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“Did you see your wife when she got home?” LISTEN to Chris Watts’ answer

When was the last time Chris Watts saw his pregnant wife alive? what was the last thing he said to her?

At 12:13 in the clip the reporter asks the most crucial question.

REPORTER: Um…did you see your kids, or your wife when they got – or you had the kids, I forgot.

WATTS: Had-had the kids over the weekend. 


Now here it is.

REPORTER: Did you see your wife when she got home?

WATTS: Ah-she got home really late. About 2am. From the airport, when she got back from Arizona. 

Notice he hasn’t answered the question.

REPORTER: Did you wake up and say-

WATTS [Interrupting]: No. I-I [stuttering] saw her when she got in. But it was really quick. Just because it was two ‘o clock in the morning but…I saw the kids on the monitor before I left and…[softly] that was it.

Once again, he dodges the question here, saying he saw the kids on the monitor before he left, but did’t say anything to Shan’ann or see her before he left [she was supposed to be sleeping in bed next to him, after being away for two days on a business trip. Why wouldn’t he greet her…unless she was already dead, and never got into bed].

He also answers “no” to the question: ‘did you wake up…?’

I saw her when she got in. But it was really quick.

I believe him. I don’t think he went to sleep on the night of August 12, morning of August 13. And it was really quick when it happened.


  1. piktor

    Colorado attorney analyses the Watts case:

    If Watts talked to his dad about the events that took place Sunday and Monday, then Dad becomes a WITNESS in his son’s investigation.

    There is no confidentiality privilege between father and son.

    Listen @ 13:12

    • piktor

      Mr. Reisch starts his analysis @ 16:28

      • nickvdl

        I don’t place much value in Reisch’s analysis. He talks an awful lot, without saying anything new as far I’m concerned.

    • nickvdl

      Interesting. I tend to do my own statement analysis. We all have things we look out for; I place a high stake in what I call colorful language. Others scoff at that. It’s not an exact science as much as an intuitive science. It’s up to the reader to listen to different commentaries and pick the one’s that resonate the most with your intuitions.

  2. Pauline

    Like when Scott Peterson arrived home from a day of (fishing) cleaned up, put his clothes in the laundry, had a slice of pizza and a glass of milk, then called his mother in law to report Laci “missing.” Not “have you seen Laci today?” Or “is Laci over there?” Missing.

  3. Karen

     from the porch interview to the driveway interview he changed his story about seeing her.  On the porch he told the reporters”we had an emotional conversation and I’ll leave it at that” then in the driveway, he told the reporters “it was real quick” I still think there is something about the monitor. If she never got into bed then I wonder why he stripped the bed of all the linens?

    • BAMS13

      I agree, “really quick” and “monitor” will feature very heavily in the trial.
      Whatever happened, happened fast. I think it’s true that he saw the girls on the monitor, because maybe he’s to blame for something that happened accidentally when Shan’Ann was away. I don’t believe his story about seeing Bella blue and SW strangling CeCe on it.

      Maybe something happened that night, one or both girls died in his care, he was scared he’d be implicated and stupidly thought he could reason with SW to help him cover it up. She lost it of course and the rest is history. Crazy to think that people would rather do this than just fess up but I think it’s probably much more common than we think. I know my theory isn’t popular but I’m just not convinced it was planned and premeditated. I believe he adored those little girls.

      • nickvdl

        It is possible that Ceecee had an allergic reaction and died. Possible. Is it likely? The accident narrative tends to divorce a crime from all the other conveyors and scenarios going on – the debt, the infidelity, the person that’s pissing him off.

  4. Pauline

    Exactly, Karen. We know one sheet was taken to the burial site, another was placed on top of the trash can. I would think there was something on the sheets and pillow cases he wanted to get rid of.

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