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Mental Health Expert Dr. Todd Grande discusses Psychopathy, Narcissism, Rage, Infidelity & Murder Related to the Chris Watts Case

I appreciate that this licensed professional counselor of mental health, and also a licensed chemical dependency professional has taken the time to familiarize himself with the minutiae of this case.

Interestingly Dr. Grande said he formed and recorded an initial prognosis but felt, on second thoughts, that it didn’t sit well with him and so he went back, did additional research and reconsidered.

The Chris Watts case seems perfectly simple.  It’s not.

Your thoughts?

Is Chris Watts Mentally Ill?

Did Chris Watts suffer side-effects from the Thrive vitamin patches? Did he have some sort of disorder or syndrome? Is he a narcissist and does that fully explain what happened? Is he a psychopath?

Some people have also noted that the GPS number identifying CERVI 319 includes the number 666.

Did the devil make him do it? Did pop music flick a switch in his brain?


Monster, devil, madman, psychopath, narcissist.

These are the stock  answers and labels that float to the surface of social media whenever true crime jolts us out of our daily routines. They’re easy and soothing. We’re shocked by this crime and the label tells us we have it all under control, we understand it because we have a word that explains it.

The answer to Chris Watts’ state of mind is a critical indicator of our own ability to fathom not just the criminal mind and true crime, but ordinary everyday life, and even ourselves.

So what’s your call?

If he was a madman or devil or a psychopath, how was he able to convince everyone what a nice guy he was, including the woman closest to him?

If he’s not a madman or a monster it means he’s a normal guy just like you and me.  Which one of those is the more terrifying? If it is the latter, then we have a very difficult job: we have to understand how and why someone just like us made a calm, calculated decision to do something monstrous. We also have to ask what’s going on in the world if this is happening every day to families somewhere in the world.

It’s a simple question with no easy answers.


What does Chris Watts and this crime say about us, and the world we live in right now?