Since January, since the lawsuit the Ramseys launched against CBS was settled [on January 5th, 2019 to be precise], there’s definitely been an uptick in Ramsey-related news. On January 9th, the Ramseys defamation go-to-guy – Lin Wood – gave an interview admonishing the “fake news” media. Then two days after Wood’s “fake news” comments there was news of an old suspect resuscitating their confessions [like Gary Oliva], that started as early as January 11th.

By February Gary Oliva’s confession was still rolling across the world’s media landscape, making waves in the United Kingdom.  By the end of March, Gary Oliva was still the talk of the town three months after the CBS settlement. Not a bad run of distracting coverage to drown out the settlement narrative, was it?

Now, in April, we have a documentary featuring none other than John Ramsey himself. It’s not just a vacuous documentary either. 23 years after the unsolved murder of his daughter, for the first time ever, this photo of JonBenet Ramsey has been publicly released.

Fullscreen capture 20190413 194821

There’s a serious problem with this image.

Before addressing what it is, let’s have a look at the other images that were either previously the “Last Photo” of the slain beauty queen, or otherwise photos taken shortly before her death.

The image/s above was/were previously recognized and accepted as the “Last Photo” of JonBenet. It was taken a fair length of time before her death, fairly early on Christmas Day morning [note the background is still in darkness]. JonBenet was murdered about 18 hours after this image was taken, and her body discovered in the basement of the Ramsey home by her father another 13-or-so hours after that.

A derivative impression of the last image was subsequently used as the cover for Paula Woodward’s book We Have Your Daughter, but with Patsy edited out.

A review in the Daily Camera at the time was pretty frank about where Woodward’s true allegiance and objectivity lay:

[Woodward] signals an intention to shoot down “erroneous assumptions” to repeatedly cast doubt on the prevailing police narrative of the murder. Given the author’s access to the couple’s private journals as well as the cooperation of their attorneys, it’s no spoiler to say the book is firmly in the Ramsey corner.

Other photos taken that morning including these, including one with nine-year-old Burke beside his younger sister. If there are few photos of JonBenet on that last day there are even fewer images of Burke floating around.

On December 23rd, these images were taken:

In reality, the last photos taken of JonBenet in the Ramsey home were these:

A close-up photo just prior to the autopsy was taken of the  little girl’s hand:

But let’s not quibble over semantics. By Last Photo what is meant is the last photo of JonBenet when she was alive.

What is the serious problem with this image?

Fullscreen capture 20190413 194821

23 years after the unsolved murder of his daughter, for the first time ever, this photo of JonBenet Ramsey has been publicly released, presumably by John Ramsey himself. Why has it taken 23 years to release the last photo of his daughter? And if it’s only been released to the public and the media now, what about law enforcement?

The full implications of what the Last Photo represents are analyzed to completion in Christmas Star, available now.