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TCRS DEBUNKS THE ACCESSORY THEORY: Why the Watts Children WEREN’T Killed at the Well Site [Part 1 of 3]

In the Lifetime movie posters for CHRIS WATTS CONFESSIONS OF A KILLER, the signature image is this one [below] of Watts driving in his truck, early in the morning, under cover of dark to the well site.


In this depiction his windscreen his wet [I’m not sure it was], and it’s still dark outside [it wasn’t, sunrise on August 13 was at 06:11]. By the time Watts reached the well site the sun had likely been up for 20 minutes].

Other marketing materials of the Lifetime movie are even more ridiculous, like this one featuring Watts holding a gun.



In the movie itself we see something beyond this impression of only Watts sitting in his truck, driving to the well site. We see the children depicted on the rear seat, but nothing much happens. There’s virtually no dialogue, and the scene lasts a few seconds…


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13 Things *RIGHT* with the Chris Watts Lifetime Movie

It’s easy to know in hindsight, but infidelity lies at the heart of the Chris Watts case. While researching this case I wanted to see the instances, in particular the very first instances, where law enforcement asked Watts about infidelity. There are a few, but the first, captured on Coonrod’s body camera where he asks Watts whether his separation with Shan’ann is “civil” camera is perhaps the most significant.

I was pleased to see Lifetime dramatized it, even if the execution was poor.

1. “Did you guys have any kinda of issues…marital issues or…?”

It is interesting how the dramatization gets subtle aspects wrong. Nickole Atkinson isn’t around when Coonrod mentions this in reality, and I’m not sure if it’s fair to say she was unaware that the couple had marital issues. What is true is Watts was claiming the separation was more formalized, more established than it really was. Also, in the Lifetime movie the actor says quite assertively, “We’re separated.” Chris Watts puts a milder touch to it, stuttering, “We’re going through a separation.”

2. Sex with Nichol Kessinger

Although everyone is aware of it, and everyone seems to think they know this case inside out, it’s clear the five week period Watts and Kessinger together felt like a honeymoon for both of them. It’s because of the spark and electricity of these encounters that Watts was largely desperate to keep the new relationship viable. And since Watts was somewhat inexperienced with the opposite sex, one can imagine the spell being cast over him being much stronger as a result when he found himself in a position of a coworker pursuing him.

3. Shan’ann on social media but seen from the perspective of a third party.

4. Nut Gate.

Although not explictly referred to there is a scene where Shan’ann mentions not wanting their children to sleep at the Watts home.

Fullscreen capture 20200127 004442

5. Deeter Gate

This scene is slightly more explicit than Nut Gate.

One can see how both Nut Gate and Deeter Gate raised the pressure on Watts to find a solution to his marital dilemma.

6. Watts is depicted as not happily married.

7. Not dramatizing the driveway.


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Twitter Reaction to Chris Watts Confessions of a Killer

It’s challenging making a movie where so much is known, and not known, about a high-profile case. In the space of 90 minutes, what do prioritize? What do you leave out?

Below are a few highlights from what social media liked, and didn’t like, about the Lifetime Movie.

Chris Watts actor showing too much emotion.

The reenactment of Shan’ann arriving home is haunting.

Some found the incredible credible.

And the credible incredible.

Some were disappointed.

How Shan’ann was protrayed comes a few times.

The casting was hit and miss..

Several comments highlighted how the drammatization simply left them “feeling sad.”

What did you think? Where there any facts you missed, or you felt they got wrong? What aspect of the relational dynamics was accurate, or artificial?

The Chris Watts Story – Lifetime Movie Coming Soon

It’s interesting that Lifetime will be chronicling the months leading up to the crime, in an effort to piece together the motive. It remains to be seen how closely the script will follow the #1yearagotodayCW timeline, but if it does it may well clarify rather than cloud the premeditation narrative.

According to People:

Sean Kleier (Odd Mom Out) has been cast as Chris, Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother), as Shanann and Brooke Smith (Bates Motel, Ray Donovan) as FBI agent Tammy Lee. Sony Pictures Television is producing the film for Lifetime.

Fullscreen capture 20190821 223803

Have a look at the trailers below for an idea of what to expect from Lifetime.

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