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Two Possible Cadaver Dog Alerts that have been Overlooked

We know for a fact that Watts disposed of items – including at least one blanket – in a dumpster at or near 6507 Black Mesa, which was under construction at the time.

In the K9 search below, the dog is barking throughout the time they’re in Black Mesa road. At 06:10 in the clip below, the dog handler says: “He’s picking up scent from the house,” which we now know was true.

Notice all the red dumpsters lining the side of the road going down Black Mesa.

At this time when the dog is barking, they’re standing right beside a large, red construction dumpster. They’re also standing right beside a house that’s under construction. The cops don’t seem to know or inquire about the schedule for when the dumpsters are emptied, but it was each Tuesday, possibly in the morning prior to or after the search.

The red arrows denote the route Watts took on August 13th. The green is the route he should have taken home.

In retrospect it’s unfortunate that law enforcement weren’t able to coordinate with the K9 unit while they were out there to specifically look at 6507 Black Mesa, based on the GPS data. From the discovery [page 555] it appears the GPS data was only provided in the late afternoon or early evening of August 14th, by Tony Huskey, Anadarko’s regional security manager.

It appears the cops only inspected the scene properly on August 22nd, more than a week after they’d received the data. Officer Lines’ report neglects to mention the activity along Black Mesa, or the dog handler Jayne Zmijewski ‘s comment about the dog picking up scents from the house.

There appears to be a second alert, or certainly interest, in Bella’s bedroom. It’s at about 19:30 in the clip below.

More: On his way back to the crime scene, Chris Watts first went to look at a house recommended by his realtor… [Updated]

Cadaver Dog Alerts inside #2825 Saratoga Trail [29th Tranche]

Updated Photos of 2825 Saratoga Trail, 6507 Black Mesa & New Wattenberg Well

Some of the regular visitors to this site are locals, and so they’ve volunteered to go to actual locations to photograph and fact check. This is invaluable and much appreciated. There is no quicker way to clear up confusion and dispel myths than to investigate in situ and in person [assuming of course you’re already in the area].

All the images below were taken on the last day of 2018, a devastating year for the Watts family above all.

unnamed (2)

Below is 6507 Black Mesa. This site was still under construction when Watts visited it briefly on his way back from CERVI 319 at around 14:00 on August 13th. The Black Mesa address was not the house Watts intended to buy, but an alleged dumping site.

Fullscreen capture 20190101 200418

For more on the relevance of this address: On his way back to the crime scene, Chris Watts first went to look at a house recommended by his realtor… [Updated]

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Photographer’s note: I did NOT stop on HWY 52 to photograph the Wattenberg well site, too dangerous to pull over, but I did get this ‘passing by’ photo as I was heading east on HWY 52:


Photographer’s note: Approaching Wyndham Hill subdivision as I was heading east on HWY 52 (note the development).

unnamed (1)

Additional Info: 

  1. The Wattenberg drill site (owned by Crestone) is a drilling site in the area (one of eight, I believe) and was the talk of the town for years leading up to the drilling. Some wells in the area are routed to a Wattenberg site for collection. The site north of HWY 52, east of Outdoor Craftsman (landscape company), and west of CR 5 was drilled earlier this year and is now a collection site. (see attached map/screenshot)Aerial View - Weld County O&G - 12.31.18 (1)
  2. There is an active well very close to the Watts house per the attached map, but I didn’t see it while driving around today. It may be behind the new townhouses being built. Per the interactive map (link below), it is a Spindle field well (also owned by Crestone) – this well, and the Wattenberg sites continue to be a hot topic in the neighborhood (according to my brother who lives in Wyndham Hill). There are many residents stating they are seeing heightened asthma diagnosis and respiratory illness rates – but no firm information from a reliable source. My brother’s two children spent several nights in the hospital this past November – one for a collapsed lung, the other for severe asthma symptoms. My brother is considering moving.

Further reading: Wattenberg Field oil and gas could be worth $179 billion, royalty owners say