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If Bella and Celeste’s Bodies were Dismembered or Processed then a Plea Deal – if you’re Chris Watts – starts to make sense

Chris Watts has maintained from the start that he had nothing to do with the deaths of his daughters. Shan’ann killed them, he claimed in his confession. Even to his parents he apparently maintained this psychological distance, telling them “after what she did” there was no way he was going to bury the three of them together.

If Chris Watts killed and dismembered – or chemically processed – the remains of his children, then we can see how this case going to court could play out very badly for him.  The dismemberment theory isn’t wild conjecture by any means; we’ve just seen the same scene [a missing person’s case become a premeditated murder case with missing dismembered remains] playing out in international media while the Watts case was in legal limbo.

Taking on the defense perspective [I realize many are allergic to even hypothesizing this, but at TCRS we explore all possibilities], if Watts is able to win some credit with a potential jury it may be through portraying Shan’ann as an obsessive, compulsive, controlling, abusive partner.

So he might win some sympathy with a jury. On the other hand, if he liquidated his own children it’s difficult to see there being a stitch of compassion for him, especially given the fact that he murdered his wife while she was pregnant as well.

Anything can happen at trial, of course. The Casey Anthony case proved that a slam-dunk case can be undone with a rigorous defense, especially if and when the parents come to the party. The Anthony’s managed to create “doubt” on two important aspects at trial that otherwise seemed certain. Remember the “odor of death” in the car becoming the odor of pizza? Remember the repeated Google searches for Chloroform that Cindy Anthony said she performed [even though she was at work at the time]? It was enough to create doubt in the jury’s mind, if no one else’s.

The two big difference between the Watts case and the Casey Anthony case are:

  1. Casey Anthony never confessed to anything. Not while being interrogated, not to her parents, not to the media, not at trial. Never. Casey Anthony was offered a plea deal and incredibly, refused to take it. Thus far Chris Watts has done all those things that Casey Anthony didn’t do.
  2. Caylee Anthony’s remains took around six months to recover by law enforcement. By the time an autopsy was conducted, the little girl’s remains were entirely skeletonized. This favored the defense case because it couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt [in the jury’s mind] that Caylee was murdered, or even how she was murdered. Was she given an overdose of chloroform or Xanax? If she was, the evidence [as the jury saw it] wasn’t sufficient.  In the Watts case the girl’s remains were located almost immediately, though crucially, it took four days to recover them even after authorities knew where they were.

We assume that the four days of recovery simply involved the time it took to drain the almost full tanks, but I believe that’s a mistake. Theoretically, if the bodies had been dumped intact from above through the thief hatch, they could have been fished out just as easily.


Again, if the oil tanks were almost full, and the bodies were suspended whole inside, all one needed to do was stir the tanks slightly, or reach in with a noose, rope or lasso wrapped in plastic to prevent fiber contamination [CERVI 319 is situated on a cattle ranch] or a blunt curved object like a Bo Peep staff. And that’s if bodies don’t float naturally to the surface. Would they in the case of crude oil is the key question?

And if cadavers do float, wouldn’t Watts have wanted to prevent that from happening? If it was a premeditated murder, wouldn’t part of the thinking have involved preventing the bodies from becoming easily visible to a passing glance inside the tanks through the opened thief hatch?

Were they intact but anchored?


In any event, it seems the District Attorney has withheld the autopsy reports for two reasons. One, to allow the hysteria around the case to die down. And two, to use it as a bargaining chip [potentially] with the defendant. To hold the reports in his hand, to tell him “we know exactly what you did to your children” and to offer him the opportunity to go to prison quietly, without disgracing himself or his family any further at a very public trial.

Watts pleaded guilty

Watts Family Murders: Rocket Science SOLVES Thief Hatch Mystery!

On September 15th, 2018, one month after the remains of his wife and children were recovered from CERVI 319, I posted a blog analyzing a question that members of the public were repeatedly asking:

“Why wasn’t Shan’ann’s body dumped into the oil tanks as well?”

