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Frank Rzucek takes another Swipe at YouTube Creator

The first reply tp Frank’s comment, from one of Armchair Dectective’s subs, says it all.

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It’s shocking to see in black and white but the YouTube creator with the largest following in the Chris Watts case is pitching a narrative where Watts himself isn’t solely responible for wiping out his family. And somehow from that conspriacy theory, this becomes a cover-up by Shan’ann’s family?

True crime unfortunately exposes not just the perilous legal journey to find justice, but just how often truth is perverted.

Once upon a time facts and evidence were used to prove what happened. Now they’re used to pitch whatever is popular, whatever people want to believe, and there’s a cash incentive to selling these tabloid pitches to the mindless mob. Welcome to the True Crime Colosseum where Social Media Gladiators pretend to champion truth and justice to rapturous applause.

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“Chris Watts could just have walked out the door…I don’t know why he didn’t” – Frank Rzucek, Shan’ann’s father

I have a very controversial, strange, eccentric theory why Chris Watts may have felt he couldn’t just walk out the door. It has to do with the fact that Shan’ann was fifteen weeks pregnant. I think that was sort of a factor for why he felt locked-in, but more important, why Shan’ann would have felt even more locked-in and ready to do battle [for the house, custody and alimony].


I also think if Shan’ann was a less controlling personality, including less controlling of the family finances and bank accounts, Chris Watts may have felt he had the chutzpah to just chuck the marriage and walk out.

I think it’s naive, and more than a little disingenuous, for Frank Rzucek to sort of imply that Watts was completely free to leave, and if he did, Shan’ann [and everyone else] would be fine with it. Sandi Rzucek also told Dr. Phil that Shan’ann would have coped, and been just fine without Watts’ help and support? Really? Well Shan’ann didn’t think so.

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Chris Watts clearly didn’t think walking out and not looking back was an option. And neither did Cassie or Nickole.

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As unpleasant and difficult as it is for many people to do, we also have to imagine what it is like for an introverted/non-confrontational personality type to deal with a dominating/intimidating/wear-the-pants type of controlling person. To many ordinary people, confrontation – even confrontation of a domineering, extroverted personality [say, someone like Trump, or even Oprah] – is no big deal. But to an introvert confrontation itself is so terrifying it’s taboo.


We know how Shan’ann reacted to “small” things like the $68 charge on her credit card. She Googled the menu, checked prices, checked when the Rockies game ended and called Chris Watts, questioned him and told him to keep the receipt.

Her response to nutgate was to make a scene of Facebook, and block Chris Watts’ parents out of her children’s and husband’s lives, and this was sketched as for everyone’s own good and in their best interests.

Whether you agree with Shan’ann’s approach or not, the point is, if she reacted in this way to a $68 bill and nuts in icecream, imagine how Watts felt or imagined Shan’ann might respond to something really fucking serious, like a full-blown betrayal [during her pregnancy] like an affair and the prospect of them losing/selling the house.


That was really the bottom line. Watts thought of the house as his. Since we have no idea how much Shan’ann was actually earning [or spending] it’s difficult to tell whether Watts was holding the entire fort financially, or most of it, or how much of it. But for various reasons he didn’t want to share the house with his wife or children.

In the real world, if he [or anyone else] had said to his family, do you mind going away and letting me keep the house? No one would! So this idea punted on Dr. Phil by Shan’ann’s father, that Watts could simply walk out of his house [obviously leaving his house to his family] is ludicrous, and explains why Frank can’t begin to understand “why”. Chris Watts didn’t have a good reason reason for committing his diabolical crimes against his beautiful family, but that’s different to saying he had NO reason.

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Frank Rzucek Interview with Cops [AUDIO]

Incomplete Transcript:

INTERROGATOR: Um, so…what-what can you tell me about Shan’ann and Chris, and their relationship?

FRANK: Um, he was a great father.


FRANK: I mean, I couldn’t ask for a better father for the kids. Honestly, he did everything for them. Um, played with them, bathed them, I mean…I mean I couldn’t ask for someone better.

INTERROGATOR: Husband-wise.

FRANK: Same way. Um, never seen any kind of problems with him. I was here – prior to the six weeks she was here – I don’t really know that day…they both went on a vacation with her Thrive company…um…watched the kids…um…there was a little bit of difference in ’em…um…but i just took it as being a father. I mean, he was getting a little sterner with the girls. I mean it was nothing. You know, he was always the quiet type with them. 


FRANK: But he was getting a little sterner with them. I just took it as him being a father. Um, but a lot of different things was going on. I mean, he did change his um…they were going through thisnew Thrive stuff, or she was selling, and he started himself all built up and lost a lot of weight…um…they did come out, um, Shan’ann came out for six weeks with the girls. They were going back and forth from our house to his house, his mother’s house…and little Celeste had allergies to nuts, tree nuts, and very allergic to ’em, very allergic to ’em…