Watts Family

  1. Christopher Lee Watts, 33, born Spring Lake, North Carolina [Former mechanic, Rover/Field coordinator at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Platteville, Colorado at the time of the murders. Convicted of triple homicide and felony tampering with deceased human remains].
  2. Shan’ann Watts, 34, born in Passaic, New Jersey [Former call center nurse, computer assistant at Longmont Ford. Sales promoter at Le-Vel from January 2016 to August 2018. Accused of murdering her two children by Chris Watts].
  3. Bella Marie Watts, 4, born in Frederick, Colorado.
  4. Celeste Cathryn Watts, 3, born in Frederick Colorado.
  5. Niko Lee Watts, 15 weeks old [fetus].
  6. Ronnie Watts, 62 [Father of Chris Watts, present during the CBI/FBI interrogation and confession on August 15th, 2018 at Frederick Police Station. Mentioned the life-size doll to law enforcement when his son implicated his wife in the murders of his children].
  7. Cindy McLeod Watts, 63 [Mother of Chris Watts. Campaigned in the media prior against the plea deal, arguing that it was coerced. Spoke emotionally at the sentencing hearing on November 19th, 2018. When she turned to Watts, telling him she loved and forgave him, he did not acknowledge her].
  8. Jamie Lyn Williams, 37, born Spring Lake, North Carolina. [Active on Websleuths under the profile “Trinket78”]
  9. Maw Maw” [Chris Watts’ paternal grandmother. He visited her on August 5th, without Shan’ann while in North Carolina].

Rzucek Family

  1. Frank Rzucek [Carpenter].
  2. Sandi Onorati Rzucek [Hairdresser].
  3. Frankie Rzucek [Carpenter, Shan’ann Watts’ younger brother].


  1. Nichol Lee Kessinger, 29 years old. [Geologist, HSE Representative, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation].
  2. Dwayne Kessinger, 59 years old. [Engineering Group Lead. Sat in on first two interrogations with his daughter on August 15th and 16th, 2018].

Ex-husband, ex-boyfriend and ex-employers

  1. Leonard King [Lawyer, Shan’ann’s first husband between 2002 and 2008. No children. Took out life insurance policies on themselves during their marriage. After divorce Leonard King changed the beneficiary on his own life insurance].
  2. “Sean” [Ex-boyfriend of Nichol Kessinger mentioned in texts to Charlotte Nelson on Sunday August 12th, 2018].
  3. Hisham Bedwan [Owner of Dirty South, a car accessory company based in Fayetteville, North Carolina].
  4. Morrisville Ford and Longmont Ford [Watts worked at these dealerships between 2001-2012 and 2012-2014 respectively. Shan’ann Watts also worked at Longmont Ford].
  5. Greg Alore [Longmont Ford Sales Director].
  6. Hair Jazz, Aberdeen.

Friends, Witnesses and Babysitters

  1. Nickole Utoft Atkinson
  2. Nicolas Atkinson [Also dog sat when Watts family was in North Carolina].
  3. Cassie Rosenberg
  4. Josh Rosenberg
  5. Addy Molony
  6. Nicholas Thayer
  7. Amanda Thayer
  8. Jeremy Lindstrom
  9. Jennifer Lindstrom
  10. McKenna Lindstrom
  11. Cristina Meacham
  12. Samantha Pasley
  13. Sara Nudd
  14. Mark Jamieson
  15. David Colon [Wrote a letter to Chris Watts while Watts was in jail, approximately mid-October, 2018].
  16. Lance Alfonso
  17. Charlotte Nelson
  18. Jim Gutoski
  19. Brandi Smith
  20. Taylor Welch [Babysitter, also helped plan the “gender reveal” party. Discovery Documents, page 94].
  21. Ashley Bell
  22. Michele Greer [Witnessed Watts family at a playground in Myrtle Beach on August 2nd, 2018].


  1. Nathaniel Trinastich
  2. Bette Marcoux [Witnessed Chris Watts’ truck idling in the driveway at 05:15].


  1. Matt Francis [Shan’ann Watts’ 9th Grade teacher]
  2. Joe Duty [Pine Forest High School Automotive teacher, retired. Remembered Watts as “one of the best students I ever had.”].

