The clip below is a classic example of Shan’ann using her husband and children as promotional props to sell THRIVE merchandise.

Shan’ann’s taking her kids to the zoo, but not without her fix of THRIVE Pure.

“They’ve already tested my patience this morning so…bottom’s up…”

Is Bella in the pantry because she’s being punished, or because Shan’ann’s implying they’re being punished? Or simply because Bella wanted to be in a dark room by herself?

In the clip below Shan’ann is teaching Bella to have a dream board just like her momma.

SHAN’ANN [While recording]: But w-what would like to add to your new vision board?

BELLA [Unsure, looks at her mother’s vision board for inspiration]: Um…my watch…uh…[inaudible].

SHAN’ANN: I know. [Suddenly barks a series of harsh, staccato words]. Focus! Child! [Snaps fingers]. Bella! Look at me! Hey! Focus!

Bella glances timidly at her mother holding the camera.

SHAN’ANN: What do you want to add to your new vision board?

Is four-years-old too young to be teaching kids to have goals? What kind of goals was Shan’ann teaching Bella to have?

At 3:46 Shan’amm tells Bella to show her the poster because everyone’s watching. She then goes into a spiel about Chris Collins, who, as a child wished for a Lamborghini and was told by his disbelieving mother that this [the picture] of the Lamborghini is the closest he’d ever get to getting one.

And now Chris Collins has two Lamborghinis – because he made a vision board as a kid.

Fullscreen capture 20181014 170650

Is it realistic or constructive having a MLM person foisting Kool-Aid inspired fake fairy tales onto her children?

Fullscreen capture 20181014 163407

Fullscreen capture 20181014 163843

Is there anything wrong with having dreams and gratitude custom branded?