July 31st, 2019

1. #28 July 31st, 2018: When Chris Watts arrives at the airport in North Carolina, an alarm can be heard sounding in the background #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Already Married! Amanda Knox Secretly Wed Writer Chris Robinson In December – Radar Online


3. Wife killer Jason Rohde wants bail to stop ‘hostile takeover’ of his company – News24

4. US teen accused of killing Italian police officer was charged over an assault in California – CNN

5. New suspect in JonBenet Ramsey murder case as serial killer theory emerges – The Miror

July 30th, 2019

1. #27 July 30th, 2018: Resetting Settings + Writing Love Letters #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

Anadarko Petroleum sheds new light on Occidental finances ahead of vote – CNBC

Anadarko Petroleum Beats Profit Estimates on Higher Output – Oil and Gas 360


2. Santino William Legan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know – Heavy

July 29th, 2019

1. The special Capturing Chris Watts is an inside look at the disturbing case of a father who killed his own family for the sake of an affair.

#26 July 29th, 2018: “You’re out of it from Playing” #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Gilroy Shooting

Suspect Identified in Mass Shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival. Here’s What We Know So Far – Time

3. The end of a difficult road – Van Gogh Museum

July 27th, 2019

1. #24 July 27th, 2018: Friday #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Body of Colorado girl missing for 34 years found at pipeline site – CNN

3. DA’s Office: Death penalty off the table in slaying of Kelsey Berreth – The Gazette

July 26th, 2019

1. #23 July 26th, 2018: Money, Security and a “Good Mood” #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Remains Found Of Jonelle Matthews, Girl Who Disappeared In Greeley In 1984 – CBS Local

July 23rd, 2019

1. The family of Shan’ann Watts is addressing ‘constant harassment’ they say they’ve received from the public – Denver Post

#20 July 23rd, 2018: An Average Monday #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Two missing Canadians are now suspects in the deaths of three people – CNN

3. Investigator arrested for stealing Marc Batchelor’s phone – Citizen

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4. INCEL: Elliot Rodger’s Twisted Manifesto [Pages 77 – 83] – CrimeRocket II

July 19th, 2019

1. #16 July 19th, 2018: An Unidentified Contact #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. Howard Stern tells Kim Goldman: O.J. Simpson should be thrown off Twitter – USA Today

July 18th, 2019

1. #15 July 18th, 2018: Introducing The Secret Calculator #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

#14 July 17th, 2018: “Just North of Roggen”: Photos of Flowers, and a pair of brand new Work Boots #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

Nearly a Year After She Was Murdered by Her Dad, Today Would Have Been Celeste Watts’ 4th Birthday – People

Chris Watts Took Photos of Daughters Before Their Deaths & Now Blames Murders on Mistress – CafeMom

2. Charge against Kevin Spacey dropped after alleged victim pleads the 5th – CNN

Interesting defense – that there is exculpatory evidence on the accuser’s phone. Well, what about on the defendant’s phone?

Fullscreen capture 20190718 134607

July 16th, 2019

1. #13 July 16th, 2018: Fairy Tale, but with Interruptions #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

Chris Watts Wants To ‘Make Up’ For Killing His Wife And Children, Friends Say – Oxygen

‘Their Words Should Be Like Wind’: Chris Watts Tells His Mom To Ignore His Critics – Oxygen

Just published!

Why Do Women Fall For Bad Boys?

The Plunder Youtube channel seems to have been shut down.

2. JonBenet Ramsey’s Ex-Photographer Caught Downloading ‘Inappropriate’ Images – Daily Mail


3. Marc Batchelor murder: Everything we know about the suspects so far – The South African

4. American scientist killed in Greece was raped, say police – CNN

American scientist who went missing on Crete was asphyxiated, Greek police say. Homicide investigation launched – CNN

July 13th, 2019

1. Chris Watts says he is a ‘servant of God’ – Crime Online

‘I’m Still A Dad! I’m Still A Son!’ Chris Watts Claims He’s A Changed Man – Oxygen


