Today, while researching the timeline for DRILLING THROUGH DISCOVERY, the 5th TWO FACE book, I paid particular attention to the moment Shan’ann’s phone was found. The discovery was made by Nick Atkinson, but occurs [not surprisingly] off-camera when Coonrod is as far away from the loft area as he could possible be.

Nevertheless I wanted to review the moment. According to the Discovery Documents, when Coonrod enters the basement at 14:11, that’s also when Watts texts Shan’ann a staged message:

Where are you?

About two minutes later, after mounting two flights of stairs, Coonrod finds Watts in the loft area, alone but with Atkinson’s kid skulking around. Nickole, meanwhile, is downstairs.

At 14:12/13 they announce that Shan’ann’s phone has been found, which is a big deal to Nickole who is just coming up the stairs and starting to really panic. The phone is found shutdown, and has a green protective cover around it. Watts then pretends not to know the password to open up the phone.

The color of the phone surprised me because it appeared to be pink in other screengrabs. Did Watts secretly swap out the pink cover at the last second, because it may have been contaminated with DNA/blood/fibers? Or was the cover removed during Shan’ann’s final life and death tussle? Or did he simply remove the cover to wash it and never got round to replacing it? Or did he remove the cover so that if seen outside the house it may not have been immediately recognizable as her phone?

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