in the literal sense. My dad was very hard to deal with and he would tell everyone I was his favorite and the good kid, so that’s what I strived for my entire life. To this day if I think someone thinks bad of me I carry it around for weeks. yep, appearances.

  6. Sylvester

    Just thought of something else. Didn’t JonBenet Ramsey have a lot of health issues – going to the doctor something like 30 times in a year? Sinus issues, rashes, bed wetting, some of it possibly due to a very controlling mother. Sha’nann had health issues and it’s not so much that physically they get passed on to the kids but the attitude around illness and having things wrong gets visited upon the offspring.

  7. Karen

    There is seriously something wrong with Chris, besides the obvious. It seems like a mean streak or something of that nature, or maybe just being a big smartass. Putting the phone directly on the babies private parts? Putting the phone all over the room? Floor, ceiling? Driving 80 miles an hour knowing that Sandi was trying to keep up. Then there’s Cindy and/or Jamie setting a bowl of peanuts on the table that Sha’nann said wasn’t there two minutes ago? Razor blades? Jamie never sent out the invitations to the engagement party. Cross contaminating the food so Sha’nann couldn’t eat. Were they playing mind games or something? This is crazy stuff here. Just. Not. Normal. I would really love to know your thoughts on all of this, Nick.

    • Kristy Jo

      Either crazy stuff…..or a paranoid family that stretched the truth about how horrible the Watts family was. Come on…Chris’s mom and sister tried to kill the kids by putting peanuts out? A bit over the top…dont ya think?

      • Giles

        …”a bit over the top… dont ya think?” – no offense, but that’s the common response given by narcissistic people downplaying objective and serious concerns – like the Watts’ women did. Taken as a fact that Cece suffers from tree nut allergy, an anaphylactic shock might have caused her death within minutes without proper medication because of respiratory problems besides other organ failure. If Shanann had been just half of the narcissist she is blamed to be by some people, she would have solved that situation by saying to Cindy and Jamie: So what! Just let her eat these nuts and lets see, whats going to happen to her – maybe that will change your mind and attitude! Believe it or not: I AM right!”
        Instead: Cece was more important to her, than ego-batteling with these Folks – strange…dont ya think?!

  8. Maura

    Karen, I think Chris’s family dynamic is screwed up and shaped him growing up.
    Cindy Watts did not like Sha’nann from when they first met. Sandi correctly predicted that Cindy would be a thorn in their marriage. I’ve seen controlling women like Cindy who play games in their family relationships and act passive-aggressive when they don’t get their way. It’s ironic that Chris married a controlling woman like his mother and then his mother wasn’t willing to share her son with Sha’nann.

    It’s not normal that Cindy Watts and her family didn’t attend Chris’s wedding, important events or CeCe’s last birthday party. If Cindy didn’t go, she didn’t let Ronnie go either so throughout their marriage Chris had to choose a side. The passive Chris let things go because he won’t stand up to his mother and doesn’t want to fight with his wife. Over time inside he’s seething.

    Sha’nann had valid points during the “nut episode” since her daughter was allergic. They had given his parents information about nut allergies from their doctor previously. Cindy and Jamie appeared to go out of their way to antagonize her. Most fathers would have backed their wife and said something to their parents immediately. Where was Chris? Out with his girlfriend…

  9. Shannon

    I read he spoke to his parents then his dad and don’t worry about, I’m done with her.
    The nut incident.

  10. Carol

    Shanann and her mom held a grudge? Seems to me the grudges are the Watts family, Even after they blocked her and her family she still tried by sending Ronnie Watts a picture of her sonogram. These people hated her from the beginning. I have both a daughter and a son, I can’t imagine treating my daughter in law like them. I’ve seen many mothers who immediately dislike a woman coming into the life of their sons. It’s like they are jealous and think of the daughter in law as replacing them. His father sat down for an interview and before they even got his information he was bashing shanann as a “controlling woman”. No tears for his grandchildren, sitting there and rubbing his baby boys back, sickening. If my in laws did to me what shananns sister and mother did I wouldn’t have anything to do with them ever again, it’s beyond normal behaviour. Calling shanann a daughter by Ron watts after bashing her continually before the sentencing is so fake. His mom not mentioning Niko at all says a lot. Her interview saying she wasn’t worried when they were missing because shanann would do something like that to punish Chris so he can now worry about her is very revealing. No concern for her daughter in law or her grandkids. Chris was wanting the replacement for shanann and into the arms of kessinger, another controlling woman as her interview had her trying to control the narrative. Watts got their wish, they are rid of their daughter in law but lost their son and grandkids along with her, so karma did get them. I feel zero sympathy for that entire family.

    • nickvdl

      I apologize. I said that completely the wrong way. It’s not that Shan’ann and Sandy held grudges, the Watts’ family held grudges. Would it be safer to say “there were grudges that were held?” Now that we can agree on that [and hopefully we can], we can assume then that the Watts Family Fairy Tale wasn’t that, irrespective of whose fault it was. And it wasn’t the Fairy Tale everyone thought it was because family members were holding grudges against one another over spans of years, months, weeks.

      Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how about this:

      Who was telling the world that it *was* a family fairy tale though? Who was talking up the Thriving thing, while her child was at imminent risk of death if she swallowed a nut? Why was this happy family narrative going on on social media regardless? Wasn’t it to make money?

    • Yepyep


  11. nickvdl

    @Polly So do you reckon the Watts family had a 100% normal upbringing?

  12. Erin

    Sandi’s writing Would make for interesting analysis. Both families seem super messed up. Sandi and Cindy are both pretty controlling and painfully judgemental of their childrens’ spouses. Their (the whole bunch) lives in private had to be wayyyy more messed up than anyone will ever know, other than that Chris became a total psycho-which is fair to say he’s a product of his upbringing. The whole thing was a perfect storm for what happened. Terribly tragic. I hope John Douglas, fbi analyst for murderers, comes out with a book on this kind of murder. His insight would help clarify the why / how a man like Chris Watts came to be.

  13. Smig robustis

    Did this family EVER have a symptom that EVER turned out to be nothing? I’ve got relatives who are similar. If there is a disorder or disease of the day, they’ve got it. If gluten is out, they suffer from it. Lynn disease was disease du jour? Guess who? Not a allergen that doesn’t effect them.

    There some shit goin on here. It was a bad combo of a psychopath marrying a wackjob. The kids are the ones I care about and feel sorry for. I can’t imagine having a batshit crazy mom and to a much larger degree a homocidal maniac for a pops.

  14. Ralph Oscar

    Why is there so much ongoing confusion over the nature of CeCe’s nut allergies? It wasn’t about peanuts at all! It was *tree nuts* like coconut! Shan’Ann had a big jar of peanut butter (Jif brand, I think) in her own kitchen! So a “big bowl of peanuts” wouldn’t have been any problem at all; peanuts in the ice cream wouldn’t have been any problem at all. But the coconut – instant death. Except when it’s in the Thrive bar that Shan’Ann feeds to CeCe – I guess coconut isn’t a problem when it’s in that form. But autopsy report on CeCe noted “a medical history significant for peanut allergies”. So which was it? If CeCe had a serious peanut allergy, how would Shan’Ann explain having a big jar of peanut butter in her house?

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