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Chris Watts to Shan’ann: “You put a dagger between me and my father”



The volcanic argument that Shan’ann posted onto social media [which I wrote about in detail in TWO POLLYANNAS] is what the above messages in the first week of August [one month after the argument] is in reference to. It was the straw, in Chris Watts’ mind, that broke the camel’s back. It was a HUGE betrayal to him.


  1. Eleni Palmos

    Did Celeste actually have such a dangerous allergy to tree nuts or are we taking Shannan’s word for it? If nuts were dangerous to the baby, did Chris’s mom – the child’s grandmother – really seek to provoke her daughter-in-law with that? The whole event at the Watts patriarchal home was overblown and bizarre. Shannan married into a family of twisted, narcissistic people. They call her a narcissist but what you accuse others of is what you are guilty of yourself.

    • nickvdl

      Do you think Shan’ann would have made such a fuss for nothing? C’mon.

      • Eleni Palmos

        I thought his parents had watched the girls in CO at some point.

        Still trying to wrap my head around the woman and man that raised Chris Watts. His family have shown themselves to be low-class in every aspect of the word: mean, petty, vindictive, without soul. They did themselves no favors when they addressed the Court. Any channel tries to put any member of that family on-screen is getting turned off by me. No one should listen to a word they say.

    • Carol

      Overblown? Fake allergy? If that was your child that needed an EPI pen to save their life if they were exposed to nuts and their grandmother knowingly did this you would be ok with it? It’s been reported that she gave this woman a note from the doc about her allergy. Fake it?My son had some severe allergies, so do his two sons, these allergy meds are not prescribed unless they are ALLERGY TESTED, highly doubt it’s possible for her to fake allergy results plus get inhalers unless the results were positive. Their insurance covered 80 percent of their meds, you check out the price of inhalers much less the EPI pens? I doubt you’d buy them unless your child depended on them

      • Eleni

        And yet the paternal grandmother acted like it was a lie. In the discovery, there is an affidavit by a woman in NC that explains that Chris’s sister put out the plate of nuts in the kitchen island. It was a team effort against Shannan. Pre-sentencing, I listened to a YouTube by someone calling herself “Mensa” who postulated that the allergy was just that, a lie. Apparently, some Thrive products have nut ingredients. Post-sentencing, the person’s YouTube channel has 13 videos on it. I am sure she deleted that theory.

        And, for everything that happened, someone bothered to give Cindy Watts screen-time and court-time so that the rest of us can listen to them speak.

        I appreciate that Nick wants to keep this blog focused on analyzing the case. It is important.

        For my part, I would like advice put out there that would stop any book and/or interview deals by NK and his parents. If Kessinger is googling Amber Frey (no relation between the two cases) I fear that the book is coming.

  2. Diana

    There’s a photo Shan’ann posted of her with CeCe in the hospital emergency room after CeCe had a reaction to some kind of nuts she had eaten. The morning Shan’ann came up missing, one thing found in the house was an epi-pen. A prescription from a doctor is required to get an epi-pen in the U.S. The doctor must’ve felt CeCe was at risk for an anaphylactic reaction to write that script. I guess she could’ve gotten it some other way, not sure how, but that’s a lot of trouble to go through for a fake allergy. On July 9th after Shan’ann had the big blowout with Chris’s mom over Cindy having nuts around CeCe, Shan’ann complained on social media, but not to Thrivers, she complained about her MIL to a support group for moms who had kids with allergies. Again, why join a support group like that if her child didn’t have allergies. I think CeCe had an allergy to nuts or tree nuts, but maybe it wasn’t as severe as Shan’ann portrayed it to be. I could see both Shan’ann and Cindy Watts given to histrionics over things just because they BOTH were used to being in control and getting their way. I’m sure the two women put Chris and Ronnie through the wringer every time they clashed.

    • Eleni Palmos

      I wonder how much of this the kids caught on to. Did Shannan fight with her MIL in front of Bella and Celeste? Was she teaching them that their grandmother meant them harm? (But she did! Shannan was right. Why would a sane adult tempt an allergic reaction, even a mild one, in a toddler?)

      I hate quoting Kessinger but I cannot get the below statement out of my head. I have seen this in the homes of women I know personally, where the mother has the babies repeating scornful comments. This is why the below rings so true.

      “CHRIS mainly complained that SHANANN would never listen to him. CHRIS also said SHANANN would talk shit to him in front of his children and the children were starting to repeat it. CHRIS said he tried to ask SHANANN for something and she said shut up and he did not know anything. His children started to repeat this and it made CHRIS very sad and this is when he realized he needed to separate from her.” (Discovery Page 576)

      Is this why he choked and smothered the three women in his life? To shut them up. (He could have poisoned them.)

      YOU teach others how to treat you. A person who feels that way has the duty to take it up with their spouse, to be more assertive and an equal partner in their marriage.

      Chris Watts is a passive-aggressive and they make people crazy. They make spouses look mean. They are sneaky in all aspects of their lives. I wonder what his colleagues would say about him if you really dig and get past the “nice guy” intro.

