Rocket Science isn’t just about the ability to filter, fathom and analyze the information that is there, it’s the ability to spot what’s not there. Over the past few days I’ve challenged the readers of this site to find the most important word missing from the Sermon on the Porch. By the end of this post I’ll reveal what that word is.

#1 Evidence Photos We Still Haven’t Seen

Before we get there, let’s deal with the most important evidence photos missing from the voluminous 1960 page Discovery Documents. Where are the crime scenes photos?  Why are there half a dozen or so photos of Nichol Kessinger, including one in various states of undress, as well as dozens of screenshots of phone messages, including some retrieved from the metadata of Kessinger’s phone, but absolutely no photos of the crime scene?

To be clear, there are two crime scenes at issue here: #2825 Saratoga Trail, and CERVI 319. In all the crime scenes I’ve investigated thus far, this is the first where there is no photographic and/or video evidence of the crime scenes. Not so far. Is it in the mail? Think about the JonBenet Ramsey case, the Oscar Pistorius case, Madeleine McCann, Amanda Knox, West Memphis Three, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony – all of them have disclosed images of the crime scene.

The Discovery Document dump is a huge mountain of evidence, but the mountain itself is missing something. Why?

There aren’t even any images of the couple’s vehicles.

#1 Document Missing

In the entire tranche of documents the word “bank” appears just seven times, with three of those references coming from a law enforcement interrogator talking about his experience in bank robberies.

The financial situation of the Watts family is CRUCIAL to this case, and yet it’s glossed over. One of the key unanswered questions in this case is how much money was Shan’ann ACTUALLY making as a Thrive promotor, if any? Well, we still don’t know, and until we get those statements, we’ll remain in the dark.

What we can say, through inference, is that Shan’ann was the spouse that was in deep financial shit. Chris Watts wasn’t earning a super great salary, but as so-so as it was, Shan’ann was still very reliant on him for financial assistance [as the excerpts below confirm]. This is why Shan’ann really didn’t want a divorce, especially not in July and August with another child on the way. She also had health issues. Shan’ann COULDN’T let Chris Watts leave her.

Fullscreen capture 20181123 054449

Finances are so at issue here, so central, Chris Watts didn’t just call his realtor shortly after dumping the bodies of his wife and children, he also called Chase bank – twice! Besides all this, it seems he was intent on getting out his house ASAP so he could sell it. He was already half moved out when the murders took place anyway – he was sleeping in the basement and running around after Nichol Kessinger while Shan’ann was AWOL in North Carolina.

Fullscreen capture 20181123 054316Fullscreen capture 20181123 054353Fullscreen capture 20181123 054422

The fact that Chris Watts couldn’t [wouldn’t?] provide the cops with access to the bank accounts and records confirms why this information is vital. So where is it?

And Chris Watts was also a Thrive promoter – how much was he making with Le-Vel?


#1 Word Missing from the Sermon on the Porch

When we go through the call records, we see quite a lot of interaction with Kessinger prior to the murders and just after. On August 13th, the night after the murders, Watts and Kessinger were still in touch, discussing the goings on. Then, the next morning, Chris Watts was confronted by a phalanx of reporters gathering alongside his porch.

During his seven-minute interview there was one word he forgot to mention. He forgot to say Shan’ann was pregnant. The word doesn’t come up a single time. People were getting worried about her, he says, because she wasn’t getting back to her people. And it’s okay if she doesn’t get back to him, but she didn’t get back to her people…

But shouldn’t he be worried about her condition? Isn’t it a pretty big deal that she’s missing and pregnant? Chris Watts slyly leaves this crucial piece information out of his narrative. He also talks about Bella going to kindgerten the following week, but neglects to mention Shan’ann had a pregnancy reveal party that weekend. Why would she disappear if she’d arranged a party?

For Nickole Atkinson the pregnancy, her lupus and the fact that Shan’ann had said she hadn’t been feeling well weekend was central to why she raised the alarm. Another word that doesn’t come up in Watts’ Sermon on the Porch is “doctor” or “appointment”. He simply doesn’t mention it. This was a crucial clue early in the day that something was wrong, and also – if you think about it – if Shan’ann had gone to a friend, why would she miss her doctor’s appointment?

More pertinently, why doesn’t the pregnancy come up when he addresses the media?

Mistress of Chris Watts speaks out

Nichol Kessinger on Nov. 15, 2018 in Denver, Colorado. RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Why? Simple. Chris Watts knows or expects one particular person to be watching, and he doesn’t want to disappoint her. He also plays the interview as a somewhat concerned husband, but he’s casual attitude is meant to show Kessinger that while he’s concerned, it’s not a big deal – it’s not as though he still loves her/them. Once things blow over, he wants to be back to business as usual with her. And he imagines, somehow, the news that Shan’ann’s pregnant won’t come out if he doesn’t say anything [just as Scott Peterson assumed the same thing].

The funny thing with liars and living a lie, is that strategically leaving out information can buy you a lot of room to move with those close to you, and those who have your trust. You can get away with a lot, fool many people for a long time.

In true crime though, and with the media, that game doesn’t wash. The mainstream media is the MSM, not the MLM media. Different folks, different standards, a different kind of critical thinking, and very different speeds at hearing pennies drop.

One world is based on lying and manipulating and scamming to make a living [and not even that]. The other is closer to the real world. But even as the media has begun to report on the Discovery Documents, they aren’t the reality of the Watts case just yet. A few steps in the right direction, yes,  but with a whole bunch of important stepping stones removed. And there’s still no clear way across to the Promised Land of this true crime case without them.

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