It was HLN who made an open records request to Weld County for the doorbell camera footage of Shan’ann arriving home at 01:48.

Around the same time HLN contacted Weld County Courts, so did I. On February 20th I received a response to a request for Return Date of Summons [for the August 24th court appearance]. This was the email response I received:
Fullscreen capture 20190221 165032
There’s a fair bit of information I’m looking for since I have three more books to complete in this series. In no particular order:

  • Full autopsy findings
  • Autopsy photos
  • Police + CBI Crime Scene photos [Saratoga Trail – besides and excluding the bodycam video footgae]
  • Police + CBI Crime Scene photos [CERVI 319 – besides and excluding the drone footage]
  • Shan’ann Watts: Financial records
  • Shan’ann Watts: Criminal Records [North Carolina]
  • Police report re: forensic evidence and testing [sheets, carpet, blue glove, dustbin detritus etc]
  • Vivint records for July 4th and July 14th [dates Nichol Kessinger visited Watts home]
  • Police report re: cadaver dog examination of the interior of work truck
  • Police report re: internal examination of Lexus.
  • Transcripts of the interrogation subsequent to the “confession” leading to the plea deal.
  • Transcripts of meetings in November between Watts, his counsel and his parents.
  • Nichol Kessinger cell phone review and images.
  • Browser histories of home computer
  • Audio Interview Transcriptions

Anything you would like to add to this list?
For those who would like to submit their own records requests, please download and print this form, or leave your address and I will email you the attachment:
Fullscreen capture 20190221 165123