Ever since his confession on the night of August 15th, Watts seems to have rolled over and…well not died exactly…but pretty much given up on mounting any kind of defense.


OJ Simpson mounted a huge battle during his civil trial, but the difference was, Simpson was wealthy and had been acquitted of the original charge. Watts cannot claim either of these privileges.

There are a few items worth mentioning that add to the Watts narrative. Let’s go through them briefly:

  1. This story on Watts is the first media story in February on Watts. In January there was some brief bleating in national and international media about Watts selling his house.
  2. Steven Lambert, an attorney with Greeley’s Grant & Hoffman Law Firm is representing Shanann’s parents. Presumably Lambert is being paid for his services based on a commission for whatever sums he wins on the Rzucek’s behalf.
  3. According to Lambert’s direct conversations with Watts “he’s not fighting this…”
  4. The lawsuit against Watts prevents Watts from making money from a book or selling the rights to his story. Presumably there are some folks out there that would prefer Watts didn’t write a book.
  5. Watts has no legal representation.
  6. We might “hear” from Watts in a hearing where a jury will decide how much to allocate to the Rzuceks. If other court appearances are anything to go by, we shouldn’t expect to hear much from The Introvert.
  7. According to the Daily Camera: Colorado law allows a multiplier to be applied if the defendant acted intentionally and with malice.

It’s likely any new information from this case won’t come from Watts himself, but might come from those close to the murdered Watts family. Don’t hold your breath, though.