Primrose School Staff

  1. Keri Wood, School Director [spoke to Sandi Rzucek between 08:00 and 08:30 and again at 15:00 on August 13th, 2018].
  2. Alba Orantes, Assistant Director [spoke with Sandi Rzucek approximately 11:30 to midday].
  3. Shannon Meyer [spoke with Chris Watts at 08:26. Meyer was freaked out by the call, and later reported it to the police].
  4. Chris Lang, Primrose School owner.


  1. Ann Meadows, ReMax, Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado
  2. Julie Cole [Weld County Deputy Public Trustee].
  3. Byron Falls bought Shan’ann Watts’ Belmont, North Carolina home in 2012 [Furniture was left behind as part of the sale].

Banks and Bankruptcy-Related

  1. JP Morgan Chase
  2. USAA
  3. Bankruptcy filing, June 2015 [Watts].
  4. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court filing, May 22nd, 2015 [Rzuceks].

Thrive Related

  1. Paul Gravette, CEO of Le-vel
  2. Chris Collins
  3. Cindy Derossett
  4. #ThrivingforShanann

Anadarko Related

  1. Luke Epple [Chris Watts’ supervisor].
  2. Kodi Roberts
  3. Anthony Brown
  4. Melissa Parrish
  5. Tony Huskey
  6. Jennifer Edwards [Legal Department].
  7. Jennifer Brice [Corporate Communications].
  8. Firestone Explosion [April 17th, 2017].

Vehicles and Vehicle-Related

  1. White Lexus 350 [CO 528-ZJV].
  2. Ford Lariat F250 2015 [QFT-682, VIN number 1FT7X2B67FEC57658].
  3. Shelby Mustang Museum, Boulder, Colorado. [Visited by Watts and Kessinger on July 14th, 2018].
  4. Bandimere Speedway Event, Morrison, Colorado [[Visited by Watts and Kessinger on July 21st, 2018].
  5. Cross Creek Subaru, Fayetteville.

Sentencing Judge

  1. Marcelo A. Kopcow [Criminal Trial].
  2. TBD [Civil Trial].

Law Enforcement

Lead Detective

  1. David Baumhover [Frederick Police Department, interrogated Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger].


  1. Special Agent Grahm Coder [Interrogated Chris Watts].
  2. Special Agent Philip Jones [Interrogated Nichol Kessinger].
  3. Special Agent Mark Lehrer [Interrogated Nichol Kessinger].
  4. Special Agent Tory Smith [Downloaded the contents of the Router in the Watts home].
  5. Special Agent Kevin Hoyland [Analyzed GPS information and cell phone information from Watts’ work phone].


  1. Director John Camper [Previously Chief of Police of Grand Junction Police Department].
  2. Agent in Charge, Kirby Lewis
  3. Intelligence Analyst Gillian Ganley
  4. Agent Tammy Lee [Polygrapher, interrogated Chris Watts].
  5. Agent Kevin Koback [Interrogated Nichol Kessinger].
  6. Agent Timothy Joseph Martinez [Interrogated Nichol Kessinger].
  7. Agent Greg Zentner [Interviewed Nickole Utoft Atkinson].
  8. CSA Dave Yocum
  9. CSA Kaitlin Schroeder
  10. Dave Maloney [CBI Lab Manager].
  11. CSA Eric Bryant
  12. Agent Stacy Galbraith
  13. Agent Matt Sailor
  14. Agent Jerry Means
  15. Agent Timothy Martinez [Interrogated Nichol Kessinger].
  16. Kellon Hassenstab [Present during execution of  buccal swabs at Weld County Detention Facility on October 4th, 2018].
  17. Aaron Koning [Present during execution of buccal swabs at Weld County Detention Facility on October 4th, 2018].
  18. Kailee Henson

Frederick Police Department

  1. Commander Dave Egan
  2. Officer Scott Coonrod [First officer on the scene].
  3. Sergeant Brent Manley
  4. Officer Matthew James [Arresting officer].
  5. Officer Amanda Purcell [Evidence/Records Supervisor involved in Phone Data Review].
  6. Officer Ian Albert
  7. Officer Katherine Lines
  8. Officer Ivan Perez
  9. Officer Kenneth Doll
  10. Officer Paul Scarlett
  11. Officer Robert Bedsaul [Press liaison].

