With the wealth of around-the-clock video footage we have of the Watts’ crime scene, as well as the sheer number of officers casing the joint and writing their respective reports, it’s inevitable that more signs of Watts’ cover-up will become apparent. This is a useful exercise not so much to prove his guilt, but to track his deception, and also as a way of challenging our own true crime perceptual skills.

Worth playing for?

By meticulously cross-checking the bodycam footage with the Discovery Documents, we can also find areas where law enforcement missed something, or were bamboozled.

For one thing, we know the Rzuceks unwittingly frustrated the investigation by taking Shan’ann’s purple make-up bag. It was requested that it be returned, and ultimately it was, but this was a serious error the cops made; a top defense lawyer would have made a meal out of that in a trial.

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For another, Deeter’s movements are an obvious example of law enforcement leaving open a few seemingly insignificant loose ends. Law enforcement didn’t seem to think where the little dachshund was in the house when Watts arrived, was necessary for their reports.

One aspect that was highlighted was the movement of the black suitcase from the foot of the stairs on Monday to the bedroom on Tuesday. Why would Watts want to do that? Isn’t it obvious? Because of an unanticipated event – the cops being summoned so early by Nickole Atkinson -Watts needed to change his story. He needed to put Shan’ann in the bedroom before she supposedly left.  Who knows, perhaps his original story [if her flight wasn’t delayed] was that she came home, they argued, and she said she was going back to North Carolina, back home to her folks, but she never made it to the airport…


By cross-referencing the footage with the reports, do we see anything else overlooked by law enforcement? Is there any mention of a sleeping mask in the Discovery Documents?

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What you’ll notice is as soon as we venture down the rabbit hole around the idea of a sleeping mask, other issues, ideas and evidence crops up. Like this:

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So there is a mention of the word “mask” but it’s volunteered by Watts himself in a rather sinister context. I believe this seemingly throwaway statement is very significant. You don’t want to be the people parading around with like a mask on when their kids are around…But wasn’t that exactly what Watts was doing in terms of his unborn child, and Kessinger?

And probably that’s precisely how Watts felt – he didn’t want to be “parading” around with her, wearing a mask. When they secretly went to the Lazy Dog restaurant in Erie – instead of the Rockies game on Saturday night, August 11th – they took Kessinger’s car. The white Lexus belonged to a married woman. Too much of a risk for the Lexus and her better half to be spotted in public, but also a real drag for the better half.

I’ve also suggested in the TWO FACE narratives that Watts may have donned a mask when he attacked Shan’ann. This wasn’t necessarily to scare her or to trick her, but to keep evidence of himself from being scratched and transferred onto her. This may be why the only scratch Watts suffered was on the lower side of his neck, the area a mask might not necessarily cover.

When Watts was asked what the significance was of the mark on his neck, he said it was a mosquito bite.

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I’ve already stressed in the first TWO FACE trilogy that Shan’ann never made it upstairs or to bed. A few of the obvious reasons include the fact that Watts’ described Shan’ann still wearing mascara to bed [something she would never otherwise do], and because her body was also found wearing a bra. would she have gone to sleep still wearing her bra?

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The murdered in bed theory also has to address the mystery of the mobile sleeping mask, assuming the fuzzy thing on the floor is the sleep mask. Shan’ann’s friends would probably be able to shed light on whether Shan’ann often slept with a mask on, and if she did, what it looked like and where she usually kept it. Kessinger might be able to shed the same light on Watts’ sleeping habits. That black garbage bag hanging over the window probably didn’t do much good blocking out the light after dawn. On the other hand, if he had to be up at 04:00, why would he need the basement to be dark enough so he could sleep…?

Did Chris Watts move a purple night mask from his bed in the basement, to the bedroom upstairs, or the other way round?

If he moved it upstairs, why would he do that?

If he moved it downstairs, what would be the reason for that?

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