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Chris Watts Latest Videos – Canine Search, Initial Questioning [Extended], Watts Viewing Trinastich Surveillance, McMahon Interview, Breaking & Entering Call at Saratoga Trail

Right at the end of the Trinastich clip, after Watts leaves, Trinastich confides to the officer that something’s not right with Watts. He mentions him swaying nervously, as if standing on a tilting ship’s deck. He also mentions that he’s hear Watts having “flat-out” rows with Shan’ann.

Watts has absolutely no ability to hide his body language cues. His key tells are folding his arms, swaying, and curling his lower lip.

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Link to Police searching house after reports of a woman seen going in the house.

Trent Bolte video interview with Colorado Bureau of Investigation about affair with heavy equipment operator in oil industry, and Chris Watts [33rd Tranche]

The Discovery Documents are numbered starting on page 46 and ending on page 2155. Only 1960 pages are provided. 195 are missing, including the crime scene photos.

In the discovery dealing with Trent Bolte and the high-controversial [and currently unknown] possibility that Watts was bisexual, the narrative begins on page 740. Page 741 is a blank page. There is no page 745 or 750.

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