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Cindy Watts Extended Interview Transcript [PART 1]

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CINDY:  I wake up every-every morning just crying, you know [voice breaks] thinking this is not gonna be…[paddles with her hand]…what’s gonna happen every single day…[with emotion] it’s just so hard to get through it. Mm…[voice breaks, sniffles] I just don’t know how to get through it. [Sighs].

REPORTER: Tell me about his childhood. Did he play sports, was he in scouts, what kinds of things…did…

CINDY: Yeah.

REPORTER:…did he do?

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"He was a perfect teenager…" #ChrisWatts

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CINDY: Yes, he played sports…he played sports from the time he was five years old, up until he was seventeen. And he was in basketball, he was in baseball, he was in football. And uh…loved NASCAR. He and his dad went to the NASCAR races all the time. Uhm…loved sports. Loved sports. And he had…he was a good kid. Uh…had…two best friends. And…that’s who he grew up with and still are friends with them today. And uh…there’s nothing…nothing that would have…predicted any of this [shakes head rapidly] could have ever happened.


CINDY: Nothing. Nothing in his childhood…at all. I would’ve never thought in a million years something like this could happen…to him…[licks lips] at all.

REPORTER: Yeah. You didn’t see things like him get into fights or…

CINDY: No. No fighting. He was…quiet…and he…got along with people. And he didn’t start anything. And he…was the perfect teenager to tell you the truth [laughs]. He did not even rebel. [Sniffs] He wanted to go to NASCAR-Tech. We…made that possible for him.

Fullscreen capture 20181118 145551

REPORTER: What did he do after he finished school.

CINDY: He worked at the dealership as a service technician…and…was making good money, and…loved it. He…bought a uh…toolbox…and he started buying his tools…and uh…um…[shrugs] enjoyed it. He was [shakes head] doing well. 

Fullscreen capture 20181118 150640

Fullscreen capture 20181118 150941

REPORTER: When and where did he meet Shan’ann?

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CINDY: They met and [looks down with sadness]…he liked her, she liked him but I don’t think [sneering] it was love at first sight [jolts head] or anything, [sighs] they took a little while and I guess got to know each other…and you know, dated. Um…it was always a little…a little strange…that [asymmetric curl of lip] she always said a lot of things about Chris in front of me [nods with conviction] that…I didn’t like.

Fullscreen capture 20181118 151410

Fullscreen capture 20181118 153709

CINDY: Like this isn’t the kind of person I would date. Uh, he doesn’t know how to…do this…or he doesn’t know to do that [leans in one way, leans in the other to give sympathy and emphasis]. Um…he looks like a skater-boy. Look at his hair. Look at how much stuff he puts on his hair. It’s just…it was just on and on and on and I just got a bad feeling.

It’s worth breaking in here to note that Cindy’s experience with Shan’ann parallels that of Amanda Thayer. Shan’ann also told Amanda that she doubted her husband was having an affair because “he had no game”. And Amanda laughed when she repeated this during an interview. When she did, her husband Nick sitting beside her sighs uncomfortably at this compromising and undermining disclosure.

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"He has no game." #ChrisWatts

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If Shan’ann was undermining of him to his mother and their best friends [and on Facebook], it suggests she was probably very undermining [rightly or wrongly] to him directly.

When Cindy quotes Shan’ann saying this isn’t the kind of person I would date I don’t think it was as much a comment on Chris Watts’ personality, temperament or looks, but his social status. Shan’ann’s first husband, Leonard T. King, was an attorney. That’s quite a status slide – from legal professional to mechanic, and in that sense then, in the social status sense, Shan’ann seemed to think she was better than he was, or that he wasn’t good enough for her.

Maybe she was right. But maybe if she didn’t think that things may have turned out differently. Maybe.

When this class divide forms the backdrop to a relationship, it can be fatally undermining, like someone putting you in a cage. And we know even before Watts met Shan’ann, all his school and college buddies described him as a very diligent, hard-working type. It appears that he brought this same work ethic into the marriage, and into his child-raising, and it was his efforts that paid the bills. But one has a sense – somehow – that no matter what he did it was never going to be good enough. It wasn’t going to get them out of their colossal debt situation, but more significantly, how it felt to him was nothing he did was ever going to be good enough in her spiel. And that I think was the source of his rage, against her, then against the pregnancy, and then while babysitting all weekend, against his entire family.

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On the Night of the Murders What Was Chris Watts Doing?

In a previous post I’ve addressed the issue that Chris Watts’ head space – based on his social media – shows he was interested in sports on the weekend before the murders. This aspect forms part of research I’ve been digging into for the third TWO FACE book.

Now as a matter of fact, there’s another clue to Chris Watts’ habits when he was home without Shan’ann, and it comes from Shan’ann herself. It’s not easy to find but it is out there:

Fullscreen capture 20180909 073728-002

The t-bones for dinner three nights in a row suggest he was fond of barbecuing, and the sleeping in and working out also suggests – when given the choice, when given the freedom – how he preferred to hang out.

