RZUCEK said that when the girls would get punished for anything they would always cry for him. He said SHANANN set it up so that when he left here after watching them for the week that SHANANN and CHRIS were gone, that she would fly back to North Carolina with him. She initially was going to stay for a couple of weeks, but ultimately ended up staying for 6 weeks.

RZUCEK said that when he had them in the airport, the girls ran away from him and when he caught up to them BELLA was screaming at the top of her lungs. RZUCEK said that when they went back to the house, the girls did the same thing to CHRIS. RZUCEK said looking back, it is possible that CHRIS got tired of the girls crying for their mother instead of him and he resented that. 

But the video Shan’ann took at the airport doesn’t corroborate Frank’s version of events. Why do you think that is?

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