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Frank Rzucek Interview with Cops [AUDIO]

Incomplete Transcript:

INTERROGATOR: Um, so…what-what can you tell me about Shan’ann and Chris, and their relationship?

FRANK: Um, he was a great father.


FRANK: I mean, I couldn’t ask for a better father for the kids. Honestly, he did everything for them. Um, played with them, bathed them, I mean…I mean I couldn’t ask for someone better.

INTERROGATOR: Husband-wise.

FRANK: Same way. Um, never seen any kind of problems with him. I was here – prior to the six weeks she was here – I don’t really know that day…they both went on a vacation with her Thrive company…um…watched the kids…um…there was a little bit of difference in ’em…um…but i just took it as being a father. I mean, he was getting a little sterner with the girls. I mean it was nothing. You know, he was always the quiet type with them. 


FRANK: But he was getting a little sterner with them. I just took it as him being a father. Um, but a lot of different things was going on. I mean, he did change his um…they were going through thisnew Thrive stuff, or she was selling, and he started himself all built up and lost a lot of weight…um…they did come out, um, Shan’ann came out for six weeks with the girls. They were going back and forth from our house to his house, his mother’s house…and little Celeste had allergies to nuts, tree nuts, and very allergic to ’em, very allergic to ’em…

Cristina Meacham from Hawaii [who lived with the Watts family while Shan’ann had her neck surgery] and Jeremy Lindstrom – Witness Statements + AUDIO [31st Tranche]

The Discovery Documents misspell her name as Christina Meechum. Cristina is a regular on Shan’ann’s Facebook profile, and appears to have lost a lot of weight while using THRIVE. Her witness statement is particularly valuable because she lived in the Watts household while Shan’ann was having surgery to her neck.

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