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Has Chris Watts really given up? Has his family?

Cindy Watts set up a GoFundMe account on October 5th, 2018, almost a month to the day before his plea agreement. She claimed she needed $50 000 for “medical help” for her son, because of a laceration on his neck [which happened on August 13], a fractured wrist and an Anterior Cruciate Ligament [ACL]  tear on his knee.

Fullscreen capture 20181110 195847

While none of this is likely true, what is true is Cindy was trying to raise cash in hurry on behalf of her son. One day prior to posting the GoFundMe appeal, Cindy wanted Facebook to find her the best Defense Lawyer for her boy.

Fullscreen capture 20181110 195942

At the same time she declared in all caps:


53 people liked/responded to her post.


Fullscreen capture 20181110 200124Fullscreen capture 20181110 200059Fullscreen capture 20181110 200124-001

Meanwhile, the terms of the plea agreement itself seem to make provision for a change of heart.

Fullscreen capture 20181110 123935

Chris Watts has the right to appeal both his conviction and sentence within 49 days of the sentence, or seven weeks after the hearing on November 19. Assuming it concludes the same day,  January 7th, 2019 is the cut-off date.


  1. Cheryl

    As high-profile as this case is, I’m surprised a law firm hasn’t stepped up to represent Chris on a pro bono basis. However, given all the looming interests in this case, I.e., Anadarko. LeVel, and the Colorado political establishment, perhaps that’s why they haven’t. I realize that Chris pleaded to murder, but I think there’s a lot more to this story that should be vetted through a public process such as a trial.

    • nickvdl

      I’m surprised too. But this is the extended Boulder community, where the laws of the universe don’t apply.

  2. gkbluestocking

    Are you sure these screenshots are of real accounts? Nick, did you vet them? Chris’s mother had the balls to ask for help?

    • nickvdl

      No I’m not sure. I’ve been blocked from Cindy Watts’ account so I’m unable to vet them, but you’re welcome to try.

  3. JaneDough

    Okay – so she is asking for money …….. for injuries …… sustained to her son ….. while he was killing his two babies ………. and pregnant wife?
    You cannot make this stuff up – no matter how much you sit and think.
    First off – Chris Watts is property of the state of Colorado now – and will be unto his death in prison.
    Second – IF the boy has any “injuries” – the state of Colorado (i.e. Colorado taxpayers) will foot any medical bills.
    Third – I read that these in-laws did not even have photos of Bella, Celeste and their Mom hanging in her own house. The in-laws also did not attend their wedding – nor their funerals.
    But yet she posts photos – along side of the $$$ solicitation ad … of her holding one of them …… and her husband holding one of them …. while she asks for money …. for injuries ……. sustained by her son ….. during his crime of murdering them.
    Good GRIEF !!!!

  4. D Carter

    I can’t believe they used a family photo with him & his 2 beautiful little angels that he didn’t want & took them out like trash.
    The nerve of that family putting up a photo like that or any photo with the family that loved him but he didn’t care or love them but murdered them & then buried & then dumped the 2 little angels bodies in oil the batteries.
    I am really speechless.

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