Chris Watts accomplice theory debunked – Scott Reisch

Chris Watt’s mistress’s giggly voicemails – Daily Mail

2. Casey Anthony was once ‘America’s most hated mom’: A look back at her trial – Yahoo

Judge Lets Casey Anthony Lawyer Off Harvey Weinstein’s NYC Defense Team – NBC New York

July 12th, 2019

Fullscreen capture 20190712 210334

1. Ahead of Slain Daughter’s 4th Birthday, Killer Dad Chris Watts Claims He’s a Changed Man in Prison – People

#9 July 12th, 2018: Can’t Sleep? #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. True Crime: Breaking News: Gruesome New Details In Missing Mom Kelsey Berreth Case – Was She Killed In Front Of Her Toddler? – CBS Local

3. “I know the facts better than anyone.”


July 11th, 2019

1. “Like, he snapped” – Chris Watts Special on HLN – CrimeRocket II

#8 July 11th, 2018: Before and After Work Calls, and All Smiles on Social Media #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

2. 11 years ago today:

Citing new DNA tests, prosecutors cleared JonBenet Ramsey’s parents and brother in the 1996 killing of the 6-year-old beauty queen in Boulder, Colo. 

But should they have been cleared?

July 10th, 2019

1. #7 July 10th, 2018: Nut Gate Aftermath #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II


Fullscreen capture 20190710 012534Fullscreen capture 20190710 012542Fullscreen capture 20190710 012548Fullscreen capture 20190710 012552

2. Massachusetts teen sentenced to life in prison in classmate’s beheading – CNN

July 9th, 2019

1. #6 July 9th, 2018: Nut Gate: “My heart is still racing 30 mins later and tears of anger…” – CrimeRocket II

Murders of Shanann Watts and her two daughters, Bella and Celeste, by Chris Watts spotlighted on 20/20 On ID – Monsters&Critics

2. Australian gender reveal party goes wrong as car bursts into flames – CNN

Officials release video from gender reveal party that ignited a 47,000-acre wildfire – CNN

3. If Famous Painters From Art History Were Modern-Day Urbanites – MyModernMet

July 8th, 2019

1. Is this where the Watts children breathed their last?– CrimeRocket II

#5 July 8th, 2018: The Day Before Nut Gate #1yearagotodayCW– CrimeRocket II

2. Scott Nelson takes the stand AGAIN and declares “I am a homicidal maniac”.

3. Jeffrey Epstein had vast trove of lewd photos of young-looking girls, prosecutors say – CNN

At a news conference Monday, prosecutor Berman and FBI Assistant Director in Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. cited the Miami Herald’s reporting last November in helping to make the case.

“I will say that we were assisted by some excellent investigative journalism,” Berman said. “When the facts presented themselves — as Mr. Berman hinted at — through investigative journalist work, we moved on it,” Sweeney said.190708153148-jeffrey-epstein-donald-trump-file-restricted-exlarge-169

July 7th, 2019

1. #4 July 7th, 2018: Watts takes Kessinger to the late show of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Shan’ann can’t reach him… #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

Drone Photos of CERVI 319 – CrimeRocket II

Do you want to request information on the Watts case? Here’s how – CrimeRocket II

2. A 70-year-old marathoner hounded by cheating allegations is found dead in a river – CNN

July 6th, 2019

1. #3 July 6th, 2018: Sort out the Vivint sensor BEFORE I FLIP, plus pizza in Spring Lake #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

July 5th, 2019

1.Chris Watts:  YouTuber Releases Tranche of New Photos from Weld County

#2 July 5th, 2018: Bella and Ceecee in Aberdeen, playing in a summer rainstorm #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

The telephone conversations between Watts and his wife are one of the few areas we know virtually nothing about.

2. What Casey Anthony Is Up To 10 Years After Daughter Caylee’s Disappearance.

3. Scott Nelson verdict: Guilty of 1st-degree murder in kidnap, killing of Jennifer Fulford – Orlando Sentinel

‘I wasn’t planning on killing this woman:’ Scott Nelson testifies in caregiver’s death – WFTV

Scott Nelson trial coverage:

July 4th, 2019

1. #1 July 4th, 2018: Chris Watts and his mistress have a flaming row #1yearagotodayCW – CrimeRocket II

For the next 5 weeks, CrimeRocket II will be doing a recap of the Chris Watts case timeline during the summer of 2018 based on references in the Discovery Documents and the CBI Report.

