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Complete Audio of Chris Watts' "Second Confession" [Includes Audio Subsections related to Specific Areas of the Crime]

LEE: I watched that video of you finding out Shan’ann was pregnant. You don’t sound excited. You seem like…kinda in shock-
WATTS: Scared? …It was insanely fast.
LEE: You just didn’t seem happy, like…
WATTS:…Maybe I felt guilty about…talking to Nikki at work…
It’s interesting how Lee and Coder copy Watts’ simplistic and casual way of talking and expressing herself, with Lee using the word “like” and Coder talking in a casual, disassociated way when referring to details of the murders, and Watts matching that with his own disassociated responses.

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BREAKING: The "New Face" of Chris Watts to go with his "New Version of Events"

The Greeley Tribune has thus far released one photo – this photo – of Chris Watts. He doesn’t look as pudgy as the last photo, does he? If anything he looks strangely rested.
According to the Tribune another photo was also released, as well as two audio files totalling 5 hours, and a 37 page CBI report. It should be noted CBI Agent Tammy Lee’s original report, including polygraph, was 34 pages long. Any chance Watts was polygraphed on his answers this time round?
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Interview with Chris Watts, case documents released by CBI – kdvr

FOX31 and Channel 2 has a team in the newsroom reviewing everything that was released. We will be making careful decisions on what content we report on-air and online.
While the interview and documents are now public records, we are working to be thoughtful in our coverage and considerate to all those involved with and touched by this case.
This story will be updated with additional information throughout the day.

New Christopher Watts confession details how he murdered his wife, two daughters – Denver Post
BREAKING: CBI 34 Page Release [“Second Confession”]