Just one month ago – literally one month ago – on July 16th, Oxygen reported on Watts’ attitude to critics. This is what he said:

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You may recall six months ago, when Coder, Lee and Baumhover went down to Dodge Prison in Wisconsin, Watts had already forgiven himself. Thanks to God. This is what he said:

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It doesn’t sound like a guy that’s tormented by anything does it? In fact, Watts was so casual talking about what he did to his family, that has tormented the lead Detective into quitting. On his first morning back from that interview, Baumhover broke down sobbing, at his kitchen table. This was the first time Baumhover’s wife had ever seen him cry. If anyone’s torment in this case is real, it’s Baumhover’s.

One year after the Christopher Watts case

He’s quit his job becuase of the Watts case. He’s isolated himself. Watts is entertaining flocks of female fans and apparently working on a book.

Compare that to Watts who minutes after murdering and burying the bodies of his family, managed to work side-by-side with his colleagues, none of them suspecting anything. His Sermon on the Porch is Exhibit A in how nonchalant Watts was. Of all the people involved, including Nichol Kessinger, it’s fair to say Watts appeared to care the least about what had actually happened.

True remorse is when you shed a tear. When the emotion isn’t just visible, but visibly overwhelming. That’s the first part of it. True grief is when you’re honest about what you’ve done. The honesty exposes the grief, the true, real, raw emotions. You can’t have one without the other. We’ve never seen Watts truly break down. Although some will argue this point, we’ve never seen Watts be completely honest either. Probably, he doesn’t know how.

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The word forgive appears four times in the CBI Report. Watts even claimed that while he was murdering Shan’ann, she was praying for his forgiveness. If that’s not sick and twisted – and this is months after the incident, when he’s had time to figure things out – I don’t know what is. But it’s not the first time I’ve seen a murderer offer clemency to himself on behalf of his permanently silenced victim, the person he silenced.

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Watts is a liar and a murderer x three. He will always be. He lied to everyone. Please don’t be so naive to ever believe a murderer’s lies. Not all liars are murderers, but mark my works, all murderers are liars, through and through.