Prison Consultant Larry Levine describes Chris Watts as an embarrassment for the Colorado Department of Corrections. Do you think that’s accurate? Levine’s right, Watts is an embarrassment and an inconvenience, but I doubt it has anything to do with the inadequacy of the prison setup in Colorado.

It also doesn’t have much to do with keeping one of America’s most notorious inmates anonymous inside the prison. Are you telling me the same prison where Watts is, where Steven Avery is housed doesn’t know Steven Avery is there?

Elsewhere in the same interview Levine sounds as if he’s on track before he ends up saying something else:

The impact of this case has reached so far into the people of Colorado…[wait for it]…that they’re concerned about…their own staff members possibly assaulting him…

Was Watts’ safety the primary concern for his transfer, or were other concerns of primary concern?

For reference, Aurora mass shooter James Holmes is currently incarcerated at USP Allenwood in Pennsylvania.