Who are all the woman involved in the Watts case?



Nickole Atkinson.


Nichol Kessinger.

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Amanda Thayer.

Sandi Rzucek.


Cindy Watts.


Jennifer Lindstrom.

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Mellissa Parish.

FBI Interview with Melissa Parrish, Chris Watts’ co-worker at Anadarko [55th Tranche]

Agent Tammy Lee.


And then there are the Thrive crowd, Addy Molony, Cristina Meacham, Cassie Rosenberg and so on and so on.

We can go through these names and there is a fair amount of information in the discovery about each and every one of them. Who’s missing? How about Jamie, Chris Watts’ sister? Think about how much we know about Shan’ann’s younger brother Frankie, and how little we know about Watts’ older sister Jamie. Jamie is the only one who wasn’t interviewed for the discovery.

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We know Frankie was in Shan’ann’s corner, and had her back. Did Jamie have her brother’s back?