If Shan’ann Watts had separated, it’s likely she would have moved here: to the tranquil, small-town home at 135 Forest Drive, Aberdeen. When Shan’ann and the girls disappeared, her younger brother Frankie came here, to this house, to await news in the company of his father Frank [also a carpenter] and mother Sandi [a hairdresser].

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On July 5th, a Thursday, Shan’ann posted her final Live video. Well, it was on the porch of this little house in Aberdeen during a rain storm. Shan’ann also took the opportunity to let her fellow Thrivers know [in North Carolina that is] that she had products in her bedroom if anyone wanted any.

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Shan’ann’s final profile picture was posted on July 4th, and remains her profile picture today.


The video below, also her last, was posted the following day.

Incredibly, for the next five weeks until her death, Shan’ann didn’t post another Live video after this one.

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Below is a map showing the distance between Sandi Rzucek’s home and Hair Jazz, where Sandi worked. All of this is a giant leap from the lavish house on Saratoga Trail, isn’t it?

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