1. How come Watts was under the impression his parents “had flown back to North Carolina” ahead of his sentencing hearing? How come he didn’t know they’d be in court that day?
2. Why was Watts transferred before he could be interviewed about Trent Bolte and Amanda McMahon? On whose authority [and under whose protection] was Watts transferred if it wasn’t authorized by CBI or Frederick PD?

3. Watts said Bolte claimed to have met him on WhatsApp, but it was actually MeetMe.
4. Why did Kessinger claim Watts spent most of his time at work out in the field, if the Field Coordinator position [according to Watts] meant the opposite – that he was forced to spend more time in the office and indirectly with her…
5. Who was pursuing who in the affair? Or were they both actively pursuing one another until the end?
Fullscreen capture 20190308 161711
6. Both Kessinger and Watts said aspects of their affair reminded them of aspects from their respective childhoods. How far back does the psychology of this crime go…?
Fullscreen capture 20190308 161711-001
7. Did being with Kessinger make Watts think or prevent him from thinking? Remember he was Googling things like volcanos, Dead Sea Scrolls, restaurants, camping sites and the weather. Did being with Watts make Kessinger think or not think?
8. Is there any evidence in the bed that Watts and Shan’ann had sex?
9. When Shan’ann told him she knew he was having an affair, and Shan’ann cried, why didn’t that wake Bella up?
10. Was Shan’ann praying when Watts murdered her [and was she praying that God should forgive him?].
11. What life did Watts see disappearing before his eyes while strangling Shan’ann?
12. Watts describes himself feeling anger and Shan’ann desperation? Is this true, or was it really the other way round? Was the crime committed out of anger or desperation? Or both?Fullscreen capture 20190308 185944
13. At what time did Shan’ann’s feet make a noise “hitting the stairs”? Was it closer to 01:48 or 05:00?
14. What was the red gas can for, and what was inside it?
15. When Watts left the house, what happened to Deeter?
16. Was Watts ever depressed or suicidal?
17. “Bella was seated right beside Celeste as he strangled her, but Bella didn’t say anything.” Question mark. 
18. Why did Bella seem harder to get into the tank than Celeste? And what does “manipulate her into the tank” actually mean?
19. If Watts didn’t intend for the children to die before he took them to the well site, or en route to the well site, what was he going to do at the well site with his children while “at work”, and what was he going to tell his colleagues about his children being at well sites in his work vehicle?
20. “He stopped by a construction dumpster in his neighborhood and threw away his clothes and the Yankees blanket on his way home from work on Monday.” Was this the stop at Black Mesa, and was anything else thrown away, like a toy? What clothes did he throw away? Did they include the shirt Shan’ann wore when she arrived home…?

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