Oscar Pistorius did it. Amanda Knox did it. Casey Anthony did it. And now it appears Chris Watts is in on the same club: getting someone to clean up his social media while in the slammer.

It’s not the first thing a murder suspect thinks about when they’re charged – their Twitter or Facebook accounts. But social media can leave vital artifacts after-the-fact. They’re date and timestamped, and what’s more, they reveal where one’s head’s at at a crucial time related to the crime timeline.

In Chris Watts case there are two instances on Twitter that show where his head as at on the weekend prior to the murders.


Chris Watts’ Twitter account has since be set to private. The question is, by whom? His father is a possible candidate, but doesn’t seem like the social media type. He could easily have authorized his lawyers, or his pal Nick Thayer, to do some online tidying up, or perhaps got a message out to his mistress.

In Oscar Pistorius’ case, the social media clean-up involved the selective deleting of embarrassing tweets.


But it went far further than just housekeeping. His iPhone was secreted from the scene, hacked and wiped. When the cops finally got their hands on the phone, Oscar claimed he’d forgotten the password. It had to be taken by the cops and cracked at Apple HQ, and when they did surprise surprise – there was nothing there.

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In the Amanda Knox case, Knox has always taken strong exception to the label “Foxy Knoxy”. She’s subsequently accused the media of having an agenda to demonize her.

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But at the time of Kercher’s death, Knox referred to herself on MySpace as Foxy Knoxy.

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In the Casey Anthony case, browser history was deleted, and Casey Anthony’s Facebook posts were selectively edited out going back as far as April 2008.

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In Pistorius’ case his brother aided and abetted him, in Knox’s case it appears to be her stepfather Chris [who works in IT] who got her passwords, and in Casey Anthony’s case it appears to have been either her attorney or her brother Lee who she gave her passwords to. In court her mother took the fall for searching for chloroform on the home computer.

As mentioned above, Chris Watts’ mind on the weekend leading up to a triple tragedy was on sports. Football on Saturday, golf on Sunday.

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I will deal with the potential implications of Chris Watts’ “sports” mindset on that fateful final weekend in a separate follow-up post.