Firestone Police Department

  1. Bryce Borders [Commander].
  2. Detective William Dewitt [Drone pilot at CERVI 319].

Dacono Police Department

  1. Officer Lorraine Fratelli
  2. Officer Kyle Cooksey
  3. Jackie Boyer [Downloaded contents of Chris Watts’ smartphone between 21:17 and 21:33 on the night of August 14th, 2018].
  4. Officer Jessie Lambert [Dispatched to check on a burglary at 2825 Saratoga Trail on August 17th. Lambert entered the scene with an Axon bodycam].

Longmont Police Department

  1. Officer Jocelyn Plascencia


  1. Agent Daren Ford [North Colorado Forensic Laboratory, responsible for Phone Data Review].


  1. Michael J. Rourke, Weld County District Attorney.
  2. Steve Wrenn, Chief Deputy District Attorney
  3. Patrick T. Roche, Deputy District Attorney
  4. Kathy Holscher, Weld County District Attorney Investigator
  5. Dan Boyle, Weld County District Attorney Investigator


  1. Megan Ring, Colorado State Public defender
  2. John Walsh, Attorney
  3. Sylvia Patricia Martinez
  4. Richard Eikelenboom
  5. Carla Jessica Delgado
  6. Selma Jolanda Maria Schieveld
  7. James Edward Merson [Attorney].
  8. Kathryn Herold, Deputy State Public Defender

Coroner’s Office

  1. Carl Blesch [Noted bruising to the soft tissue on the right side of Shan’ann Watts’ hyoid bone, during autopsy].
  2. Dr. Michael Burson [Forensic Pathologist].
  3. Joey Weiner [Investigator].

Lawyers [Including commentators]

  1. Jean Powers [Appeared to represent Ronnie and Cindy Watts at the sentencing hearing on November 19th, 2018].
  2. Amanda K. Ashley [Hindman Sanchez, Lakewood, Colorado Law Firm representing Wyndham Hill Master Association].
  3. Ed Hopkins [Defamation lawyer representing Nichol Kessinger].
  4. Steven Lambert [Grant & Hoffman Law Firm, in Greeley, representing Rzucek Family in civil suit].
  5. Nancy Grace


  1. Ashleigh Banfield, HLN
  2. Dr. Phil McGraw
  3. Dr. Mehmet Oz
  4. The Devil in DisguiseABC


  1. Tomas Hoppough, Denver 7 [Asked Chris Watts questions during his Sermon on the Porch, including: “Did you guys have an argument?”]
  2. Madeline St. Amour, Times-Call
  3. Meghan Lopez, Denver Channel


  1. K. Almand [Watts family].

Dog Handlers

  1. Jayne Zmijewski/Cody [Larimer County Search and Rescue. Also known as the “Bear Lady”.]
  2. Deputy Katie Tkach/Scout [Boulder County Sherriff’s Office].
  3. Jeff Hiebert/Dax [Boulder County Open Space officer].
  4. Alan Duffy [Greenfield, Colorado – Offered but not used].


  1. Deeter [Dachshund, family pet. Spelled “Dieter” on family’s social media. Spelled Deeter in Discovery Documents, page 461. Animal was left at the crime scene on August 13th, presumably in the basement. Transferred from Watts home, to Thayer’s home, to victim’s brother Frankie Rzucek].
  2. Cody [Trauma dog. Labrador retriever. Certifications unknown].
  3. Scout [Bloodhound, certified in Suburban Trailing and Human Remains Detection through SARDUS].
  4. Dax [Black German Shepherd, 4-years-old in 2018].

YouTube Coverage [Credible]

  1. Scott Reisch [Colorado-based criminal trial attorney].
  2. Jim Can’t Swim
  3. Crime Vault

Discussion and Conspiracy Theorists

  1. Molly Golightly
  2. Armchair Detective


  1. Trente Bolte [Assumed gay lover of Chris Watts].
  2. Amanda McMahon [Claimed to have hooked up with Watts in March, 2018, and watched the movie Shutter Island together, a psychological thriller about a man who murders his wife because she kills his children].