2. Should schools and buildings be torn down after mass shootings? Columbine looks to others as it struggles with trespassers – Colorado Sun

Columbine High School, r m

3. Far-right arsonist sets himself on fire as he attempts to burn down synagogue – CNN

July 3rd, 2019

1. Seeing Double? Rebecca’s Height at the Door – CrimeRocket II

Exclusive: News 8 reenacts the Coronado mansion mystery – CBS8

2. Meredith Kercher’s Killer Rudy Guede Granted Day Release From Prison – International Business Times

July 2nd, 2019

1. Chris Watts Reveals New Details About How He Murdered His Family – Crime Time

Christopher Watts describes killing his daughters in chilling jailhouse interviewing – CBS

2. Jason Rohde granted leave to appeal conviction and sentence for killing wife – News24

July 1st, 2019

1. Coming Soon in July…

Fullscreen capture 20190630 110126

2. DEATH AT THE MANSION – The Final[e] Analysis [Part 3 of 3] – CrimeRocket II

Rebecca Zahau & Max Shacknai, PART II – Apple Podcast

3. Billionaire Carl Icahn steps up his fight with Occidental over Anadarko deal – CNBC

Icahn, one of industry’s most powerful activist investors, cast himself as one of the deal’s most fervent critics by charging that Occidental’s $38 billion bid for Anadarko was too expensive and could endanger Occidental’s future if oil prices sink.

The deal has been approved by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and is expected to close in the second half of the year.

“It is important to add new directors to Occidental’s Board of Directors to oversee future extraordinary transactions like the Anadarko transaction and to ensure that they are not consummated without stockholder approval when appropriate,” Icahn said in a statement to shareholders on Wednesday.

Icahn owned a $1.6 billion stake in Occidental as of May 30. “The recent Occidental Petroleum fiasco is a great example of how CEOs and boards will go to great lengths, including ‘betting the company’ to serve their own agendas,” Icahn said in a statement about the Caesars-Eldorado merger. “If their bet is successful, they and possibly their shareholders win, but if it is unsuccessful, only the shareholders lose.”

While Icahn has said publicly that the Occidental-Anadarko deal likely would not be derailed, his filing illustrates how he wants to make sure that nothing similar happens again.  He said Occidental lacks effective corporate governance and that its directors made mistakes in how and at what cost they pursued the acquisition of Anadarko, according to the filing.

Occidental Petroleum Stock Is Falling Because Merger Drama Isn’t Its Only Challenge – Barrons

Will Occidental’s $38B Gamble Be a Shale Win? – Rigzone

Occidental Petroleum, ranked 167 in Fortune 500, recently snatched victory from Chevron with a winning bid of $38 billion for one of the largest U.S.  Independent oil and gas companies; Anadarko ranked just 237, making this the largest American oil and gas merger in more than a decade and the 11th biggest ever, for an energy and power company, according to business data provider Refinitiv. 

Back in April, Chevron Corporation announced its $33 billion bid for Anadarko which was quickly superseded by Occidental Petroleum’s shut-out bid worth around 20 per cent more to Anadarko’s shareholders. Vicki Hollub, Occidental Petroleum’s CEO, bid of $38 billion was secured by $10 billion in backing from Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet’s support enabled Vicki Hollub to avoid the need to put the deal to a vote of her own shareholders.

Paying for the purchase

Occidental plans to sell assets in the U.S. and Africa.  Proposed disposals include Anadarko’s pipeline business in the U.S. worth an estimated $7.5 billion, as well as its wells in the Gulf of Mexico said to be worth around US$6 billion. Potential buyers could include BP, Exxon or Shell.  The sale of Anadarko’s assets in Africa, worth perhaps $8.8bn to French oil major Total has been agreed, according to recent media reports. However, this deal needs the full approval of Algeria’s government before it can be completed.


