Very little is known about the basement at #2825 Saratoga Trail. It doesn’t feature in any Facebook Live videos. Apparently it was still a “work in progress”.

In photos of other model homes and in the descriptions for model MLS®# 1846125 provision is clearly made for a “Man Cave”.

Fullscreen capture 20181026 225755

…head to the basement for an incredible Man Cave entertainment area, complete with a pool table, wet bar with bar stools, home theater room with 120 HD screen, stadium seating and dimmer lighting!…

The fully kitted out Man Cave is supposed to look like this:

Fullscreen capture 20181020 192130

Fullscreen capture 20181020 192125Fullscreen capture 20181020 192201

In the Scott Peterson case, Laci’s body was likely “processed” in Peterson’s Man Cave – his warehouse located a few minute’s drive from the Peterson’s home on Covena Avenue.

At this point, we have no way of knowing exactly what was in the basement at #2825, but there’s some evidence it was a play area for the children and a storage area for toys, and perhaps other things too. A Mickey Mouse curtain or window cover supports this notion as does a remark made by Shan’ann in one of her Live videos [see below].


At 1:57 in the clip Shan’ann’s boasting about her daily spring cleaning efforts, and how the children’s clothes are sequestrated and given to others, or packed “in the basement.”

Bella’s clothes, according to Shan’ann, are packed in a container in the basement.

If the Watts basement was still unfinished – like in the Ramsey home – then besides toys, containers and clothes, it may have been used to store sports equipment, Christmas decorations, items of furniture, Chris Watts’ work tools and perhaps chemicals and engine parks too.

A windowless sanctum intended as a home cinema would be an ideal soundproof area to make noise without being heard or seen at night. It could also be used to leave Deeter temporarily, for the same reason.