One aspect of the answer [and admittedly the simpler one of the two] was – I thought – easy to answer. The children were dumped into the respective tanks because they were small enough [barely] to fit through the thief hatch. Shan’ann was not.

I “proved” this theory by intuitively [visually] measuring up the size of the hatch against an adult operator standing beside it.

Fullscreen capture 20180916 104145Fullscreen capture 20180915 101246-001

My assessment, without any more factual or scientific data to go on, was that the children would barely fit through these small openings. They had to, how else could he have gotten them in there short of chopping up their bodies or chemically reducing them beforehand?

About two weeks later, on September 28th, HLN covered the same issue.

They had an expert on board, and the expert’s was unequivocal on the size of the opening. 8 inches.

Fullscreen capture 20180928 025708

The screengrab above doesn’t make it very obvious just how small 8 inches is. It’s 20 centimeters, roughly the width of this paragraph or the length of the average dinner fork when viewed on a desktop monitor.


Needless to say a 4-year-old child’s head and hips can’t fit through such a small opening. This was devastating to my theory, hence I posted a follow-up blog the same day HLN challenged the notion.

Chris Watts: The crime scene at CERVI 319 just got a LOT more complicated

The problem was, although HLN had provided more information, they’d actually shot their own theory in the foot. They speculated that Watts had used the clean out manway at the bottom of the tanks to access the tanks. It made sense from a size perspective – yeah, it’s big enough to put a child inside, hell, an adult could step inside as well.

Fullscreen capture 20180928 030356

The problem with the manway access point is the fact that the oil tanks were almost full when the cops arrived on the scene. They were so full, they took several hours to drain.

Fullscreen capture 20181102 093333

HLN seemed to miss the fact that in order to open up the manway cover, the tank had to be completely empty. So what, one might argue, maybe it was empty to begin with. The problem is if it was empty the tank would have to fill to almost full within hours. These are huge tanks, and they aren’t filled up rapidly. They take months to fill to capacity. The sequestration of gas and liquids also happens over an extended period.

Besides this, any sudden change in the conditions inside the tank would set off monitoring alarms. This would likely attract attention to the CERVI 319 site by Chris Watts’ colleagues, perhaps even his boss – something he’d want to avoid.

Fullscreen capture 20180916 144350

I struggled with this impasse over the next few days. I decided, ultimately, that the thief hatch HAD to have been used, but the only way to dump the remains of both children through those small 8-inch orifices was if the bodies had been dismembered or “processed” in some way.

#Shakedown’s Call on the Chris Watts Case: The Bodies were “Processed”

The extensive “processing” theory doesn’t sit well with me for 2 reasons:

1. Chris Watts had very little time to process one cadaver, let alone three.

2. There appears to be no obvious evidence of tissue fragments, blood or body fluids at #2825 Saratoga Trail [the bodies could have been processed at CERVI 319, but doing so outdoors with three bodies seems very likely].

It’s taken six weeks for this enigma stewing in the subconscious to resolve itself, but I believe it has. The solution appears to be that an operator might be able to remove the entire thief hatch with the right tools. That’s the housing and the contoured core section.

This doesn’t get us back to where we started with the manway housing. The thief hatch has about half a dozen bolts to loosen and tighten again whereas the manway housing appears to have hundreds.

JT81040 New Lid June 2015fullscreen-capture-20180911-14445339-Peak1-TeflonJT20.1 a look insideimages (1)

In Conclusion:

I believe the thief hatch was used to dump the bodies into mostly full oil tanks from the top of the tanks. I do believe there was some processing or preparing of the bodies irrespective of whether they fit into the hatches or not. If they didn’t fit, this would involve substantial processing including dismemberment. It’s possible to dismember a cadaver without creating a bloodbath if it’s frozen first. If the cadavers did fit through the thief hatch, they were probably prepared in a minimum manner, including cutting off hair and probably removal of clothing that could clog the grates inside the tank.

The arrest affidavit is also unambigous on this point, that all three of the victims’ bodies were tampered with to the extent serious enough to charge Watts with a felony in each and every instance.

