At 2.11 in the clip, two expert psychologists from Colorado are shown a clip of Chris Watts sobbing into his hands with his father’s arm over his shoulder, and the two agents [both with their hands against their chins] looking on silently off his opposite shoulder.

The assessment of the psychologist is triumphant:

“It’s up! [Smiles]. He’s caught. Now he’s upset. Because he’s caught.This is the first time you see emotion…Because now he’s caught. You didn’t see emotion when his family was killed, you see emotion now that he’s caught…”

At the time Watts was “confessing” to Shan’ann murdering the kids [in the house] and himself reacting to this in a mindless rage. Are the agents in the room also thinking:

It’s up! He’s caught. Now he’s upset. Because he’s caught. 

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If the agents were thinking that, why go back and interview him a second time for almost five hours?

And clip goes on to say “why?” will likely never be answered. With that attitude, why even bring in psychologists? The “we’ll never know why” cop out is kindergarten true crime analysis. The assessment that a criminal is “evil” is schoolyard level criminal analysis.

It’s hardly a case of never. It’s more a case of applying one’s mind on a particular for weeks, months or longer on end. Put some effort in. Study the case. Think about the case. When one does that the why becomes clearer, if not entirely obvious.

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There’s also a postscript calling Watts a “master manipulator”. Yes, the guy you saw swaying next to the television and not fooling anyone there, apparently did fool someone.

chris-watts-via-weld-county-district-attorneys-office6954440-6455827-image-m-5_1543858159762Fullscreen capture 20190415 1206083zclq65al5effas5p2iecosdei

I discuss and analyze the psychology of Chris and Shan’ann Watts in detail in the TWO FACE series, as this latest review of Book #7 illustrates:

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