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Frank Rzucek takes another Swipe at YouTube Creator

The first reply tp Frank’s comment, from one of Armchair Dectective’s subs, says it all.

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It’s shocking to see in black and white but the YouTube creator with the largest following in the Chris Watts case is pitching a narrative where Watts himself isn’t solely responible for wiping out his family. And somehow from that conspriacy theory, this becomes a cover-up by Shan’ann’s family?

True crime unfortunately exposes not just the perilous legal journey to find justice, but just how often truth is perverted.

Once upon a time facts and evidence were used to prove what happened. Now they’re used to pitch whatever is popular, whatever people want to believe, and there’s a cash incentive to selling these tabloid pitches to the mindless mob. Welcome to the True Crime Colosseum where Social Media Gladiators pretend to champion truth and justice to rapturous applause.

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  1. dermotspirit

    This is getting very silly now, in reality he is the only person still relentlessly claiming Chris didn’t act alone.

    The victims family won’t entertain him so he tries his luck with the perpetrators family.

    Give it a few weeks and they will be calling him everything under the sun then we will be treated to a whole weekend pity party extravaganza.

    Most folks have moved on from this case maybe time this creator did the same but he has built a following based solely on the Watts case.

    Surely putting all your eggs in one basket has proven to be this creators downfall, he simply can’t afford to drop the Watts case, is he actually making that much money from patreon? let’s face it, its hardly guaranteed income is it.

    There again his loyal supporters will continue to support him regardless of what content he puts out so is he really that in tune with his supporters if he thinks he needs to continue with the never-ending narrative he claims.

  2. Karen

    AD is the biggest YouTube troll around and you nailed it with his.”mindless mob”

  3. richard

    I would say that there could be some truth to Cindy Watts story.
    Think of it like this :-
    The moment CW was arrested the Rzuecks would have been appointed something similar to a family liaison officer and therefore would have had updates as the case unfolded over time.
    In the Watts parents case, they would have minimal information conveyed in a sparse fashion as they wouldn’t have had a family liaison officer assigned to them.
    So from Cindy’s point of view, she probably has more questions than the Rzuecks at this point in time.
    Plus Cindy has already said they have not had much time with Chris to get more info or it was under a lock down environment so they were restricted what could be said… plus he can’t seem to remember some points (possibly blanked out for numerous reasons).
    My only gripe is that Cindy could have gone to numerous other credible True Crime Investigators (like this site) and got a more neutral interview and release of information.
    Really, Armchair detective ? I wouldn’t class AD as authentic.
    So I will sit back and watch where AD goes with this.

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