The word “Secret Calculator” appears 22 times in the Discovery Documents. It makes its first appearance is in mid-July, and its last at 09:29 on August 14th, the morning after the murders and the dumping of his wife and two daughters.

The last image transferred on the the 14th was a semi-nude image of Nichol Kessinger. In the hours prior to this final transfer Watts played “phone tag” with the Frederick Police Department, called and spoke to Kessinger, spoke to Shan’ann’s mother for a few minutes. At two minutes passed midnight on the same morning, Kessinger Googled “Shanann Watts”. apps-6_39119666_ver1.0_640_360

The Secret Calculator app is designed to look like a calculator, so that if someone has access to his phone, they’ll assume it’s a calculator, and it can function as one. The calculator has a secret second function, however, which is as an archive for images, video, events, reminders etc. A password is entered by adding the right numbers and hitting “=”. This then opens the secret archive. Devious isn’t it?