When Chris Watts was asked if he and Kessinger ever fought, and about what, Watts cuts to the bone. They argued about her always being “second”, and this just four days into their dalliance.
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Now imagine how that had to feel five weeks later into their summer romance, with Shan’ann hours away from returning to end it all. Isn’t that what their 111 minute conversation was about on the night of August 12th…?
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What we also see here is when Kessinger doesn’t get her way, there’s a consequence. A punishment.
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July 4th was also the day Kessinger went to Watts’ home for the first time.
In his Second Confession Watts’ claimed Kessinger  went to his house once. Kessinger said she went to his house twice, the second time on July 14th or 15th.
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