    • Joseph

      There are more fundamental unanswered questions re watts mental state, extreme introvert, photographic memory, mechanistic job, passive, socially awkward leads to an autistic spectrum diagnosis ie. learns to mimic social conformity – lacks empathy and sympathetic and feeling- learns them. They the acid test comes – an alternative ‘resource’ – kessinger – while current resource (shanann) is away. Pure mechanistic logic says do a replacement (like a car) to everyone else it is brutal murder. Then he tries to fake it – and everyone can see into the social void he is – he cannot mimic at this level. No remorse as he has none of these natural feelings. All this is speculative but think it’s getting to the nub of things.

      • nickvdl

        It’s speculative but it resonates. The “mechanic-al” psychology of replace the engine, or upgrade, does fit the thinking-glove that played out here. Social void – well put Joseph.

      • kk89

        Exactly! He doesn’t have feelings, he even googled “how does it feel when someone says I love you” or something along those lines,,, only someone that can’t experience feelings would do that! Pure sociopath and/or autistic behavior

  3. Kaye

    It seems sad that the Watts’ pathetic power move regarding the ice cream and nuts could have been the match that lit this all up. I’m sure when Chris went to visit them on his own, they tore Shan’ann apart and made Chris see her even more as a pain in the neck, an obstacle, and the “wrong person.” Granted, they had no idea what Chris had been doing the last few weeks in CO but I think their words and disdain about Shan’ann contributed to the horrific final outcome.

    • Eleni Palmos

      Cindy’s power move obliterated her entire family. Yes, it does look like that now.

      • Carol

        Yes I think that combined with the horrible financial shape they were in once again plus his lust for the mistress sealed their fate. How his parents ran her down in the interviews then next day called her their beloved daughter in law from watts mother, then his father calling himself her father must have made her parents ready to crawl the divider, made me sick. In the discovery was his father running her down again. His mother didn’t even mention Nico. These people were invited to the funeral, they refused to attend. These were their granddaughters, but their hate they couldn’t put aside till they wanted to redeem themselves after their sickening interview so they’d stop getting beat up on social media says everything about them. I don’t always agree with my daughter in law, but that’s my sons wife and he loves her therefore I love her as well and would never say these horrible things about her because I know it would deeply hurt my son. This mother obviously knows the phrase “a sons a son till he takes a wife”……she looks at it as she replaced her, I look at my daughter in law as giving our family wonderful additions and if I felt she was mistreating my son is not my business, he’s an adult, he is responsible for his family as I was for mine. No wonder this coddled kid thought he could get away with this

  4. Iris

    Wow all these comments are so biased. If Chris was a women and Shanann was a man you all, after watching their home videos, would be saying he was bring verbslly abused and shut down by Shanann. But because he us a man no one wants to go there. His parents had every right not to like her after seeing how she treated their son. As for the nut allergy, there is no proof the Watts set Shanann up on purpose or even had the nuts close to Cece- the other grand daughter had an ice cream come with nuts on it that she came into the house with. As for “arm chair” diagnosing all the Watts as narcissists, look at the videos, who has the power and control in them? Certainly not Chris. Yes it is not right he had an affair, but I bet Nichol treated him like a human being, not like a servant and pesant as Shanann had. And who was moving on and repeatedly asking for a separation? Not Shanann. He had hope that week, she emailed the realtor and he was looking for an apt for the children and him, while Shanann was stuck, trying to keep their toxic relationship afloat because how would she make it on her own and keep up appearances when it appears she wasn’t earning much selling Thrive. And by the way, Thrive does contain traces of tree nuts and so does Popeyes, where Shanann took the kids to and let them chow down. Do you know what an abuser does? They pick fights with family, tear them down and tear you down- that’s exactly what Shanann did with Chris and his family. This could have been a landmark case for a battered husband, but no one cares because of how he disposed of the bodies. But I, and many others still believe Shanann killed the kids, but we will never know the truth.

    • nickvdl

      Fair enough, but why would he take the plea deal if he didn’t kill his own children?

      You do have a point that Shan’ann played an aggravating role [as far as Watts was concerned], and her MLM obsession wasn’t helping anyone – not her, not her children, not her marriage, and it wasn’t getting them out of their debt hole in fact quite the opposite.

      But why dump the bodies if she’d killed the children? Why not call 911 when the rage had passed?

