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The Rzuceks are Thrivin’ Again…

Hard to believe a few days ago Sandi Rzucek was on Dr. Phil talking about how haunted she feels each day, and how suicidal she was feeling.


  1. Sylvester

    The Rzucek’s are going to have to learn the hard way. I”m sure they inherited Shan’ann’s downline and will have to continue to purchase the product in order to stay “active.” They might even have to attend the leadership conferences and could be used for testimonials. What a way to pitch the product by saying they will continue her legacy, and thrive in spite of tragedy. Someone should sit them down and tell them that LeVel is indirectly responsible for the tragedy.

  2. EJD

    Who is responsible for the most resent debt they incurred? Does that just get wiped away? Clearly CW won’t be paying it and the resale of the house I imagine will hold no profit. Her parents? Perhaps the need for a return to Dr Phil and sticking with “Thriving” on her name.

    • Lynn

      In Canada no one other than the person named on the debt is responsible to pay it out. Creditors will try to say something else but that is not the case.

    • ncam619

      Shan’ann was an adult. Her parents can’t be held responsible for her and chris’ debt.

    • Shannon

      After all the debts are paid off, sale of house. I don’t believe there will be any money left for anyone.
      Her car back to dealership. His truck, not sure if paid off or loan.
      Actually because the Rzucek’s went after the house, not sure why the Watts didn’t…. horrible lawyer for them.
      But the house is in his name, so his parents should be speaking up.
      Sale of house coming up soon, unless cops need more time.

      • Ralph Oscar

        I believe his truck belonged to Andarko, so it will just revert to them to assign out to Chris’s replacement, no doubt. Wasn’t the Saratoga Trail house supposed to go on auction this month?

        • Shannon

          I believe the house has been put on hold for 2 months till June.
          After 2nd confession, maybe cops re checking things.
          I heard house completely cleaned and painted.

    • Tanya

      The house actually has appreciated in value by about $100 000 but Watts stopped paying the mortgage so the house belongs to the bank now. Other creditors could make a claim on Shannans estate if she had one but she didn’t (they close to filing for bankruptcy). The car was not hers ( it was leased) and Watts drove a company truck. On top of that Shannan’s parents successfully sued Watts for 6 million to ensure he can’t profit from his crime (i.e paid interviews, book /movie rights etc). There’s no money to be had so the creditors have no choice but to wipe the debts.

  3. EJD

    sorry.. “recent” not resent. Also one more thought….
    I looked at the group image above you linked from FB. This might be just my own thinking but these people don’t look particularly healthier than anyone else. In fact some appear overweight. How do you sell a product for weight loss and health if you yourself are not particularly fit?

    • Karen

      I agree with your ‘weight’ assessment. I thought about that before. Shan’ann looked good and it would have been believable to say for weight control, but most all the people above, no, I wouldn’t buy it for that. As for the debt, if there isn’t an estate to collect from then, yes, it will be written off

    • Ralph Oscar

      Actually, I really liked “resent”…

      “How do you sell a product for weight loss and health if you yourself are not particularly fit?”

      That’s a very good question – if you sniff around online, you’ll find that most of the Thrive pitches are about weight loss. Shan’Ann lost quite a bit of weight using it, too, and just look at Chris! But there’s always the angle of “more energy, more alert, better mood, sleeping better, enjoying my day, able to fully engage with all my activities and responsibilities, being the mom/wife I’ve always dreamed of” – Shan’Ann emphasized this angle, flogging her lupus/migraines/chronic asymptomatic illness du jour, and all of her plus-size friends could have as well.

      • Shannon

        Don’t forget Ralph, thrive Cured all of shanann’s illnesses.
        Miracle’s happening here.

        • Ralph Oscar

          Oh, yes – that’s right! That one weird trick!

          • Shannon

            Or was it a Treat.

            Oh yes she would have gone back to thriving after birth, except Covered in Patches. Double this time. 1 kid at home, 2 in daycare.

  4. Sylvester

    These companies “thrive” on selling a dream. That’s what they are selling – a better you name it. Because everyone knows talent, perseverance, and hard work don’t get you anywhere, ha ha. What people want are the trappings of success – the get rich quick mentality – more than they want to just be honest, decent, caring and loving individuals who have everything they need, right now. And if you see that someone doesn’t have that, help them. Maybe if we shift our emphasis on “things” to what matters most these companies will have nothing left to attach themselves to.

  5. Sylvester

    According to the internet LeVel pays 4% commission. It says if someone brings in $50,000 a month in “sales” they would be paid $2,000 a month. I remember reading that one is compelled to purchase $300 a month of product. I see about 40 faces in the above picture but let’s say she had another ten people signed up in Colorado, so make it an even 50. If all they are doing is buying the normal $300 a month in product then all Shan’ann is making is $600 a month. Even if she was pulling in $2,000 in commissions she was spending it on private school (Primrose) leaving Chris’s salary to cover the essentials like the mortgage payment, HOA dues, health insurance, food, utilities, cell phone bills, and on and on. Let’s not forget credit card minimum monthly payments. I know those MLM’s use their credit cards to stay in the game. That $2,000 a month (providing her sales force was generating $50,000 a month in purchases of products) would have been better spent by contributing to the household finances – the essentials, than private school. MLM’s are a recipe for failure and people still haven’t gotten the picture. How can you thrive when you’re broke. Don’t quit your day job.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “I see about 40 faces in the above picture but let’s say she had another ten people signed up in Colorado, so make it an even 50.”

      Is there any reason to think that all those people were necessarily Shan’Ann’s downline? It looks like a regional get-together – there might be 20 different “leads” there and only that many “downlines”. I don’t think there’s any way in heck that Shan’Ann had 50 different people signed up under her.

