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The Final Three Weeks of the Phone Data Review #2YearsAgoTodayCW

In the last three weeks, the Phone Data Review becomes chock-full of drama, emotions, details and tension. As such, the episodes dealing with this period are invariably an hour to an hour-and-a-half in length.

Due to the time and effort editing videos and analyzing the data by applying True Crime Rocket Science [and what we know now] to what we thought we knew then, a world of possibilities, and a whirlwind of new insights emerge.

On Patreon, many who thought they had a clear grasp of the case have had their socks blown off. Are you ready to see the Watts case through a brand new lens, and from a brand new perspective?  If so, then you are go for launch.

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#25: Episode 25: Did Kessinger tell Watts she loved him on July 25th? Is that why he Googled “how does it feel when someone says I love you…” and “when to say I love you in a new relationship”?

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 25

#26: “3rd pregnancy & I’m feeling great! Not exhausted, not losing sleep, good mood!I’m glad I’m Thrivin” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

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#27: If Watts and Kessinger were Addicted To Each Other – what was Shan’ann Addicted To?Fullscreen capture 20200808 131743

#28:“So damn sexy.” “You mean a lot to me.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW


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#29: Shan’ann was onto him on July 29th: “You’re out of it from Playing” #2yearsagotodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 29

#30: Love Letters For Kessinger, Vials of Poison for Shan’ann and Niko #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 30

#31: On July 31st, Watts Makes His First Attempt Against Baby Niko’s Life

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 31

#32: “If you are not happy, it’s up to you to change that!” #2YearsAgoTodayCw

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 32

#33: Nude Photos #2yearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 33

#34: “You put a Dagger Between Us!” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 34

#35: “I’m not going to worry about family. I will just remove it.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 35

#36: A DAY OF BIG DRAMA! “Would you stay with me if we didn’t have kids?” “I don’t want to lose the kids.” #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 36(2)

#37: On August 6th, Chris Watts Drops A Bomb On Shan’ann #2YearsAgoTodayCW

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 37


#38:  “I’m scared to death…I really don’t want to leave here” #38 #2YearsAgoTodayCW [VIDEO VERSION]

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 38(2)

TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 39
TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 40
TCRS Cover Patreon Chris Watts Phone Data Review 41




In TWO POLLYANNAS, published just after the plea deal was announced in early November 2018, I examine the Watts family through two very different perspectives – the Watts children.

The title TWO POLLYANNAS doesn’t refer to Bella and Ceecee, however, nor does it refer to the Watts couple. Yet the TWO POLLYANNAS behind the scenes were the fabric against which the whole case, and several precious lives, were broken.

$5 on Patreon is the ticket price to listen to the audiobook version of TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS. It will also give you access [for one month] to half a dozen other audiobooks on the $5 tier on Patreon, including Book 1 [TWO FACE THE MAN UNDERNEATH CHRISTOPHER WATTS] and Book 2 [BENEATH THE OIL].Fullscreen capture 20200725 222216Fullscreen capture 20200725 222228


New Investigation Discovery Special: “Chris Watts is a narcissistic sociopath who feels no emotion, that’s why he murdered his entire family”

Chris Wattts is a narcissist. He was a selfish man who thought only of himself.

Chris Watts is a sociopath. He showed no remorse, and no emotion.

This seems to be the expert consensus by mainstream pundits. Dr. Phil said it. Lena Derhally said it. Catherine Townsend, expert Private Investigator, said it. That must mean that’s precisely who Watts is – a sociopathic narcissist.

True Crime Rocket Science disagrees with this assessment as crude and simplistic. What it shows is a facile disregard for the details. That’s not a defense of Watts, by the way. Saying he’s not a narcissist or a sociopath isn’t rushing to his defense. Watts and only Watts committed stone cold premeditated triple murder, and also destroyed the life of his unborn child. But almost two years later, when so many have spent so much time regurgitating the Watts case, recycling the same tired aphorisms, it’s perhaps also time to think a little more scientifically about the case, including about the psychology. And criminal psychology isn’t the same as psychology. Criminal psychology and psychology aren’t interchangeable.

On the surface, if you don’t know this case very well, the narcissistic sociopath or “covert narcissist” seems like an elegant sounding fit. It’s a great label, innit? It is a really elegant fit if you know very little about Watts, and even less about Shan’ann Watts.

If Watts was so selfish, why didn’t he go to trial like 99.9% of other high-profile criminals, and do what he does best – lie and pretend and play at being Mr. Nice Guy? If narcissists are identifiable by the key trait of lying, why did Watts admit – ultimately – to all the charges against him? Why did he admit the truth ultimately, telling investigators where the bodies were, and eventually confessing to their murders too? Isn’t he supposed to be a habitual liar? I mean, look at OJ, Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony – all of whom were partying up a storm right until the moment they were arrested. All of them went to trial and pled not guilty. Is Chris Watts exactly like them? Are they exactly like Chris Watts? Then why didn’t he go to court, roll the dice and put on a smug, conceited defense?


