Digging holes, burying bodies and dumping children into oil tanks is hungry and thirsty work. About an hour and a half later Watts was buying something to eat.

Interestingly, Watts has 3 different outfits on the same day.

There’s the orange shirt.

6929828-6453657-image-a-56_15438162665636929822-6453657-image-a-57_1543816285609Fullscreen capture 20181203 095624Fullscreen capture 20181203 095626Fullscreen capture 20181203 095628Fullscreen capture 20181203 095658Fullscreen capture 20181203 095700

The black shirt [and apparently no cap].

0_Chris-Watts0_Chris-Watts (1)

And the long-sleeved grey shirt [sans cap]. The glasses below also appear not to have the orange tint of those in the first photos.

Fullscreen capture 20181201 132308Fullscreen capture 20181201 132311Fullscreen capture 20181201 133724

Video footage from the convenience store CCTV can be viewed at this link.