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[S]han’ann Watts’ burial site revealed, as well as tanks for [B]ella and [C]eleste [12th Tranche]

On page 236 of the Discovery Documents, in small black ink letters, the dump sites of Bella, Celeste and Shan’ann are noted with small letters. B refers to the tank on the left, Bella’s tank. C is the tank to the right. Some distance away in a small patch of cleared earth is a squiggle representing the shallow grave of S – Shan’ann.

In the foreground at center a blue object may or may not be related to the crime scene.

Fullscreen capture 20181122 050229

Fullscreen capture 20181126 043657

Fullscreen capture 20181126 021326

Fullscreen capture 20181125 225050Fullscreen capture 20181125 225151


  1. kouldb

    That “squiggly line” is actually the letter “s” — for Shanann.

    • Nick

      I take it you missed reading the title of this post.

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