If Watts is a prototypical narcissist, why was this murder trial wrapped up in super quick time? And before you knew it, Watts was in prison, and had turned to God for redemption, seeking forgiveness. Why would he turn to God if he didn’t feel bad about anything he’d done? Whether you believe that’s genuine or not, that’s completely different from someone never pleading guilty, and never asking for forgiveness, and never pretend-turning to God.

If Watts had no emotion, why did he need to become standoffish before committing murder. And if he had no feelings, why did he commit the crime while he was in love?

The experts will tell you Watts is a selfish, self-centered, self-involved man who thought only of himself. Those who knew Watts, inside the family, and as friends, knew him as a considerate dad who did his family’s laundry, gave away his paycheck, babysat, even did his children’s hair. His wife, at the time of her murder, wanted to stay married to him, wanted to have his child and so did his mistress. His mother in law and father in law liked him up until the moment he committed murder.

Errr. which “personality type” are we talking about her?

It feels good to separate Watts from ourselves. He’s bad, has zero emotion and is a monster with a particular personality trait and disorder. We’re fine of course, and nothing like him. When we’re on our phones, and on social media, we are still very sensitive to the world around us, and not a narcissistic bone in our bodies. Well, except…

Is There a Link Between Sociopathy and Social Media?


Frank Rzucek takes another Swipe at YouTube Creator

The first reply tp Frank’s comment, from one of Armchair Dectective’s subs, says it all.

Fullscreen capture 20200420 133620

It’s shocking to see in black and white but the YouTube creator with the largest following in the Chris Watts case is pitching a narrative where Watts himself isn’t solely responible for wiping out his family. And somehow from that conspriacy theory, this becomes a cover-up by Shan’ann’s family?

True crime unfortunately exposes not just the perilous legal journey to find justice, but just how often truth is perverted.

Once upon a time facts and evidence were used to prove what happened. Now they’re used to pitch whatever is popular, whatever people want to believe, and there’s a cash incentive to selling these tabloid pitches to the mindless mob. Welcome to the True Crime Colosseum where Social Media Gladiators pretend to champion truth and justice to rapturous applause.

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The Logic Fallacy of CBI Agent Tammy Lee’s “Second-Version-More-Horrible-It-Must-Be-True”

The favorite theory of the legions following the Chris Watts case [and the YouTuber Armchair Detective] firmly believe 1) Chris Watts killed his children one in front of the other after a failed first attempt 2) had an accessory help him commit triple murder and 3) his accessory knew his wife was pregnant all along and didn’t really care.

It’s the favorite theory for a simple reason – it’s shocking. Because it’s shocking, it must be true, right?

Wrong. The Vang Gogh myth is an excellent reality in check in this regard. The favorite theory of the legions of art fans following the life and times of one of the world’s most popular [and expensive] artists [and the Van Gogh Museum] firmly believe 1) Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear 2) was mad and 3) committed suicide.

It’s the favorite theory for a simple reason – it’s shocking, and people like to be shocked. They want to be titillitated. In a world that operates on hyperbole and rewards exaggeration, it’s no surprise that no one really cares about the facts or the evidence. They want the version that suits their own depraved sensibilities best.

But what happens when we challenge the popular mythology? What happens when one goes to some effort to check the facts, verify the information and make sure? Well, history tends to be rewritten, even in a case like Vincent van Gogh where that history is over 100 years old.

Take the trait that Van Gogh is most famous for around the world – the mad artist. The most basic thing everyone believes isn’t even true.

Fullscreen capture 20200224 162451

This assessment isn’t just one random publication, or written by a single reporter in some arbitrary journal. It made world headlines at the time. The time being September 2016 when the Van Gogh museum invited around 30 international medical experts, professors and art historians to settle the issue definitively, once and for all. Guess what? They couldn’t. They couldn’t offer a modern diagnosis, and instead offered something more “prosaic” – they sort of deconstructed the original diagnosis, which was this:

…temporal lobe epilepsy precipitated by the use of absinthe in the presence of an early limbic lesion….

And essentially replaced it with this:

…temporal lobe epilepsy precipitated by the use of absinthe in the presence of an early limbic lesion….

In other words, they agreed that all of Van Gogh’s symptoms couldn’t really be explained by a disorder or a disease, but it could be explained by a drinking problem. Lousy huh? Instead of a mad artist he was simply an occasionally drunk artist.

Even so, despite this unshocking [and thus unsatisfying assessment] by the medical luminaries, the Van Gogh museum who’d hosted the symposium went ahead with their exhibition eponymously titled On the Verge of Insanity. Everyone loved it.


What lesson do we learn from this? We see that human nature isn’t a reliable conduit for truth. Human nature is prone to projection and transference. Our truth tends to be self-justifying. So where can one turn for a neutral view of the truth, if not to one another, if not to the media, if not to experts, skilled lie detectors in law enforcement, historians and – oftetimes – even medical professionals?

Turn to True Crime Rocket Science – the most credible and authentic voice in true crime.

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