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Dr. Phil: "They fight, make up, have sex actually…[on the night of the murders]…"

In the clip below, Dr. Phil describes the girls sitting in the truck with their feet on their mother’s body.
Interestingly, although Dr. Phil kicks off Part One of his two-parter on Chris Watts “on location” in Pinehurst, North Carolina, where the actual boardroom spiel takes place sounds like it was in Denver [with the family’s law firm].
Listen to the rest…

As someone on TCRS recently commented, does Watts not care now what Kessinger thinks about him cheating on her now [which I for one don’t believe], or does he care, and he said it to settle a personal score?
This guy’s mind is sounding like a bag full of cats at this point.


  1. Lynn

    We are all looking for Dr Phil to answer the question ‘why’. There is no answer except his mind isn’t normal. Those of us with normal minds simply cannot and will never understand why.
    I feel it’s time to move on. There is nothing more I need to know.
    I know enough.

  2. Stacy

    If there is any truth to them having sex I think that may have been when he killed her or right after as a way to get her guard down. She was desperate for his affection. I can also see a possible scenario of her laying in bed and him rubbing her neck and then killing her. I still don’t buy that is was during the midst of a fight. It’s hard to imagine a tired, pregnant woman who was suffering from either a gallstone or kidney stone (I can’t remember which the coroner noted) being up for that at that hour but it’s possible I guess.

  3. Shannon

    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    Sex and kids feet on dead mother.
    Omg……this is even more just unbelievable.

  4. Diana

    I have to say, the “they had sex” that morning has been my theory for awhile now. It explains Shan’ann’s partial state of undress as well as how he caught her off guard to strangle her without her fighting back.

    • CBH

      I had thought similar but couldn’t fit it in with the rest of the theory.

  5. Sylvester

    “These little girls didn’t have to die for him to have what he wanted.” Really? Has Dr. Phil done the math? CW could never have had what he wanted. That’s why he did it. Look, when Dr. Phil explained Burke Ramsey’s constant inappropriate smiling talking about his dead sister, who showed absolutely no feeling at all at age 10 sitting with the social worker – as being “socially awkward” that is when I decided Dr. Phil may have his gifts, but he is a showman, an entertainer. Even if we find out tomorrow that CW told Coder, Lee and Baumhover all of this how are we to believe this is the real and final confession? How many stories and confessions have we had now. He called Kodi Roberts asking to handle Cervi 319 himself for a reason. If all of this happened spontaneously as a result of losing it over not one but two arguments then all this does is confirm that CW is a liar and a two face and a coward. His last confession is likely an FU to the Rzucek’s – his way of saying gee, thanks for sparing my life but look where I am, and that house was mine.

    • Georgia

      Sylvester I wondered that too about putting the knife in with the Rzucek’s, and also to NK by announcing he had sex with his wife amidst his latest version of what happened. He could have been devastated that he’d done all that only to find she was horrified by it all and wanted no part of him.

  6. joanne

    i can’t believe he felt he had to unburden himself with this latest confession! I think it was some way to stick the knife to Shannan’s family!
    why would he divulge such a heinous story? Does he not realize that we hate him even more now? i can’t even stand to look at him! what a low life coward!

  7. Right44

    Chris Watts is as bad as Joran Van der Sloot!! Sickening. Nothing but lies. If either one ever tells the truth, we will never know it due to their history of lying.
    When Dr. Phil went way out of his way to make excuses for Burke Ramsey during his weird appearance on Dr. Phil’s Show, he lost all credibility.

  8. imac1968

    Until we know exactly what he has said how do we know what are lies and what is truth. Or even why he is confessing. People need to wait and see before making all these assumptions.

  9. AMS

    There were 3.5 hours in between her arriving home and him loading truck. What is Dr Phil talking about? It was SW that came home that night, not Chris, first off. But regardless, they fight, make up, have sex, and then when they woke the NEXT morning they fought again. Oh that means we have to factor in sleep too. Come ON. 🛑 please. ✋ just stop. Phil, did you not familiarize yourself with the details of the case before taking this on? That way you could have called BS when young lawyer boy was relaying that same ridiculous timeline of events. I’m sure they tested Shanann for presence of semen during autopsy, DNA on her body that may indicate they were intimate. If they did have sex it was just to get her in a vulnerable position to be strangled. What a bunch of clowns, between Chris and the lawyers and Dr. Phil I’m so ready for old Tam & Gram to bring us back to reality.

  10. mitzi2006

    And these incredibly light sleeping kids that they couldn’t even open garage door slept through mom coming home, 2 fights, make up sex and the TV blaring while he chatted with NK didn’t wake up till the quiet part, wrapping shanann up? Something stinks to high heaven

    • JC

      Good point. And the timeline is really tight in his version of events. He arrives at Cervi around 6:15-6:20, and by 6:30 he’s texting, and I believe he even attempted a call to his co-worker somewhere in there. He wouldn’t do that with a crying child in the background – so we’re to believe he unloaded a body and killed the girls in, what, 10 minutes? It takes me longer than that to unload and take the groceries into the house.

    • Ralph Oscar

      “And these incredibly light sleeping kids that they couldn’t even open garage door slept through mom coming home, 2 fights, make up sex and the TV blaring while he chatted with NK didn’t wake up till the quiet part, wrapping shanann up? Something stinks to high heaven”
      Oh, absolutely! It occurs to me that the girls may have been such “light sleepers” because they were being forced to sleep too much – between the 6 pm – 6:30 pm bedtimes and the long naps on the days they were home, they were so sleeped-up that they’d easily awaken and then be awake.

      • mitzi2006

        True, I just don’t believe they woke up when they did especially Bella as was said she was waking up and hard to settle because she was waiting for mom to come home which means she was probably sleeping lighter that night than normally but yet she slept through all that, doesn’t make sense, even that one of those kids alive on the driveway blows his “saw them on the monitor asleep when I left”. Him risking that just to let them get one last joyride to cervi then kill them just doesn’t make sense to me

  11. CBH

    I thought March 7 was supposed to be the big press release day of audio and transcripts? Seems major news outlets only refer to Dr. Phil.

  12. CBH

    Addendum: Thank God. This is what Sylvester was speaking about last night. I’m going to keep to this link and ignore the rest:

  13. Madalene Johnston

    He stuck the knife in Shannan’s family and friends and twisted it. His latest confession would have hurt NK too…sleeping with the enemy. I absolutely don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

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