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Take that HLN > “This book is better than any news channels I have watched!” ;-)

Below is a five-star review posted today [October 15th, 2018] on for the second TWO FACE narrative..

Such an engrossing, captivating read, that will have you continuously swiping the pages. The writer of this book did an amazing job writing it.

*The key to understanding all people, and all social constructs, is to see people through their eyes, not ours.

After reading the first book and this one, it raises my curiosity even more. He points out many aspects of the Chris Watts case that I have not thought of or took notice too.

In my first review of the first book, I referred to it as a novel. I am completely out my genre on this. I am a romance reader and review them as a hobby. But this authors writing is fantastic, I enjoy his input on the case and was glad to see he wrote another. I will continue to read every book he writes proceeding this case.

He has many great ideas and a unique way with his words. His words are just so absorbing, I literally cannot put the book down once I began reading. The first one or this one.

A compelling read. I refuse to share them all and ruin it for other readers. The writer has such a unique way with his words!
*But there’s a nasty edge side to the blade of symbolism. While validating symbols can cut through a stifling jungle of obstacles, allowing us to escape our cages…

I would recommend this to anyone who is following this case and tunes in every night to watch the news. This book is better than any news channels I have watched!

TWO FACE BENEATH THE OIL is currently a #1 Bestseller in Trail Practice, and ranked #22 in Hoaxes & Deceptions. 


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