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BREAKING: The "New Face" of Chris Watts to go with his "New Version of Events"

The Greeley Tribune has thus far released one photo – this photo – of Chris Watts. He doesn’t look as pudgy as the last photo, does he? If anything he looks strangely rested.
According to the Tribune another photo was also released, as well as two audio files totalling 5 hours, and a 37 page CBI report. It should be noted CBI Agent Tammy Lee’s original report, including polygraph, was 34 pages long. Any chance Watts was polygraphed on his answers this time round?
This page will be updated throughout the day.

Interview with Chris Watts, case documents released by CBI – kdvr

FOX31 and Channel 2 has a team in the newsroom reviewing everything that was released. We will be making careful decisions on what content we report on-air and online.
While the interview and documents are now public records, we are working to be thoughtful in our coverage and considerate to all those involved with and touched by this case.
This story will be updated with additional information throughout the day.

New Christopher Watts confession details how he murdered his wife, two daughters – Denver Post
BREAKING: CBI 34 Page Release [“Second Confession”] 


  1. Ralph Oscar

    He’s gone from Silver Fox to Peter Sellers. At least he’s more recognizable than the first prison-and-shaved picture – I didn’t even recognize him in that. I think that’s the “pudgy” image.

  2. Right44

    34 pages wrong? I like that, Nick!! Lol

  3. CBH

    He looks like he’s holding up very well. He looks clear- eyed and serene.
    Looking forward to seeing/hearing released materials.

  4. mitzi2006

    He doesn’t just look rested in my opinion, he looks happy and content, it’s disturbing

    • Fred

      That’s what I see too. From what we’ve all gotten to know about him, I can’t say I’m surprised. This seems like the lesser of two unhappy existences for him. He might pick this situation over his previous life 10 out of 10 times.

  5. Kathleen

    He looks so remorseful and like he’s found Jesus……not. Having just told that horror story, or alternatively, just getting ready to tell it, (whether it’s true or not) how on Earth can he be this composed? This version is even more appalling than the others. He is a very strange and evil man.
    Nick, the trash bags seem to fortify your position.

  6. mitzi2006

    They’re going to piddle this out a pic and a page at a time? Geesh

  7. Shannon

    He looks good. Rested. A weight taken off his shoulders….perhaps.

  8. mitzi2006

    Armchair detective is airing the interview, how the heck did he get that

  9. kimj1111
    The written recap from CBI is on there. It is hard to read through – so sad and horrific.

  10. Sylvester

    I’m more than halfway through the audio and have taken notes. I will wait on Nick’s commentary – see if we see the same thing here.

    • nickvdl

      I’ll be glad to publish your notes as a Guest Post Sylvester, especially if they’re well thought out. I have a lot of thoughts and observations, but I feel I need some time to absorb and connect them. And a proper analysis of 30+ pages as well as 5 hours of audio – at least from me – requires a narrative to do it justice.
      I do find his mentioning Shan’ann was praying [he assumes] when he murdered her ridiculous to the extreme, as well as the whole lovey dovey prelude. And taking the children to the work site, alive, and he’s not thinking throughout, also is what he wants us to believe. Not thinking is better than doing what he was doing in a cool, calculated [thinking] fashion.

      • Maddie Johnston

        I find is so hard to believe the girls were alive on the journey… In the back of the truck with their dead mother, really? They were young, smart girls, not toddlers, surely they would have screamed the whole way! This case is so confusing.

  11. Sylvester

    I need to absorb as well. I am not calmed by his confession. I am not saddened. I do not believe him. There are several instances where he does not answer the question. Lee wants to know where he changed his clothes. He doesn’t answer. He does say he threw them in one of the red construction dumpsters in the neighborhood, but Baumhover had to kind of feed him that answer, although I suspect he probably did – but he just happened to have another change of clothes in the truck? Also the trash bags – at first I thought he was going to say he put the girls in the trash bags – but then he says the sheet was moving so he used one on Shan’ann’s feet and the other over her head so the girls wouldn’t see her. So I found that suspicious. I think he used the trash bags to cover the girls. “It was as if someone else was in control of what I was doing.” (the devil made him do it excuse). I’m just a little annoyed right now but honestly, did we really expect the whole truth and nothing but the truth? And the reason for using the oil tanks – that was the most non-answer I’ve ever heard. He also doesn’t know why he called the school that day “I didn’t know what I was thinking.” Like you said Nick he has a long long long memory lapse. A 24 hour snap that just keeps on snapping. I’m sure he’s found something in the Bible about Jezebel too.

  12. Kathleen Caraway

    My personal dumbest speculation about this second confession was that he might be trying to absolve NK. Instead he threw her under the bus, saying she was the aggressor, knew he was married, lost it when he left, didn’t want to be second to his wife, has bipolar. And then in one of his strange about-faces, that he’d like to talk to her one more time to apologize.

  13. Kathleen Caraway

    His IQ is 135? I’d like to know the standard deviation on that test!

  14. Tracey 14

    He does look content and almost serene. Although, to me his eyes look hollow……the lights are on but no one is home. I had that same feeling listening to the audio interview. At times he seems disconnected and not in reality. He is speaking and his words sound hollow, there is a lack of feeling/connectedness. I am no psychologist but there is definately something strange and creepy in the way he so casually talks of things he did that are just horrific. These were his children, his own flesh and blood and yet he is able to depersonalize and totally detach. There are a few displays of sadness where his voice seems to crack but mostly he sounds robotic.
    The part of the interview where he discusses his parents is where I felt sympathy for CW. It was sad when he spoke about being alone at his wedding with only his grandmother there. What kind of family does that to their own child. It’s mean and hurtful. Seems in marrying Shanann he went against his mothers wishes and he was going to pay for it! They just continued on that path of pressuring Chris and creating drama and fights with Shanann throughout the entire marriage. It’s really sad that they couldn’t put their personal feelings about Shanann aside for the sake of their sons happiness.
    No doubt CW was in a pressure cooker from all sides and this was not going to have a happy ending. Of course, noone could have predicted something this awful but definately there was going to be an explosion.

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