The strange thing about knowing more is it often raises more questions. Take this excerpt from page 552 in the Discovery Documents. Nickole Atkinson, when she alerted the cops told them Shan’ann had “known medical conditions” that included diabetes.


Interestingly, Nickole also went the extra mile to actually go to the doctor’s office [apparently in person] to check whether Shan’ann was there. She was told directly that Shan’ann had never showed up. Then she literally tried to get into Shan’ann’s house, not only via the front door but via the garage door. She even had her son looks inside the small square garage windows to see if Shan’ann’s Lexus was inside. And then they were preparing to break down the front door when Chris Watts swooshed in.

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Interestingly, when the cops wanted access to Shan’ann’s phone and banking details, Chris Watts plead ignorance of both. He said [and this is nuts] he had the password for the bank but couldn’t remember the username. When he said he had no clue what Shan’ann’s password was for her phone, Nickole came to the rescue again – and allowed officers to see that there had been zero activity on her phone since she arrived home at 01:48. Incidentally, this further supports the contention that she was murdered IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home.

If they’d argued over any period of time, one can imagine her contacting someone, including her mother and best friends on Facebook.

If Shan’ann did have diabetes, and Nickole seemed pretty clued up on many aspects of Shan’ann’s interior life [including her OCD], then it shows to what extent Shan’ann really wasn’t the picture of physical, mental and marital health she was portraying so exhaustively on Facebook to her Thrive flock.


If Shan’ann had been more honest – transparent is the better word – and acknowledged her husband’s unhappiness [rather than the opposite], who knows, she might still be alive today. Chris Watts HAD to have figured that Shan’ann’s online fairy tale about him was, in a real sense, his best and most enduring alibi. And let’s face it, initially it have many of us confused if not fooled altogether1_Chris-Watts-Shanann-Watts