Fullscreen capture 20181102 082205

Chris Watts: Will Autopsies Show Dismemberment, Food Contents, Clothing?

As part of research for the next TWO FACE book I’ve investigated an area that’s new to me. I haven’t encountered it elsewhere in true crime. It’s the impact of crude oil on a cadaver, and on stomach contents.

In the West Memphis 3 case, three eight-year-old boys were submerged for about 24 hours in a swamp. The defense tried to argue that ligature wounds suffered by one of the victims were inflicted by wild animals [snapping turtles]. Since the bodies were recovered early, and the medium was fresh water, the wounds were fairly well preserved.

A more analogous case in terms of similarity to the substance the Watts children were suspended in is the murder of British children’s author Helen Bailey. Bailey’s murder was also labelled a missing person’s case for several weeks until her remains were finally discovered.  Ian Stewart dumped his fiance and her dog into a cesspit.


It took three months to find her remains, and when they did, the only tissue that had any forensic value was the woman’s hair. Even so, they found varying levels of the sedative Zopiclone in Bailey’s hair, a sign that Stewart had surreptitiously and strategically added to her food in gradually increasing doses.

The Casey Anthony case also involves fairly complex human decomposition involving water, air, heat, and various organisms, from bacterial microorganisms to larger scavengers. But in all these cases there’s no crude oil.

Even in the authoritative Knights Forensic Pathology, the coverage of this subject is minimal and insufficient.


I did find three separate cases that involve crude oil in some way, and although none of the three answer the question about whether the stomach contents would be destroyed by the oil, they each provide a separate insight.

For the first insights we have to drift back in time 35 years ago, to May 7, 1983.

Two of three victims found stuffed in oil drums… –

Two of three victims found stuffed in oil drums in Golden Gate Park have been identified …Surdyka said coroner’s technicians were having difficulty identifying the other victim because of the body’s decomposed state. Investigators were able to obtain fingerprints from the bodies of Thomas and Ms. Melendez.

The coroner also put the two painted barrels in which police found the bodies on display to the media because they hoped someone would come forward to identify them if pictures of the 55-gallon drums were publicized by the media.

‘We know where one of the barrels was manufactured,’ Coroner Boyd Stephens said, ‘but the serial number was worn off so we don’t know where it was shipped. We don’t have any good clues about the others. ‘So we’re hoping somebody might recognize one of the barrels if they see a picture on television or in a newspaper and give us some information.’

All three victims had been shot execution-style in the back of the head, the coroner said, but refused to say whether the bullets were the cause of death since there was some possibility the shots could have been fired to conceal the true cause of death, or to make sure they were dead.

Neither would he say how long the bodies had been in the 55-gallon drums discovered near some bushes in Golden Gate Park. Investigators retrieved the bullets shot into the victims, but a detective said they ‘don’t look good’ and probably are too damaged to provide information about what kind of gun was used.

He said the drums were probably dumped in the park early April. At that time a witness heard ‘two loud thumps’ and saw three cars near the place where the barrels were found.

What do we learn from this? If the drums were dumped in early April, and discovered in early May, then this was sufficient time for the bullets to corrode so they couldn’t be traced back to a weapon. Also, one victim had “dissolved” beyond the point that she could be identified. This doesn’t mean the oil was responsible, because the body could have been placed in the drum after having decomposed elsewhere, but it does suggest the oil is effective at destroying evidence, including time-of-death and manner-of-death evidence.


Next we jump forwards in time from San Francisco to Sheffield England, circa 2005.

Tycoon ‘shot lover in car and sealed her body inside oil drum’The Telegraph

Howard Simmerson, 43, is claimed to have planned the murder of his lover Julie Turner… He sealed her body in an oil drum and placed it in the back of his pick-up truck and spent the next 40 hours driving around looking for a place to dispose of it, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

During that time he called at a remote farm and had sex with Charlotte Melland, another girlfriend, allegedly leaving the corpse outside in his vehicle.