Having outbid Chevron and perhaps before any asset sales take place, Occidental must reduce its debt and pay an 8 percent dividend on the $10 billion of preference shares it sold to Berkshire Hathaway. The Anadarko purchase doubles the size of Occidental and will saddle the company with debts of around $50bn, in return for a business that has been failing to cover its capital spending from its operating cash flows.

Another oil price crash bringing oil below $40 a barrel could jeopardize Occidental’s financial position. In addition, there is growing public concern, backed up by recent studies by the Universities of Texas and Dallas, that the re-injection of waste water into the ground produced from fracking, could be triggering increased seismic activity in previously dormant areas. Unless the industry can reassure the public by finding a solution to prevent such “earthquakes,” public opinion could constrict further growth in fracking activity. 

The real prize

Vicki Hollub has made it clear that Occidental’s real interest lies in Anadarko’s 10,000  drilling sites in the Permian Basin, which is currently one of the world’s most productive, producing 3.8 million barrels a day at the end of 2018, according to reasearch firm Rystad Energy. In addition, the Permian is one of the cheapest places for oil drilling in the world. Some Permian drillers can make money at $40 per barrel.

Before the takeover, Occidental was already the largest owner of drilling rights in the Permian and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the Permian plays, especially the Delaware Basin. On average, Occidental’s shale wells in the region have produced 74 percent more oil in their first six months than Anadarko’s. Also Occidental expects that, with economies of scale and its scientific and logistical capabilities, to boost recovery rates of 6 percent today to at least 14 percent by employing the “huff-and-puff” method: pumping carbon dioxide into a well, waiting for a while, and then allowing the oil to start flowing out mixed with the gas.

Hopefully, things will go well for Occidental following its successful bid. Nevertheless, some investors remain skeptical of the promised productivity gains and are concerned by the possibility that policies to mitigate the effect of climate change could leave Occidental with stranded assets sooner rather than later.


Romancing the shale: How Oxy won over Anadarko – Houston Chronicle

The documents recount the whirlwind bidding war that followed as Occidental executives jetted from Houston to Paris to Omaha, Neb. to make the deals that would allow Oxy to up its cash offer to nearly 80 percent of the purchase price and gain the consent of Anadarko’s board. As Oxy CEO Vicki Hollub said the company’s annual meeting last month, “We were not going to let it be taken away.”

The filing also disclosed that Anadarko CEO Al Walker, who has led the company since 2012, will walk away with severance package of $98 million when the merger is completed, part of $300 million to be shared among Anadarko’s six senior executives. Here is how it all unfolded:

The summer of ’17

Hollub first contacted Walker about a potential sale in July 2017. They met in August and continued the talks into September 2017, when Oxy offered close to $31 billion in an all-stock deal. In October, Walker told Hollub he questioned the logic of a deal. Hollub responded by offering a mix of cash and stock.

The Anadarko board met in mid-November 2017 to discuss the deal and unanimously rejected it, concluding that it wouldn’t boost shareholder value and the financial risks that Oxy would take on could make it difficult for Oxy to increase or even maintain dividends to investors.

On HoustonChronicle.com: Oxy CEO defends Anadarko deal to shareholders

Undeterred, Oxy made another cash-and-stock offer in January 2018, upping its bid to about $38 billion with up to half of the funds in cash. That valued Anadarko at about $76 per share. At the time, Anadarko stock was selling for more than $58 per share with a stock market value of almost $30 billion.

But with oil prices rising and confident in Anadarko’s future as as a standalone company, the board again rejected the offer in February 2018. Walker, however, let Hollub know all was not lost: an all-cash offer might still win over the board.

Throughout the rest of 2018, Hollub conveyed Oxy’s ongoing interest to Walker, but formal negotiations went dormant. All stayed quiet — until February.

Thwarting the Chevron way

Disappointed but undeterred, Oxy quietly let it be known that it had offered more than Chevron, preparing the ground for a bidding war. Oxy plotted behind the scenes, waiting until April 24 to go public with a new $38 billion offer, half cash and half stock.


4. The secondhand harms of drinking impact 1 in 5 adults, study says – CNN