      • Iris

        I think he took the plea deal because he felt he was going to get life in prison anyways. Since he had no contact with his family, he did not know of the support that was growing for him. I was in a Facebook group that had his sister and a few of his friends in it and they shed a completely different light of Chris then the media and most other groups did. This emotionally “get that evil monster” mentality that most people (understandably) feel, does nothing to get to the root of the problem that caused this tragedy to happen. Many people want to know the dynamics of their relationship that led to where we are now, but just to say he was evil does not lead to any answers. I think the dumping of the bodies was a last minute decision and one he regrets. I also think he himself thinks he deserves life in prison, that would be the mentality of a battered spouse. If you look at how Shanann actually treated him, as opposed to how she talked of him on her Facebook videos, or even in that letter to him, you can see the stark contrast. Also in the letter she projects guilt and blame on Chris (some rightfully so) but has no insight into her own actions or mistreatment of Chris. I just think she had way more to lose in getting separated and eventually divorcing than Chris. I also think she didn’t make much at Thrive, that she was the overspender and that Thrive did play a part in their demise but mostly it was her abusiveness that led Chris to stray and then learn for himself what a good relationship is suppose to be. I have a lot of unanswered questions, but I think in the end he didn’t want to put everyone through a trial and I think he is ashamed that he was a battered husband and does not want that secret exposed- he would still be called an evil monster that was a wuss who couldn’t stand up to his wife.

      • Carol

        Yea shanann was soooooo evil but who was the woman who really helped take their perfect son down? His mistress, she was more involved than believed. Why wipe your text messages, get your social media professionally wiped, told Chris to pawn all their wedding rings, claimed she barely knew him? Talk about karma for Chris watts family…got rid of the evil woman they hated but the true evil was waiting to really take him down. I feel zero pity for his mother. Read Sandra rzuceks recollections from day one with his mother and shanann…the evil one was his mother and his sister. They didn’t just hand out ice cream with peanuts in it, they put a bowl of nuts on the table. Her allergy was real, who spends the amount of money an EPI pen costs unless it’s needed. Put the blame where it is, Chris Watts, Nichole kessinger, his mother, his father, his sister, in that order

    • Carol

      Read the discovery testimony of shananns mom and how Cindy watts made comments to her about shanann on their first meeting. She hated her right from the start, sabatoged the engagement invitations…if I treated my daughter in law like that I wouldn’t blame her for hating me, but still shanann took her girls tiered to visit, visits not deserved by her mother in law. She’s just plain nasty

      • Marcie

        You are only reading Sandra Rzucek’s version of things, based on her recollection and based on things Shanann stated.

    • Marcie

      Excellent analysis Iris, except I don’t think Shanann killed her kids.

      But no doubt, had Chris been the financial and emotional abuser, and had Shanann killed him, public sympathy would be different than it is now.

      What’s weird is how some see Shanann’s long “missing you” text as loving, when I see something an abuser writes after the abused wakes up and says they’re leaving.

    • Virginia Kates

      So let me get this straight, another murdering POS lover blames her for getting strangled? Hope Karma comes to you too you sick B.

    • Charlene

      The ice cream was served at Chris Watts parents house. They did not have the ice cream when they got there.

  5. Kaye

    Just curious then as to why Chris’s sister did not show up to court at sentencing to provide a statement in defense of her brother and to try to represent his side?

    And one detail that bugs me: why would Chris make a half-joking comment about his kids’ smelly sheets to NK following the murders? That really bothers me and I can’t see why he would say that if it happened the way he at first said it did.

    • Mimi

      Their smelly sheets?

  6. Shannon

    Some of Shanann’s friends said they didn’t believe some of her stories she would tell. A commercial would come up and she had the same problem. They didn’t believe she had lupus….no confirmation from a Doctor or Coroner.
    She has proven numerous times that she is a Liar.
    Her parents said they would donate to lupus….with the fundraising money.
    So far they haven’t, and I doubt they will.
    Now there sueing Chris.
    Sometimes you meet someone, and sense something not right. Maybe they felt Chris could do better.
    She did come from low class living.

    • Virginia Kates

      Another Chris POS lover, Karma is a B honey, hope it comes to you Mimi.

      • Dark moon

        Thank you. He had resented towards those kids. You could see it in the tapes when him and law enforcement were going through every room with Chriss Watts. A man who loved his children would not kill, or continue to murder them, while experiencing one of his kids- Bella -fight back, then discard them like they were inanimate objects. In all of his interviews he tries very hard to portray himself a human with feelings, but comes across as disingenuous.

    • Charlene

      Wow. Just wow

  7. Mimi

    She may have been controlling and he snapped but if you believe he caught her in the middle of killing his children and he was so upset he killed her… think about this,
    he never attempted to administer CPR to the children while time was of essences! And he could have saved them. If you caught someone killing your kids you would at least make an attempt to save them.

    • Charlene

      Why didn’t he call an ambulance?

      • Dark moon

        Because he knew they were dead, so why call the ambulance? He killed them.

  8. Linda Emmons Gale

    ONE of her video blogs showed her making Thrive bites using peanut butter. She stated,”My family LOVES peanut butter. We can’t keep a jar in the house”. So what’s up with that? Like one of the friends stated she might not have always been honest in her medical history.

    • That Girl

      You’re thinking of a tree nut allergy. Peanuts are not tree nuts. They’re legumes. Some kids can be allergic to both, but if it was well-established through testing (and experience) that peanuts didn’t provoke an anaphylactic (i.e., potentially fatal) reaction, then it can be assumed they were safe for her to eat.

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