Peter Kelson, QC, prosecuting, said Simmerson sent bogus text messages after the killing purporting to be from Miss Turner to cover up his “callous and gruesome” crime. Simmerson, who runs a gas bottle distribution company, lavished expensive presents on Miss Turner during a four-year relationship while she was living with her common law husband.

Initially he told police he had dropped her off near her home at her request on the night she died, but later claimed that she was shot in the Mercedes with the gun in her own hand. An Italian Derringer double-barrel pistol was later found at his business premises.

Miss Turner, of Sothall, Sheffield, had a long-term partner, Darran Akers, by whom she had two sons aged 14 and nine. She began a relationship with Simmerson, who is single, in 2001, but she continued to live with her family.

Simmerson and Miss Turner went to a promotional evening on June 7 at Harvey Nichols in Leeds. They left shortly after 10pm and Miss Turner was shot in the right side of her head in the passenger seat of his Mercedes. Simmerson then drove home, folded her body into an oil drum which he put on the back of an open-backed red Ford Ranger.

He was filmed on CCTV cameras driving around Derbyshire’s Peak District allegedly trying to find somewhere to dispose of the body. At the same time he is claimed to have sent text messages from a mobile telephone. One was to Mr Akers, purporting to be from her. The text read: ‘Staying at Gill’s. Back later. Need to sort my head out.’

At breakfast-time Simmerson had the barrel professionally welded shut and drove out to the Mellands’ farm. Mr Kelson said: “He ended up at Charlotte Melland’s and they had sex for the first time, as he had said he would not have sex with her while he was still seeing Julie.” The next day, Simmerson had the car valeted in Chesterfield telling an employee he had “knocked a dog over and put it in the passenger seat”.

Mr Kelson told the jury Simmerson was to tell police that Miss Turner had pulled the gun on him and “jabbed” it in his face. He claimed that he was trying to disarm her when it went off accidentally and he had no intention of harming her.

Simmerson, of Creswell, Derbyshire denies murder.

The Simmerson case involves many of the same elements as the Watts case: sex with a second mistress, caught out by CCTV cameras, driving out to a remote location in a pick-up truck, the adapting of a story from a disappearance to an argument leading to an accident, the sending of bogus text messages etc.

Body of man found sealed in oil drum and dumped in river The Scotsman

POLICE are investigating the murder of a man whose body was discovered sealed in an oil drum floating in the Clyde. He was discovered by workers who had been carrying out routine cleaning and dredging work midway between Old Kilpatrick and Erskine, close to the Erskine Bridge.

Strathclyde police said that the unidentified body, said to be that of a man more than 6ft tall with “a stocky, hefty build”, had been in the water between three and 14 days before it was found.

The body was brought ashore at Old Kilpatrick after it was found on Thursday morning. It had been crammed into an oil drum, which had then been sealed. It is understood that the man had not been dismembered before being placed in it. Detective Chief Inspector Neil Thomson of Strathclyde police said the victim had been subject to a “brutal attack” prior to his death and the priority now was to identify him.

“On the small finger of his left hand was a gold metal ring with the word ‘Dad’, which appears to have some sort of stones or jewellery encrusted in it,” DCI Thomson said. “On the wedding finger of the same hand was a fairly large, square-shaped gent’s signet ring, which also has a square-shaped design on top of it. It’s quite a chunky ring.” The victim was found wearing a polo-style shirt with the Yves Saint-Laurent brand name emblazoned right across it, rather than the more usual YSL logo. Police have been unable to give a specific age for the dead man, placing him between 20 and 50. DCI Thomson would not say whether this was due to the injuries the victim had sustained or because of the time spent in the water, stating instead that it could be “notoriously hard” to identify age purely by external examination.


This last example appears to involve an oil drum, but no oil. Nevertheless, the identity of the man is unknown, so much so it’s unknown whether he was young or middle-aged, despite only being in the water for a few days.

It does raise the question – were the children dumped into the tanks in their clothes, and if so, what were they wearing? Were they wearing their pajamas?