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Last Photo of Gannon Stauch – Clear and in Color – Leaked

The last known photo of Gannon Stauch has now been leaked online in color.

Fullscreen capture 20200427 005517Fullscreen capture 20200427 005539

It’s clearly the source image for the grainy black and white image from page 8 of the affidavit.

Fullscreen capture 20200427 010330

There are to additional images, one taken from the side and closer to the floor, that we haven’t seen in color yet.


Some have observed that there appears to be a concave bruise or swelling on Gannon’s cheek. Also that the pillows have been “propped up” against the wall. There’s a simple reason why this isn’t a staged image, or a post mortem image: Letecia still hadn’t acquired the carpet cleaner, and there were two other people in the house. Besides that, she was doing online searches late at night indicative that she was preoccupied with a) the damage to the carpet and b) Gannon not going to school.

Given what we know, intuitively it feels like the poor child doesn’t look well. In this sense this image reminds me of the last footage of Shan’ann Watts. But it’s because we know what’s about to happen that we project onto and into the scene. We must be careful not to do that, to see what is there, not what isn’t.

For me the hand laid over his side speaks to me of the boy’s fragility in the same way Captain Miller’s hand speaks to us in Saving Private Ryan. What did that hand try to do hours later when the boy was viciously attacked?

Where is the Nintendo? Where is his phone?

Could Gannon have been attacked or hurt by any of the objects in his bedroom, particularly right beside his bed, and his head?

If the murder occurred in the bedroom, wasn’t Gannon’s murderer afraid of being seen through the window?

Are there curtains or blinds, and were they drawn at the time the image was taken, or when the police first visited the room?

It certainly doesn’t appear to be the case that Gannon slept with curtains closed going by this image.

What was the purpose of taking these images? Was it to “prove” Gannon was okay hours before he was about to not be okay, and be disappeared for over a month from this day onwards?

Finally, did Gannon know Letecia was taking this image as he lay there?

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Letecia Stauch: Any Substance to the Softball Bat Connection?

The obvious bludgeoning intrument is a baseball or softball bat. But is it the murder weapon? The crime scene forensics supports it, and the same murder weapon was used in the Frazee case, and arguably in the JonBenet Ramsey case as well. But is there any real evidence to support a bat of some kind used in the Stauch case?

Looking at the images we’ve seen so far of Gannon, there are none of him playing softball, nor of anyone else. There is no mention in the affidavit of Gannon being interested in sports, although hockey does come up.

In her interview with CrimeOnline Letecia said she went to buy Gannon hockey equipment because it was the only sport he took an interest in. The crucial part here is that she went to a sporting goods store that accepts second hand sporting goods…


Read the rest here.

Fullscreen capture 20200412 195632

Letecia Stauch Faked a Polygraph Test – Leaked Affidavit

Law enforcement have evidence that Letecia Stauch used to try to con people into believing she’d taken and passed a polygraph test when she hadn’t. Letecia supplied both the questions and answers to the faked test. Two of the questions included:

– Did you participate in any way in causing harm to your stepson?NO

-Did you participate in any way in causing the death of your stepson? NO.

The affidavit explicitly  concludes:

“In 71% of false reporting of a homicide, the reporting party is responsible for the murder. Based on Letecia’s internet history, it is reasonable to assume she was unhappily married to Mr. Stauch, and had some degree of resentment towards the family as a stepparent….two days before the murder, Letecia appeared to be researching a move to another state, [and] to a two-bedroom apartment.”

Fullscreen capture 20200403 130608-001Fullscreen capture 20200403 130611Fullscreen capture 20200403 130615

Read the full 32-page affidavit here.

Gannon Stauch Remains Found! – In Florida [MAP]

On the TCRS Patreon channel I was repeatedly asked where I thought Gannon’s remains were, especially as each search came up with nothing. I said I thought he was in water, perhaps under a bridge. Letecia Stauch recently spoke to someone and made a cryptic remark about not wanting to search ponds and ditches. The random specificity of this remark also sent up red flags. It turns out Gannon was found by a Florida Road crew working on the Escambia River Bridge, near the small town of Pace, in Florida. This is about 1400 miles from Colorado Springs, and 700 miles from Myrtle Beach where Gannon’s stepmother Letecia Stauch was ultimately arrested.

According to the Denver Post:

The remains were found Tuesday by a Florida Department of Transportation road crew doing work in the area around U.S. 90 and the Escambia River Bridge in Pace, Fla., said Sgt. Rich Aloy of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. The construction crew called the sheriff’s office to report the found body.

The Santa Rosa sheriff’s office continues investigating how the body got to Florida, who brought it there and how long it had been there, Alloy said.