Remember June 30th Shan’ann and the kids were in Aberdeen visiting her folks in North Carolina as part of her six-week trip. Chris Watts was alone at home enjoying the run of the house.

Incidentally, the above post is now no longer available on Shan’ann’s Facebook feed. Her posts stop at around the June 28 mark. I was fortunate to take a screengrab early on before Shan’ann’s most recent Facebook posts became inaccessible, otherwise this crucial insight wouldn’t be available.

I will deal with the dinner, what it was on August 12th and its importance to this case in a separate post. For now we want to look at what Chris Watts was doing besides eating dinner.

If he was watching sport he was likely on the couch, and if he was on the couch with his kids, or monitoring them after they went to bed but before he went to bed, or if he wanted to be close to them while they slept while watching sport [perhaps with the sound down], then he was probably in this room:

Fullscreen capture 20181007 141027DpBVbk3V4AAUyDODpBVelRUcAAUtznFullscreen capture 20181010 195123

In his August 14 Sermon on the Porch Chris Watts mentions briefly how he spent the night of August 13th alone without any of the kids in the house. The clip below opens at the relevant moment.

WATTS: Last night I had every light in the house on…I was hoping that I would just get- just ran-over by the kids just runnin’ in the door. Just-like barrel-rushin’ me. But it didn’t happen [holds back a smile]. 

We’re not going to spend much time analysing this, except to note:

  1. Why is it necessary to say he had every light on in the house? Was that because he was conscious of having all the lights off [or on] on the night of the murders?
  2. Whether or not he really wanted to be “barrel-rushed”, what’s interesting here is his default impression of his own children. That they sort of physically collide into him and push him around inside the home.

Now we jump to Shan’ann on the loft couch, in the loft lounge, with the kids doing what they do on the couch.

SHAN’ANN: Look at this monster. This is what I deal with. She’s a monster. Don’t you jump off the couch. [Groans as Ceecee falls against her hip]. [Whispers]: She’s a monster. Like…she doesn’t stop. Like seriously…this kid…[grunts again as Ceecee falls on her chest]…hasn’t napped today…

Notice in the background to the above the screengrabs is the television. The kids are basically between the viewer and the screen.

So what I want to illustrate here, and I guess juxtapose, is the situation that was probably going down that weekend. Some have speculated that Chris Watts “just snapped”.

I think that’s simplistic, but it’s not to say the kids being rambunctious while he was trying to watch sport, and Shan’ann was AWOL in Arizona, didn’t trigger some sort of reaction. It may have, especially when we look at what Chris Watts may have wanted to watch on that final weekend before the family murders.

Although I’m presenting a scenario here, I nevertheless want to be clear that I don’t believe this was a case of a sudden fit of pique. The psychology doesn’t match, and neither does the cool calculation of the disposal. Even so, the situation in the home and circumstances over the weekend and leading up to the night of the murders are of VITAL importance.

And it all started with this…


We know for a fact that the Watts parents were ardent Steelers fans. Guess what happened on Friday August 10th, the day Shan’ann flew out to Arizona?


Fullscreen capture 20181015 192249

Since this was the first Steelers’ game of the season, it was likely to be a big deal, something Chris Watts [and any Steelers fan] would have looked forward to. Now imagine trying to watch the game on Friday with the two kids wanting to do their thing on the couch, and Shan’ann not being around to do her share of the parenting.

Fullscreen capture 20181015 192436

Besides football on Friday, there was also another big game involving a big local team.


Fullscreen capture 20181015 191730

Chris Watts liked this tweet [see below] by NFL Receiver, 2 time super bowl champion, and co-host of 104.3 in Denver Brandon Stokley. Notice the date. It suggests 1) Chris Watts is a supporter of the Colorado Rockies, and 2) that he watched the game.

In the same way the Steelers game was a big deal, so was this game. We don’ know whether Chris Watts went to the concert, or wanted to go [with someone], but we do know Shan’ann mentioned the social calendar in Colorado and how often they could go to concerts, and THRIVE gave them the energy to do so with their kids.

Besides football and baseball there was also a third big sporting event playing out on that fateful weekend.


Fullscreen capture 20181015 194904-001

It’s not 100% certain that Chris Watts was interested in golf, but we know he also liked Stokley’s tweet posted on August 12th about Tiger Woods. Well, Woods was playing in a three-day tournament that lasted the entire weekend. If Stokley was saying Woods was fun to watch, and Chris Watts was agreeing, then doesn’t that suggest Chris Watts was watching the PGA – and Tiger – the entire weekend?

If the sport was compelling, exciting and ongoing, then we can imagine what “two monsters” may have been like to deal with not just on one day and night, but three in a row, when Watts wanted to get his football, baseball and golf fixes.

The fact that Shan’ann’s flight was also delayed by several hours may have meant Watts eventually did snap. Maybe one of the kids barrel-rushed him one-time too many and he COMPLETELY lost it.