  6. Sideaffected

    This doesn’t surprise me really. I am not sure how aware they are of the scamminess of it-surely they have at least a vague understanding of it, but I don’t think them continuing in this vein is evidence of anything particularly willfully sinister, or that what they said on Dr. Phil isn’t true. I mean Sandi also believes Chris is telling the truth about the murders because he’s turned his life over to Jesus Christ, so…she’s not NOT gullible. Maybe they also think it brings them closer to her/she would have wanted it/they’re honoring her (she probably would, sadly.)

    Despite his record and whatever got Frankie into trouble, I do feel the worst for him for some reason. His recorded interview in the hotel was so sad and lonely, his letter to Chris the most compelling, and he seems the most genuine of the family.

  7. Shannon

    It’s unfortunate that the Rzucek’s haven’t learned anything about their daughters death. I wonder if Sandi is still a hairdresser and Frank a carpenter. Are they now just doing Thrive?
    They should be sitting pretty good, financially.
    Frankie Junior needs therapy, I think he has and had issues he needs to deal with. Think he viewed his sister as a mentor, because he thought she was doing the “right things”. Which she wasn’t.
    The picture of the group…..doesn’t really promote ….. healthy…..anything.

  8. Sylvester

    She tapered off then stopped making Thrive videos toward the final weeks and it’s possible she was starting to realize that it was costing her her marriage, her vitality, and she also possibly knew those patches and powders weren’t good for the baby. But it takes longer to understand with these companies that they are also costing you money. It doesn’t appear as if anyone is having a come to Jesus moment over that one.

    • nickvdl

      True, but where did she go in the last 2 days of her life?

      • Shannon

        Thrivering Convention.
        Chris told her to go.

        • Sylvester

          He needed her to go – it was his window of opportunity.

          • Shannon

            Yes. Even though she had been away for 6 weeks. Expensive school on Monday. Planning, phone calls. For Chris to do.

      • Sylvester

        She didn’t give it up did she.

        • Shannon

          Nope. Not at all.

        • Ralph Oscar

          I believe Shan’Ann was clinging to Thrive as her lifeline – she’d figure out some new *angle* to make it work while she was pregnant, and then as soon as she popped that 3rd baby out, she’d be back to Thrivin’ – feeling the burn, whatever it took to rocket back down to pre-baby weight so she’d have “results” to show off and lure more buyers in.

          I imagine she HAD to go on that LeVel rah-rah trip to AZ – if you look at the LeVel terms (you can find them online), simply canceling an autoship can result in LeVel canceling a distributor. Too many returns and the distributor gets canceled. And what do you want to bet that missing a rah-rah rally is also grounds for canceling a distributor? Shan’Ann had been doing Thrive for, what, 2 1/2 years by this point (she started just a few months after their bankruptcy was discharged), and she regarded this as her “job”, her “career”, her identity.

  9. Sylvester

    I just wanted to say you always make the description of your books and the table of contents so fascinatingly interesting that people can’t help but want to purchase the book and read it! And then right out of the gate you have my attention and I have to force myself to take breaks. Like now. May you hit a record in sales with Annihilation.

  10. Shannon

    We had a mother of 3, who was killed by her husband a few years ago. Both Doctors.
    He just plead guilty.

    The wife called their marriage…Fakebook.

  11. Sylvester

    It makes you wonder, doesn’t it Shannon, why anyone would choose a fake relationship over a real one. It’s a fear of revealing who you really are. For example Chris and Shan’ann. He had a need to be dominated and she had a need to dominate. They played to each other’s inauthentic selves. I’m guessing she couldn’t dominate Leonard King – he made her feel out of control. That relationship could have been a real learning experience for her but instead she chose someone she could dominate. Her controlling ways were based on fear – if I don’t organize my world and everyone in it, there will be chaos, I’ll fall apart, and I’ll disappear. That’s the thinking, but it’s based on fear, not reality. And yet it feels very real. And it was her mode of operation. It doesn’t make her a bad person, just not a very aware person, and it did cost her and her children.

    • Shannon

      Sylvester, good point.
      With Chris not really having had any female relationships, not much experience. Maybe he thought this is how it is.
      I think Shanann’s mom is the controller in that relationship. I read both woman were alittle nasty way back then. When he met NK, he started to see that woman are not really like that. He was a virgin in his marriage. No experience means no knowledge.
      Yes fear could be part of their marriage for her.
      Fear of losing, another Man. Once kids come in the picture, the dynamics change.
      Fear of being left alone, no house, no money, all alone with the kids.
      Because Shanann really had no true friends to tell her, relax, calm down.
      The Thrivers she had were not true friends.
      It was a competition amongst them.
      Time away from each other was the killer deal.

  12. Sylvester

    It does seem to me Shannon that Shan’ann did a lot of “fleeing.” Frankie said she just left home at age 18 – that’s supposed to be when you leave but many kids are not prepared to leave at 18 but he seemed to think she just moved out and away and never wanted to look back. Then we have the traffic records – speeding tickets, lots of rule breaking and a bad first marriage and one Leonard won’t really talk about other than to say she wouldn’t talk or go to marriage counseling and spent more time away from home, more fleeing. Moving to Colorado and selling the house furnished – just get out, flee out of NC. At some point she must have blamed her misfortunes on health issues, perhaps she was running low on steam. Sometimes it’s at our lowest point that we learn the most about ourselves and life lessons – but she didn’t. And you are right, no one told her to just relax and calm down. They just reinforced her sense of righteous indignation over how Chris was, sort of fueling the fire. You know, “F him,” he won’t get the house, etc. And, it was a truly bad move to flee to the Level leadership conference in Arizona right in the midst of severe marital problems – leaving her children alone with the monster.

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