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Chris Watts Will Change his Mind about Pleading Guilty

Chris Watts will change his mind about pleading guilty. He’ll either do it over the weekend, or at the sentencing hearing on Monday, or he’ll lodge an appeal shortly after. How do we know he will? Because he’s changed his mind before.

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He changed the time of the crime from waking up at 05:00 to waking up at 04:00, he changed the emotional conversation to one in which there were tears and rage, and he’s gone from shrugging off the murders initially as a missing person’s case, then accusing Shan’ann of killing the children and finally to confessing that it was him.

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One could take it further, and show Watts’ ambivalence to his work as a mechanic, prompting him to ditch that line of work for the oil industry in January 2015. Probably he was ambivalent about Le-Vel and Thrive as well, just as he was about his marriage  and the pregnancy in the final weeks. He was actively engaged in an affair [or affairs] while married, which provides the psychological DNA for a man capable of tolerating a contradiction and conflictedness in his life for an extended period, before taking decisive action. It’s also possible he is “ambivalent” sexually.

Chris Watts’ mother Cindy has just compared Bella Watts to her father, calling her [him] conservative, cautious and shy. This plea deal, this early, echoes all those traits.

Chris Watts is capable of dedicated resilience and resolve. He can put his head down, do what he’s told and do the right thing. He can be dutiful and diligent, but he’s also capable of throwing in the towel [and picking it up again] on his story. Whatever happens on Monday, this case is far from over.


  1. Cheryl

    Agreed. And very perceptive regarding his inherent tentative and ambivalent nature. Chris’s mother, Cindy, understands her son and is attempting to intercede on his behalf.

  2. Diana

    It appears that Cindy Watts and Shan’ann weren’t crazy about each other. The way Ronnie Watts deferred to Cindy and allowed her to mostly be the one in the family to be front and center, tells me that Chris picked a wife just like Mommy dearest. The irony is chris snuffed bossy, aggressive Shan’ann out of his life only to be replaced by his mom. Chris has come full circle.

  3. Shannon

    I believe with his parents stepping up now and hopefully being able to speak to him and perhaps getting new Council.
    He will Appeal.
    It will be interesting to see what happens Monday.

  4. Diana

    Not sure Shannon, but I think getting new counsel for Chris will be more involved than just going through the phone book, picking a new lawyer and firing his current ones. Maybe someone reading this can clarify, but I think he needs to get the courts approval to make any changes. I’ve seen defendants try to fire their lawyer/s and the judge wouldn’t let them. But if that’s what Chris wants, not his family, hopefully the court will allow it. As much as I believe he’s guilty of killing the kids, I still want his rights upheld to the fullest, if he wants a trial, he should have one.

  5. Shannon

    You have the Right to Fire your Lawyer if they not Representing your Interests.
    It happens every day.
    Also he has in the deal, the right to Appeal his deal. Its a clause already written in.
    They call it A sweet heart deal.
    Maybe just maybe with his Parents getting involved now, they will find a Lawyer or one will step up….Publicity for them. It does happen.
    Monday will be interesting.

  6. Diana

    Shannon yes I’m aware Chris can get out of the plea deal. Yes I’m aware people fire their lawyers all the time. But I’m also saying I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as him just telling his current lawyers – You’re fired. I’m really think it’s going to require court approval. I have no legal background, but I’ve followed enough true crime for over 40 years to know that under certain circumstances the judge needs to approve the change in representation. I’ve actually seen some judges refuse the defendants desire to get new lawyers. Or maybe the judge has to give the okay for a lawyer to decide HE/SHE wants to leave a case, that could be it. Regardless, I’m sure Chris will get new lawyers if that’s what he wants because if Chris is convicted, he could appeal and get a new trial claiming ineffective counsel, no judge wants that to happen! I think the key here is that Chris will have to be the one to request new lawyers, not his mom.

  7. Shannon

    I’m sorry I don’t know how to send a link.
    Colorado had quite a few Murder cases going on.
    Aug 28 2018……
    Jacob Ind.
    Man convicted for double murder ask for Lawyer to be removed from Case before retrial.

  8. Shannon

    Chris Watts hasn’t had a trial yet. Of course…lol…he has to ask for one.
    He has to follow the instructions from the judge, after he revolts his plea deal.

  9. Amanda G.

    Didn’t Jodi Arias try to switch lawyers, but couldn’t until they quit on HER?

  10. D.V

    His Mother is controlling & manipulative. Of course she didn’t like Shan’ann. She would not approve of any woman Chris married because that would mean SHE would leave to give her control over Chris up to another woman.
    And yes, Shan’ann was a strong woman who took the lead. When you have a man like Chris who can’t or won’t step up to take the lead in a relationship, someone has to do it.
    Chris was quite used to his Mother being the dominant one in their family when he was growing up. And he seemed quite happy to allow Shan’ann to take that role in their marriage.

    He is just damn lucky he was even offered a plea deal. His Mother is wearing blinders because she WANTS to believe the lie Chris told at first about him strangling Shan’ann because she killed the girls.
    I get that this is her son & of course his parents don’t want to believe he could be capable of killing all of them but they need to look at the truth for what it is. He is a liar & he was deceptive about how he felt about his wife & children. He was busy carrying on with another love while his pregnant wife & children were away visiting family. He was not at all interested in trying to keep that family together. He wanted to be free to start over with his mistress. Free of them, & free of debt. Divorce wasn’t an option. They had debt – he’d have to pay child support & for another one yet to be born.
    But, they had life insurance policies. If they died or disappeared, he would not have to pay child support for any of them. And the life insurance could go a long way to helping get rid of some of that debt.

    No….it was pretty obvious Shan’ann was a good Mother who loved her girls & she was excited about having another. She did not kill her little girls.
    But watch Chris’ videos when he talks about his girls missing. He’s not frantic. He’s not crying or showing any emotion whatsoever. He even smiles in the videos of when he is supposedly making a plea for their safe return. There is a video showing him buying a breakfast sandwich right after he has dumped his precious little girls in those oil tanks & buried his pregnant wife. Who would have the stomach to even want to eat after doing such a thing.

    He is a liar & murderes & he is spineless because even when he knew he was caught instead of manning up, he tried to shift some of it onto Shan’ann. The poor woman can not even come to her own defence because she is no longer alive thanks to him. Shame on him! He is so disgusting. He not only murdered his wife, but he has attempted to destroy her reputation for being a good, loving Motger to those little girls.

    His Mother is grasping at straws. He killed them all. He deserves to be right where he is for the rest of his life. No appeal.
    His defence council WAS indeed representing him. His council KNEW all the evidence the State had against him & they KNEW it all pointed to him being the sole perpetrator of the all the murders so they recommended he take the plea deal. They were right to do that.

    Cindy Watts just does not want to accept the truth about what kind of a liar & monster her son is.

    She needs to wake up. This is who he is. This is where he belongs until he dies.

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